Purge or Splurge!!

The new year and I want to purge files, cupboards and the entire house to be honest.  We have way too much stuff, no place for anything and I want to re-organize and know at all times where everything is.  But what I want and what I do are two different things.
Yesterday I was going to start with my cupboard that holds all my mixing bowls, lil gadgets, pie plates etc.  Need to weed it out, separate the holiday dishes from the regular etc etc.  Did that happen?  Oh hell no, of course not.  In my mind it’s all done , tee hee, but in reality I never even touched it.  Instead I headed to WalMart for milk, coffee mate and groceries ONLY.  Came home with yet another small appliance to find a place for in that nightmare of a cupboard.  My ol deep fryer bit the bullet, can’t find a replacement cord anywhere , even checked ebay, nothing.  So picked up a brand new shiny deep fryer so I splurged instead of purged !!!  Now to find a place for it!!!

Here’s hoping today I can get in the purge mode early enough to complete at least one project on my list, stay away from the store and no more splurging.  If any of you are betting folk, um   here’s a hint,  splurging is what I do best!!!


One Response to Purge or Splurge!!

  1. Bethany says:

    I love a good purge. And a good splurge for that matter!

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