Bathroom Complete



Well almost complete I still have some “tweaking ” to do but now have many options and lots of room.

Our bathroom was very very small, and to get mama in there on her potty breaks was a trip.  I would push the wheelchair in as far as it would go, nicking the doorway and cupboards along the way.  Then I would help her stand, have her put one hand on the counter and the other on the arm of the handicap toilet thingy we have on there.  Depending on her day I could either hold her back with one hand or else put my head in the small of her back to hold her up.  Then kick the wheelchair into the hall and try to close the door without letting her fall.  Whew then it was wing her around to sit and by the time that was done , haha so was I.  The worry of dropping her, the pain in my foot, worry of hurting her or worse yet breaking her brittle bones, but that’s what had to be done.

Mama is in a program through Washington State called COPES, no clue what it stands for.  Well they authorized a bathroom remodel and it started on Monday.  OMG amazing the room I have in there WOW.  They took out the long cabinet, counter and sink, put in a smaller cabinet/ sink.  Moved the toliet by that, put in new non skid flooring.  Yeah my slipper floors didn’t help w/ my ordeal.  Put in handi cap bars, new baseboard and widened the door by 3 inches.  No more nicks yahoo.  Also hey reversed the door so it swings and opens out!!! 

Now I can get the wheelchair in there, turn it around w/ plenty of room.  Can also get the hoyer lift in there and once the shower chair arrives I can shower her in there, just lift her in and out w/ the lift.  Use the nice new water pick shower head/ spray they put in and she will be safe. 

Now it’s learning all over again how to get her on the toilet safely.  I know the one handicap bar they put by the tub has to be moved.  Also we will remove the medicine cabinet.  The bar has to go above the lower one so when mama is standing she won’t bend down as much and want to sit.  Then find out how to get all that stuff we had in the cabinet back in there.  Well not all but the necessities.   Shelves along the wall is what I am thinking right now , so we shall see.  The room alone and the size of the bathroom is GREAT so the other stuff will fall into place.  It’s amazing the difference, wow is all I keep saying.

But haha being creatures of habit, we are all having trouble adjusting to the door opening out and haha yep many times all ready I have had that “panic” feeling of “oh no it won’t open” haha.  Dumb shit, try pushing instead of pulling hahahaha. 

The first pic is day one and then the remodel YAHOO mama will be much safer and so will my back and leg.  I can’t get hurt cause I so need to care for her, she is #1 that’s for sure.


4 Responses to Bathroom Complete

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  2. beach mama says:

    Glad your worker had suspenders so we didn’t see crack! LOL!! Just kidding,

    That is awesome that you were able to get things redone for your mom. After watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition – and crying my eyes out – I know that if we ever have a wheelchair bound person in this house, we are screwed.

  3. Rachel says:

    That’s awesome Sherry! I’m glad you were able to get the remodel done! One more thing you no longer have to worry about! YAY!

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