Just Tid Bits

March 2, 2009

Wow it’s been awhile since I have posted on here.  I read the blogs daily cause I love them all, but writing seems to escape me lately.  I guess I am finding there’s just not enough time in the day anymore.  Where the heck does the time go? 

I start my day at 6am so should be good to go.  I have mama on a routine and that may be it, living by the clock.  Geeze when I worked I was never a “clock watcher” but now, pfft, watch it constantly.  I know I have to get things done before it’s time to get her up, then certain times throughout the day, her pills, her b’fast, lunch, snack, supper, potty breaks, evening pills, bedtime etc.  Seems like I just get her up and it’s time to get her back to bed.   In between I am trying to make a quilt.  I did “practice” blocks for so long I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.  My first block came out pretty good but that’s as far as I got.  It’s hard to get to the machine most days, but when I am there I enjoy it.  Mama needs alot more care as time goes on and hey she is my top priority and naturally comes before anything else.

Between drs appts for mama due to a pressure sore on her ankle, grrr , which I hate.  I don’t keep her in bed all the time but I guess they happen.  But you know the saying “Not on my watch” Boo hoo can’t say that now.  I am doing all I can to get it healed and today it’s back to the doctors so he can check it out.   Then it was her 92nd birthday so wanted to make that extra special for her.  Then Mardi Gras to decorate for , before that Valentine’s Day and on and on and on hahaha.  I love decorating and making each little holiday special, and wow with birthday’s , twins anniversary of living here with us, and everything else, it’s been nuts. 

Had my niece here visiting for a long week end, had Ashley’s play to attend and Sat night hubby and I went to the Brad Paisley concert, which by the way was totally awesome. 

So keeping busy, and still trying to keep fit by doing my wii fit every day.  I refuse to miss that routine, it’s a part of my life now and I still love it. 

I see on the news that the East Coast is getting hammered with snow.  I hope you all are safe and please don’t drive if you don’t have to, okay??? 

So basically that’s what I have been doing, just keeping busy with the every day things in life.  Thankful that I can still do that, you know? 

Everyone have a good day and to all of you in the snow, be careful!!!


To Buy or Not to Buy

February 6, 2009

I am kicking around in my head what to do.  My sewing machine is being a butt, yeah big time.  There will be times it sews like a dream and then there are the times it drives me so insane I have to get up and walk away.  It loves to put knots in the top thread and tangles in the bobbin thread.  So I have to then take it apart, fix the entire bobbin housing and try again.  That normally works but yesterday , GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR nothing I did would fix it.  I mean NOTHING so I walked away and said “Tha’s it, tomorrow I am going to get a new machine.”  Yep my mind was made up.  So here it is “tomorrow” and now I am having second thoughts.  I will try to fix that lil hummer again this morning, and if it works yahoo.  I just have a hard time justifying a purchase like that. I mean if I was an avid and a great seamstress, no problem.  There would be a beautiful brand new machine in this house right now.  But avid sewer, not , a great seamstress, not!!!!  So what will I do?  Who the hell knows.  Hubby says “Go get the machine ”  I say “Should I or shouldn’t I?”  I have always had trouble getting frivial ( did I even spell that right? I doubt it) things for myself.  If it was a tool that was giving hubby trouble, I would replace it for him.  If my kids needed something replaced, no problem, if mama needed something replaced, it would be.  Me, well I ponder, think, and try to justify it.  Spend money on myself that no one else uses, mmm that’s a hard thing for me to do and I have no clue why.  Could it be GUILT for having something to myself???  Could be I don’t know .  So we shall see what happens today.  I need to try to fix it before I head out shopping, cause if I am frustrated enough with that machine, I will (or will I)  come home with a new sewing machine!!!!

Hope Everyone’s Okay

January 28, 2009

Watching the news of all the ice storms and the dumping of snow, I hope everyone that is effected by it is A O KAY!!!!!   It’s some nasty weather going on from the mid west to east coast so please everyone be super careful.  If you don’t have to go out, then don’t, your safety is far more important than anything else.

We had some ice and snow yesterday morning but this morning a nice balmy 45, no snow, no fog and best of all no ice.  This has been a terrible winter but just think, SUMMER is coming!!!

Thinking of you all, be careful.

Bathroom Complete

January 17, 2009



Well almost complete I still have some “tweaking ” to do but now have many options and lots of room.

Our bathroom was very very small, and to get mama in there on her potty breaks was a trip.  I would push the wheelchair in as far as it would go, nicking the doorway and cupboards along the way.  Then I would help her stand, have her put one hand on the counter and the other on the arm of the handicap toilet thingy we have on there.  Depending on her day I could either hold her back with one hand or else put my head in the small of her back to hold her up.  Then kick the wheelchair into the hall and try to close the door without letting her fall.  Whew then it was wing her around to sit and by the time that was done , haha so was I.  The worry of dropping her, the pain in my foot, worry of hurting her or worse yet breaking her brittle bones, but that’s what had to be done.

Mama is in a program through Washington State called COPES, no clue what it stands for.  Well they authorized a bathroom remodel and it started on Monday.  OMG amazing the room I have in there WOW.  They took out the long cabinet, counter and sink, put in a smaller cabinet/ sink.  Moved the toliet by that, put in new non skid flooring.  Yeah my slipper floors didn’t help w/ my ordeal.  Put in handi cap bars, new baseboard and widened the door by 3 inches.  No more nicks yahoo.  Also hey reversed the door so it swings and opens out!!! 

Now I can get the wheelchair in there, turn it around w/ plenty of room.  Can also get the hoyer lift in there and once the shower chair arrives I can shower her in there, just lift her in and out w/ the lift.  Use the nice new water pick shower head/ spray they put in and she will be safe. 

Now it’s learning all over again how to get her on the toilet safely.  I know the one handicap bar they put by the tub has to be moved.  Also we will remove the medicine cabinet.  The bar has to go above the lower one so when mama is standing she won’t bend down as much and want to sit.  Then find out how to get all that stuff we had in the cabinet back in there.  Well not all but the necessities.   Shelves along the wall is what I am thinking right now , so we shall see.  The room alone and the size of the bathroom is GREAT so the other stuff will fall into place.  It’s amazing the difference, wow is all I keep saying.

But haha being creatures of habit, we are all having trouble adjusting to the door opening out and haha yep many times all ready I have had that “panic” feeling of “oh no it won’t open” haha.  Dumb shit, try pushing instead of pulling hahahaha. 

The first pic is day one and then the remodel YAHOO mama will be much safer and so will my back and leg.  I can’t get hurt cause I so need to care for her, she is #1 that’s for sure.

Busy Busy

January 12, 2009

Well I honestly thought when January rolled around things would quiet down some.  Wow was I ever wrong.  I have some sewing, knitting, crocheting and heck tons of jig saw puzzles I wanted to get to, plus have to read the other Twilight books.  Yeah I don’t see that happening any too soon.  Seems like the days just fly by.  Seriously the other morning I looked at the clock and it was 1oam, then next thing I know hubby is saying bye and and heading to work.  Dang it was 11:15.  I lost that hour somewhere.   Where does the time go?  

There is something going one each month that I can plan on and then you have the un-expected tossed in there.  This month, well today actually, is the 9th anniversay of the kids coming to live with us.  Then Feb 11th is their 20th birthday, Feb 19th through 22nd my niece from Las Vegas will be here.  Feb 27th mama’s 92nd birthday, Feb 28th hubby and I have a date for the Brad Paisley, thanks to our daughter.  March 3rd I believe that’s the date, Brandi and family will be here.  We will take a day and head to Forks, WA and La Push, WA to see the setting for Twilight. Then in April we are heading to Idaho for Miranda’s First Communion.  So see all those planned and I am excited about each and every one.

So today the phone rings and it’s the contractor for COPES.  He says he will be out tomorrow to start the bathroom remodel. Through the COPES program for mama they will take out the counter, move the toilet, put in a pedastal sink, put up handicap bars, recess the medicine cabinet,  widen the door and reverse it’s opening.  Now it opens in and if mama falls and I can’t get her up, no one can get in.  Having it open the other way will be awesome.  Then they have to put in a new floor , non skid so that will all begin tomorrow.  Tonight it’s clean out the cabinet and anything else in that bathroom, ugh. 

The other day it was Greg and Kadra having to evacuate due to the flooding and coming here to stay.  Before that it was one of Bryce’s friends that needed a place to stay for a few days.  And of course it’s people dropping in ,which I love, so there you have it.  Time flies and it’s always busy around here.  How do I get to the things I want to do I wonder.  MMMM good question huh?  But you know I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I can’t imagine life without all the things going on, that would be so boring!!!!

I do read all the blogs but seldom write.  Tonight nothing on tv so yep I do have time to just play on here.  Then YAHOO Tuesday American Idol starts, that will be my time no matter what haha.  I get so into that show and watch out anyone that interupts me :)!!!!!  I zone in on that show and don’t hear a thing around me. 

 Oh well life is going good so that’s all I can ask for.  Time will continue to fly by and yet I know somehow, someway I will get to do all the things I want to.  Hey it keeps me on my toes right????

Here’s the kids with their cake today, goofy as they are, but they were having fun!!


Purge or Splurge!!

January 3, 2009

The new year and I want to purge files, cupboards and the entire house to be honest.  We have way too much stuff, no place for anything and I want to re-organize and know at all times where everything is.  But what I want and what I do are two different things.
Yesterday I was going to start with my cupboard that holds all my mixing bowls, lil gadgets, pie plates etc.  Need to weed it out, separate the holiday dishes from the regular etc etc.  Did that happen?  Oh hell no, of course not.  In my mind it’s all done , tee hee, but in reality I never even touched it.  Instead I headed to WalMart for milk, coffee mate and groceries ONLY.  Came home with yet another small appliance to find a place for in that nightmare of a cupboard.  My ol deep fryer bit the bullet, can’t find a replacement cord anywhere , even checked ebay, nothing.  So picked up a brand new shiny deep fryer so I splurged instead of purged !!!  Now to find a place for it!!!

Here’s hoping today I can get in the purge mode early enough to complete at least one project on my list, stay away from the store and no more splurging.  If any of you are betting folk, um   here’s a hint,  splurging is what I do best!!!

This is the House that Sherry Built

December 31, 2008

Was going to post this earlier but with all the celebration through out the week, I spaced. So better late than never. 

Here’s the completed house for the twins. Yep 19 and they fell in love with their “doll houses” tee hee