To Buy or Not to Buy

I am kicking around in my head what to do.  My sewing machine is being a butt, yeah big time.  There will be times it sews like a dream and then there are the times it drives me so insane I have to get up and walk away.  It loves to put knots in the top thread and tangles in the bobbin thread.  So I have to then take it apart, fix the entire bobbin housing and try again.  That normally works but yesterday , GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR nothing I did would fix it.  I mean NOTHING so I walked away and said “Tha’s it, tomorrow I am going to get a new machine.”  Yep my mind was made up.  So here it is “tomorrow” and now I am having second thoughts.  I will try to fix that lil hummer again this morning, and if it works yahoo.  I just have a hard time justifying a purchase like that. I mean if I was an avid and a great seamstress, no problem.  There would be a beautiful brand new machine in this house right now.  But avid sewer, not , a great seamstress, not!!!!  So what will I do?  Who the hell knows.  Hubby says “Go get the machine ”  I say “Should I or shouldn’t I?”  I have always had trouble getting frivial ( did I even spell that right? I doubt it) things for myself.  If it was a tool that was giving hubby trouble, I would replace it for him.  If my kids needed something replaced, no problem, if mama needed something replaced, it would be.  Me, well I ponder, think, and try to justify it.  Spend money on myself that no one else uses, mmm that’s a hard thing for me to do and I have no clue why.  Could it be GUILT for having something to myself???  Could be I don’t know .  So we shall see what happens today.  I need to try to fix it before I head out shopping, cause if I am frustrated enough with that machine, I will (or will I)  come home with a new sewing machine!!!!


2 Responses to To Buy or Not to Buy

  1. Rachel says:

    I always have a hard time spending money on myself rather than my kids. Especially on something big. But, sometimes, it’s nice to do something for yourself!

  2. Mike says:

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