Just Tid Bits

Wow it’s been awhile since I have posted on here.  I read the blogs daily cause I love them all, but writing seems to escape me lately.  I guess I am finding there’s just not enough time in the day anymore.  Where the heck does the time go? 

I start my day at 6am so should be good to go.  I have mama on a routine and that may be it, living by the clock.  Geeze when I worked I was never a “clock watcher” but now, pfft, watch it constantly.  I know I have to get things done before it’s time to get her up, then certain times throughout the day, her pills, her b’fast, lunch, snack, supper, potty breaks, evening pills, bedtime etc.  Seems like I just get her up and it’s time to get her back to bed.   In between I am trying to make a quilt.  I did “practice” blocks for so long I decided to bite the bullet and go for it.  My first block came out pretty good but that’s as far as I got.  It’s hard to get to the machine most days, but when I am there I enjoy it.  Mama needs alot more care as time goes on and hey she is my top priority and naturally comes before anything else.

Between drs appts for mama due to a pressure sore on her ankle, grrr , which I hate.  I don’t keep her in bed all the time but I guess they happen.  But you know the saying “Not on my watch” Boo hoo can’t say that now.  I am doing all I can to get it healed and today it’s back to the doctors so he can check it out.   Then it was her 92nd birthday so wanted to make that extra special for her.  Then Mardi Gras to decorate for , before that Valentine’s Day and on and on and on hahaha.  I love decorating and making each little holiday special, and wow with birthday’s , twins anniversary of living here with us, and everything else, it’s been nuts. 

Had my niece here visiting for a long week end, had Ashley’s play to attend and Sat night hubby and I went to the Brad Paisley concert, which by the way was totally awesome. 

So keeping busy, and still trying to keep fit by doing my wii fit every day.  I refuse to miss that routine, it’s a part of my life now and I still love it. 

I see on the news that the East Coast is getting hammered with snow.  I hope you all are safe and please don’t drive if you don’t have to, okay??? 

So basically that’s what I have been doing, just keeping busy with the every day things in life.  Thankful that I can still do that, you know? 

Everyone have a good day and to all of you in the snow, be careful!!!


2 Responses to Just Tid Bits

  1. Bethany says:

    Don’t worry, I’m staying home!

    I saved some of my favorite baby outfits from the kids and one day (when I have some ambition and time) I am going to make a quilt with them.

  2. Cindi says:

    I do believe that time has gotten away from everyone. I hope you had a super fantastic Easter. Hugs N Kisses.

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