Busy Busy

Well I honestly thought when January rolled around things would quiet down some.  Wow was I ever wrong.  I have some sewing, knitting, crocheting and heck tons of jig saw puzzles I wanted to get to, plus have to read the other Twilight books.  Yeah I don’t see that happening any too soon.  Seems like the days just fly by.  Seriously the other morning I looked at the clock and it was 1oam, then next thing I know hubby is saying bye and and heading to work.  Dang it was 11:15.  I lost that hour somewhere.   Where does the time go?  

There is something going one each month that I can plan on and then you have the un-expected tossed in there.  This month, well today actually, is the 9th anniversay of the kids coming to live with us.  Then Feb 11th is their 20th birthday, Feb 19th through 22nd my niece from Las Vegas will be here.  Feb 27th mama’s 92nd birthday, Feb 28th hubby and I have a date for the Brad Paisley, thanks to our daughter.  March 3rd I believe that’s the date, Brandi and family will be here.  We will take a day and head to Forks, WA and La Push, WA to see the setting for Twilight. Then in April we are heading to Idaho for Miranda’s First Communion.  So see all those planned and I am excited about each and every one.

So today the phone rings and it’s the contractor for COPES.  He says he will be out tomorrow to start the bathroom remodel. Through the COPES program for mama they will take out the counter, move the toilet, put in a pedastal sink, put up handicap bars, recess the medicine cabinet,  widen the door and reverse it’s opening.  Now it opens in and if mama falls and I can’t get her up, no one can get in.  Having it open the other way will be awesome.  Then they have to put in a new floor , non skid so that will all begin tomorrow.  Tonight it’s clean out the cabinet and anything else in that bathroom, ugh. 

The other day it was Greg and Kadra having to evacuate due to the flooding and coming here to stay.  Before that it was one of Bryce’s friends that needed a place to stay for a few days.  And of course it’s people dropping in ,which I love, so there you have it.  Time flies and it’s always busy around here.  How do I get to the things I want to do I wonder.  MMMM good question huh?  But you know I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I can’t imagine life without all the things going on, that would be so boring!!!!

I do read all the blogs but seldom write.  Tonight nothing on tv so yep I do have time to just play on here.  Then YAHOO Tuesday American Idol starts, that will be my time no matter what haha.  I get so into that show and watch out anyone that interupts me :)!!!!!  I zone in on that show and don’t hear a thing around me. 

 Oh well life is going good so that’s all I can ask for.  Time will continue to fly by and yet I know somehow, someway I will get to do all the things I want to.  Hey it keeps me on my toes right????

Here’s the kids with their cake today, goofy as they are, but they were having fun!!



One Response to Busy Busy

  1. Rachel says:

    Wow, cool cake! Yep, you are staying super busy! And, I totally forgot that AI was starting on Tuesday, thanks for the reminder!

    Brad Paisley is going to be here on Thursday, but, sadly, I don’t have tickets. 😦

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