September 12, 2007

Yeah all of you are awesome bloggers and I have read all your thoughts on 9/11. See I was so hesitant to start a blog, afraid of “wierdo’s” etc and I found all of you instead. All so extremely caring, all thinking of others, a lot of great mom’s, wives. Lots of beautiful children, lots of good bloggers that I am so proud to say I feel I know!!!

Now today I also discover the patriotism in all of you and the deep deep sense of loss that I have in regards to 9/11. I knew I found a great bunch of “friends” and wow I sure did get lucky.

So this award niceaward.jpggoes to all of you!!!!

Kellie, Kelly M, Rachael, Bethany, Lucky Gem and Happy Working Mom.  Yeah you are the ones I read daily.  I am trying to meet others but haven’t done that.  But to me you all deserve the nice award and actually any other award out here.  It’s so nice to log on and know I do have friends to go to and see “what’s up”.  You all make me feel like I am a part of the world, like I do have friends I can say ( write) anything to and all I get is great feedback and advice.   Okay a few “chuckles” over my pin ball machine fall, as I have dubbed it, but hey that’s okay, I laugh too.  My daughter is STILL laughing so all is good.

Thanks all of you for being “yourselves” and for being there for me.