This is the House that Sherry Built

December 31, 2008

Was going to post this earlier but with all the celebration through out the week, I spaced. So better late than never. 

Here’s the completed house for the twins. Yep 19 and they fell in love with their “doll houses” tee hee




Happy New Year’s

December 30, 2008


Want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year!!!   I hope 2009 brings new changes, happiness, and health to each and everyone of you. 

It’s always great starting off a new year and making changes don’t you think?  I know I am going to try to be a much better person, care for others and work hard on being a bit thriftier than I was in 2008.  I would always buy on a “whim” and that is one habit I want to break.  Haha last year my resolution was to stay out of WalMart but that so didn’t happen.  I think I was there more than ever to be honest.  Wonder if I can at least cut down in 2009, I will give it my best shot!!!!   Guess I should add JoAnn’s Fabrics in that deal too.  I can go nutso in that store  I want, want want and have to get out of that habit. 

I know I am going to push aside all things that got to me in 2008 and now just move on.  All one can do is move forward try to improve and be the best person that I can be.  Re-vamp my life so to speak and make sure I am not a bad person.  Afterall I have to look at myself in the mirror and I want a reflection that I can be proud of.  So all my thoughts I want positive and if there are negatives in there, I want to be able to turn them around and put a postitive spin on them.   I know I will be much happier if I drop my baggage from 2008 and make sure I don’t “dwell.”  Dwelling does no good, I have found that out and it’s so much easier to have a smile than it is to have a frown, so yep that’s my plan. 

I would love to hear all of your resolutions if you make any.  I promise I won’t follow up or hold you to them, 🙂 

K  have a wonderful New Year’s and if you party, party hearty but be safe!!!!


December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from Washington

Want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  It’s here all ready, sort of snuck up didn’t it?  But with all that had to be done, or still has to be done, we all know come tomorrow morning it will be totally awesome. 

Just remember the “reason for the season” and enjoy.  Kick back, relax and know that you all did everything you could to make it an awesome day.

I finished up the wrapping last night at 12:03am.  Yeah I noticed the time cause my goal was to be done on the 23rd and boo hoo I was 3 lousy minutes into the 24th so , almost made it!!   🙂 

With all the struggles in the country ( and world) today I feel so thankful that we could put together another Christmas.  This is my most favorite time of year, the giving and making everyone happy ( I hope they are) but most of all, just knowing the family is well and we have made it through another year with our health.  Trials and tough times on the way but you know what they say “love conquers all.” 

Mama is going to have her 91st Christmas, un real huh?  Oh the stories she could tell if she was able.  I can just about imagine all the changes, the good times and the new traditions she started.  I only wish when I was younger I paid a whole lot more attention to the “detail” she put into the holiday.  She did instill some traditions in me and I intend to carry them out as long as I can.  We didn’t have alot growing up but somehow with her green stamps, hard work and sometimes the help of Santa’s Jukebox we always had a wonderful Christmas.   Now it’s my turn to make sure she has one, and that we will.  She won’t remember but at least for the “moment” she will enjoy.

She is so sweet and she is our little one this year.  Absolutely loves Santa Claus and gets so excited when you mention his name or she sees him on tv.  She even sees him outside the window, in the car etc so it’s fun.  Oh we are so fortunate to have her here with us!!!  I have been on a count down with her letting her know how many more days etc and she lights up everytime she hears “Santa.” 

Okay this lil elf is going to get busy with some baking, then I am going to relax and wait for my most favorite part of this holiday.  That is once everything is under the tree and all is said and done I tun all the lights off except the tree light, crank up the Christmas music, grab a cup of tea and sit and look!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh another year pulled off and for that we are very very fortunate.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you great friends I have made here in the wonderful world of blogging.