October 22, 2008

Wow I read  the blogs daily, yet haven’t written in awhile, where the heck does time go?  Can you believe we only have a week and a half left in October?  Oh my gosh, un real.  Here I thought I was “all that” starting my Christmas shopping early and I was on a roll, then for some reason stopped shopping thinking “oh there’s plenty of time.”  NOT! Now it’s like double time to do all I want to do and be able to get all packages in the mail before the holiday.  Yeah I was great for awhile and do have a good start, but it’s the little details that need to be worked on.  Some things I am making others I am still searching for what I have in mind and here we are heading towards November!!!! 

I was also going to be the smart shopper and pick up the things I could for our Thanksgiving dinner and then just have to buy the turkey and fresh veggies.  Okay so if I figure it all out, no time to do that now.  Am I zoning waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in in WA and just spinning out of control, or is time warp speed for everyone?  It’s nuts I tell you, plain nuts.  I could have sworn it was just July last week, :).

So like Santa’s elves this time of year I need to crank up the saw, paints, sewing machine, knitting needles, crochet hooks and my feet to walk the stores and get the “perfect” gift for everyone.  Whew, think Mrs Claus will be ready at the end of the day with cookies and milk for me?  I sure hope so cause I don’t think there will be time for me to make a batch of cookies or treats each day.  The baking I will save til a few days before Christmas.  Oops at the rate time  is flying by that will be like “tomorrow” to me!!! 

Can someone slow down the clock please so I can at least catch up????


After the Storm

October 17, 2008

Well we did it, got everything done that needed attention and today yeah just going to nurse the patient, care for mama and take it easy !!!

Hubby’s surgery went well, it was a little over an hour but oh the staff at Madigan was just fantastic.  Kept me informed every step of the way.  For a while I thought” Wait am I really at Madigan or some set of General Hospital.”  There is a world of difference from the ER and the actual hospital part of that facility.  Really no waiting; he had to report at 9:15 and they just got busy.  By 10:20 he had been wheeled into the or and I began the wait!!  A nice waiting room, I brought a book but yeah didn’t get any reading done.  Everyone in there was in the same boat so we all just got talking and you know it really helped pass the time. 

The doctor told me they got all the disease ( lumps and bumps as I call them) and assured me they located all the nerves, tissue, tendons, and muscle and made sure none were harmed.  He was so funny, just so proud when he yanks on his fingers puts them straight and says “see we did this to his fingers and they went straight, an awesome sign”  Dang I thought he was going to bend his fingers right off, just demonstrating!!!  He told me this disease does come back but that hubby is at low risk as long as he goes to occupational therapy and does his own stretches daily FOREVER!!!  He has to continually pull the fingers straight so I hope it’s a habit he gets into and fast.  They has to set the cast with his fingers at an angle for now and the doctor told me the will make splints as the finger stretches. 

Then I get called to go into recovery to sit with him and from there it was discharge and we were home by 2:30, so a good day all aok and now it’s move forward.  Hubby did sleep most of the day away and today I am sure he will need drugs.  The doctor did tell me they “loaded” the hand with medication to keep it numb so by today that should be worn off, and yeah I am sure it will be a tad painful. 

Occupational therapy starts Monday morning, can you believe it?  Ouch the incision doesn’t even have time to heal so ugh that will hurt.  But it’s necessary so he will be there. 

So all is calm here and yeah that’s just the way I like it!!!!

The Calm Before the Storm

October 13, 2008

Okay so I had a great weekend.  Saturday had Greg, Kadra and girls over.  I got to relax, Kadra cooked and Greg did the dishes so that was a plus for me.  Also Kadra helped mama at dinner and I got to eat a complete meal without stopping to  feed her, which I so don’t mind, but the break was nice.

Sunday quiet ;well gabbing on the phone, playing on the computer, the neat apple game my sister sent. Anyone remember the Atari game Ka-Boom?  My all time favorite and yeah I was champ with that lil ol mad bomber.  Rolled over the numbers one time but each time I closed my eyes to sleep that night, I saw the bombs dropping hahaha.  The apple game is similiar and I saved it and play it for “one more time” which leads to an hour or so!!! 

Once hubby got home he watched mama and I went and got my haircut finally.  Oh nothing better than someone shampooing your hair, and making it look great.  Well can’t prove it this morning, a terrible case of bed head right now, hahaha.  I am calling it my “Halloween Do”  until I hit the shower and do something to tame it.  At least it’s not all scraggly like it was, I let it grow out too my.  At my age no long hair for me.

Today will be normal, nothing going on but then watch out !!!  Tomorrow is pick up hubby’s prescription, get mama to the eye doctor, stop at Home Depot for insulation, and Jo Ann’s for material, then home for no dout 1-800-DOMINOS  after running all day. 

Wednesday it’s get the pool closed up and winterized, move all the lawn furniture, take down the awnings, hubby has to go to the dump and get any and all heavy work out of the way.

Thursday is hubby’s surgery so it’s sit at Madigan for God knows how long, then come home and tend to him as well as mama’s needs.  From there on out it will be two invalids for awhile, yikes!!!  So you can bet I am going to take advantage of the calm today and relax, maybe knit some, sew some and hopefully finish up my puzzle, it’s almost done.   I know this week will be nuts but not much I can do about it.

Also Ashley’s car should be ready by mid to end of the week so with hubby out of commission for a few days, haha until the drugs kick in at least, I will be doing the running.  Take Ashley to get her car, return the rental car etc ugh just the thought of it tires me out!!!!  Am I up to all this?  Well not much choice really.  The kids will have to step up to the plate and help when they are home.  Between school and work we don’t see much of them so yeah it’s all me!!!!

Naturally I am still going to have my computer time and read all the blogs like I do everyday.  Hey isn’t that what the potent pain pills are for?  To knock out the patient and give the “nurse” a break???  Yah I think it is.  And dang it, I want to shove a pill down him, prop him on the wii-stool we have and tell him just move your right hand hahaha I WANT TO BOWL!!!!  Darn that will be out for a day or two, cause he won’t sit up too well with all the drugs I intend to hand him!!   🙂  Men with a boo boo , hey you would do the same thing right??? )

So I am going to savor today and hit the floor running tomorrow, should be an interesting week don’t you think?


October 10, 2008

Have you ever started to do one simple thing and then bam, that leads to another and another and even another????  It’s so frustrating and yesterday I had one of those days.  I was just wanting to clean out both of the refrigerators, simple get it done and yeah maybe sneak in a “happy nappy” during Oprah!!

Well I got busy and I always use the plastic bags from the store to dump the gross stuff that I find growing in my fridge, then put it in a garbage bag, no muss no fuss, wrong!!  I dumped some soup, drained, old spaghetti and other stuff that’s so embarassing that I let it sit in the fridge that long.  Picked up the bag and it had a hole in the bottom.  The minute I picked up the bag, apparently too full to do anything but bust and bam, that crap gross stuff all over the place.  When I say all over I mean it, the floor, counter, down the cupboards, the dishwasher and even the stove.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR  So the simple means of cleaning out the fridge and making it look all shiny and new turned into a major cleaning chore.  I had no choice but to do all the cupboards, the dishwasher with all the tiny lil buttons and spots that seem impossible to clean, the front of the stove.   Even had to take the bottom drawer out from the stove and get under there.  YCK ,that turned my simple job turned gross into another job.  The dust and crap under the stove yck.  I mean that so needed the biggest Mr Youck sticker in the world.  So got that done, everything cleaned up and next was to mop the floor.  Yeah I dropped the mop, dropped the cleaner all over, and knocked one of the bar stools over.  So WHY did I even start cleaning out the fridge!!  No happy nappy for me, nothing but cleaning up one thing after another.  On the bright side of that my kitchen smells good, looks good and dang it I know it’s clean!!!!    Almost makes me afraid to tackle the bathrooms today, what will go wrong in there I wonder!!!! 

By the time I got all the mess cleaned up it was time to take mama on her potty break then get her to the counter for supper, which was a little late, but it got done.  When I was finished eating, I was so ready for a nap but of course that doesn’t happen around here, with everyone home

Also I am having to put eye drops, only one drop per eye, in mama’s eyes and let me tell you, for a 91 yr old woman she has the strength of ten people.  She fights me like you wouldn’t believe and I have the brusies to prove it.  A lot of times Ron or one of the kids have to hold her arms down and she still squirms, wiggles her head etc.  You just wouldn’t believe what it takes to put on lil drop in each eye!!! I think I get more down her cheek than anywhere.  I actually had to get the prescription filled and it was supposed to last 6 weeks, but mmm alot gets wasted during our “battle of the drops.”

Hubby’s surgery is Thurs the 16th.  No time yet, he has to call the day before great.  But I have someone on stand by to come sit with mama if it’s mid morning or afternoon.  I am hoping for 6am to be honest!!!  He will be in a cast until the 27th then after that I don’t know.  Physical therapy and I guess it all depends on how fast he heals.  This will be the first time he has ever been put under and he is 60!!!!!  Wow huh?  I know he’s nervous but I keep telling him it will be fine.  Surgery is supposed to last 45 min to an hour, then recovery and yep home.  I tell you these hospitals just can’t kick people out fast enough, can they? I do know on thing for certain, mama, Ron and I will NOT be going shopping together. Hahaha picture it, Ron a full arm cast, mama in her wheelchair and me with my boot and limp.  I laugh everytime I think of that, geeze no wonder this site is named “House of Mis-Fits.” 

Ashley’s car is in the shop and should be good to go by mid week.  She mailed in her ticket requesting a court date to dispute it.  Next it’s to get notarized statement from the three witness’s so here’s hoping it all works out.  I tell you around here never a dull moment and why one things lead to another and another and another, heck if I know.  It keeps me going and it’s always a great feeling when I get past it and am ready to face the next challenge!!!!

Oh What A Day!!

October 7, 2008

So it started out good, I got my wii fit done etc before I headed out at 9am to go with hubby for his pre-op appt.  Bryce car pooled to school and was going to ride home with Ashley, mama asleep and Ashley getting ready to go to school.  Yeah her and Bryce go to the same college but their classes start and end at different times. 

So Madigan ( the hospital) is oh maybe 15 miles from here and we are ALMOST there when my cell rings, it’s Ashley.  She just had a car accident.  So what to do.  Naturally first thing out of my mouth is “are you all right, are you hurt etc).”  She assures me she is fine so I tell her hang tight I will drop Grandpa off and go back to you.  So that’s what I did, dumped Ron at the front door and said I’ll be back and headed back out this way.  I get to the scene and hugs first questions second.  I see Ashley’s car, another car and a truck, then the cop car all lined up.  I park and the guy standing with Ashley told me a zillion times, it was not her fault, that lady is a maniac.  But guess what Ashley gets the ticket to the tune of $175 because she rear-ended the lady.  The cop said there were witnesses telling him about the ladies irratic driving but no one stated she made an unsafe lane change.  Washington law the one who hit the other from behind gets cited.  He explained to Ashley how to fight it and told her the insurance companies will battle things out as to who was at fault and who pays.  I was po’ed that he gave Ash the ticket and um I think he knew it.  Rule #1 don’t piss off a cop, right?  Well I said to him “You mean to tell me, that lady drives in the suicide lane passing people, switches lanes, cuts people off and yet Ashley gets the ticket? ”  The I said “that’s so wrong.” haha yeah I knew he was feeling bad but explained the law yadda yadda.

Anyway this lady was driving down mountain highway passing cars in the suicide lane, she even passed Ashley.  At the light the lady was in the left lane, stopped due to the red light. The guy in the truck was in the right lane stopped, Ashley coming up slowing down to stop when the bitch veers over into the right lane, and bam that’s when Ashley hit her.  That pushed the bitch’s car into the truck and that was that.  Apparently one witness blocked traffic to write her name and number down saying she saw it all and to call if they need her.  Another guy stayed a bit and wrote up a statement about the bitches driving and passing and cutting people off. 

Ashley’s car is damaged, the fender and bumper, the chevy thing came off and yikes both air bags deployed.  The one on the passengers side, the little cover flipped up and cracked the windshield!!!!!  GRRR and her cd’s are ALL over that dash.  They were in the visor cd holders stuffed full of course and are all over. 

The bitches front right is damaged beyond recognition actually and the guy’s truck; his left fender damaged.  So yeah if you were a cop and saw the bitches right front and the guy’s left back wouldn’t that tell you she was cutting into the lane???  Ashley says she really has no clue where she hit her but the back of the bitches car not even a dent.  But no injuries.

So Ashley is writing down all her infor and I am waiting for the bitch to give us her info, me and the guy in the truck.  So nice the one that said it wasn’t Ashley’s fault.  Bryce called cause I had Ashley text him and tell him to skip his last class and catch a ride home with the one he rode in with in the morning.  He asks what happened and all I said was “apparently someone cut Ashley off” and I got no more out when the bitch literally starts screaming “I did not cut her off, your daugher hit me I was stopped.  It doesn’t matter how I was driving down the road, she hit me.”  I mean screaming then says “get out of here, I don’t want to see you, I said get out ”  I said to Bryce “I will call you in a bit” and yeah he heard the bitch.  I hung up looked that bitch in the eye and said “I will  go when I get all of your information and not sooner”  Then I was talking to the guy with the truck and the bitch looks at me and says “I dont want to see you I told you to get” Oh shit people I was so ready to deck her but I just said “Well give me the info and I am gone, but not until I have your inf on my hand.”  GRRRRRRRRRRRRR  Then the other guy and I are comparing and she gave two diff phone numbers.  WE each wrote down the one we didn’t have, fix her!!!!

So Ashley drove the car home, I checked on mama and off we went to get stranded Ron from Madigan.  We so didn’t need to rush.  Found him at the pre op place and he needed a prescription filled, so we took his id and headed to the pharmacy. Yeah you pull numbers there. I pulled number 365 and they were working on 213!!!!!   I told Ashley we would just plunk there at the pharmacy and wait for Ron, then leave, and I would head out in the morning when there’s less people to get the prescription.  Yeah and hour and 45 minutes later our number was up.  While Ashley was at the counter getting the meds, Ron showed up so what a long day.  Got home and had to get mama dressed, cleaned up etc and then the ins co calls, the car rental etc etc . Wait message from ins co, they also called while we were in the pharmacy and I talked to them as did Ashley.   They are quick!!  Ron and Bryce went and got the rental car and now I so want to buy it!!  A 2008 cherry red or fire engine red, awesome red Pontiac G 5  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!  Tomorrow the ins adjuster is coming out, they say they may total out the car.  I told them Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo just fix it haha but I have to wait to see what they say. 

So that was my day and while driving to get Ashley I thought Ron stranded at Madigan, Bryce at college, mama home and Ashley on the side of the road, damn why isnt’ there four of me instead of just one???!!!

But it worked out and Bryce got mama up and fed so that’s a plus.  No one hurt another plus.  Tonight I just plan on plunking on the couch and chilling out to Dancing With the Stars!!!!  Enough excitement to last me a lifetime, but nope.  Hubby’s surgery is the 16th so that will be even more drama UGH hahaha.