Summer Can’t Be Over

August 31, 2008

Where did the summer go?  Can you believe tomorrow is Sept 1st??  Wow talk about the time zipping right on by, it sure did this year. 

I know I had a summer full of ups and downs but I have taken the downs, dealt with them and hopefully can move on and only think of happy times.  A few weeks I was totally out of the loop of the entire universe to be honest but it’s getting somewhat better.  If only one could just find a switch and turn the brain off huh?  But that’s not possible, as I found out, so it’s move forward and hope for the best.

The ups were good, swimming, floating, just enjoying the sun and the garden.  My garden I have to say it turned out awesome this year.  Now who knew I was a “farmer” huh? Haha not me, but things grew.  My tomatoes are so big and so yummy.  I have green and yellow beans all froze for the winter eating, plus we have had many nights with fresh beans for supper.  The strawberries great, I eat them every day and use the corer from Angie!!!  Carrots looking great, corn wow, it’s sooooooooooooooo high and so many ears of corn on it now.  Can’t wait til it’s ready, should be a few more weeks then we can chow down on that.  Also have lots of green peppers frozen to use in my winter cooking.  Onions are next, they are ready for the picking and pick when I need them.

Hubby’s garden is also thriving with the cucumbers, squash, lettuce and beans.  His tomatoes coming along, just small as is his corn but that’s okay.  Between both gardens we have tons of fresh veggies to chow down on.  I also made dill pickles and sweet pickles yum!!

Then the blackberries popped out overnight.  I even went out and picked some to make a fresh pie the other day.  Yeah haha too funny but as I was picking I was a praying no critter would jump out at me.  Trust me I didn’t go into the bushes, just picked the ones I could reach.   When I first started I was shaking from the fear of critters so much I was squashing the berries in my hand.  I mean they are right there in our backyard but hell so are the critters. 

That same day I was going to go to my garden and grab a tomato but got to the top step of the deck, looked down on the sidewalk and ewwwwwwwwwww!!  I swear all the slimey slugs were having a family reuinon or some sort of party right there on the sidewalk.  That did it for me, I never made it to my garden no way, no how.  Those hummers are so gross and I hate them and won’t even chance stepping over them!!!!  I made hubby go out and take care of every one of them, bust up the party.  Run you slimey slugs it’s a raid!!!! 

We didn’t have a lot of company like we normally do and I so missed that.  I love having visitors here, it’s so great seeing everyone, cooking out, hanging out etc but this year was quiet.  My sister was here for 3 short days the end of July and no one in Aug.  A first for one and yeah I don’t like it.  I want this place full of fun and family!!!!!!  I know airlines have gone sky high ( excuse the pun) and it’s hard to bit the bullet and pay the price so it’s totally understandable. 

We never even got to Idaho this year and that is also a first.  Hubby didn’t take alot of time off so that blew that.  He is saving his time for when he has his surgery I guess, heck who knows.  I only got to see my daughter and family in July when they were here.  The girls didn’t even spend their normal 2 weeks with us due to all the activities they are involved in. 

Even without all the family the summer still flew.  I don’t feel I have had enough pool time, but hopefully next week when our heat wave returns I can get some more in.  One night we were swimming at midnight and it was so neat.  The water like bathwater and the sky, oh wow, the night sky was absolutely beautiful. Enough moonlight to light up the entire back yard and enough stars twinkling that you had no choice but to relax, swim and enjoy the beautiful summer evening. 

I am still doing my wii fit daily and still bowing every night.  I have a jig saw puzzle I am working on, some knitting and crocheting going on and taking care of mama.  I have been baking, cleaning and shopping and a day is nothing anymore.  I mean I plan so much that I want to get done and before I know it, it’s midnight again.  

I have had the urge to dig out my sewing machine and sew but have nothing to make hahaha.  I am hoping the girls call and want me to make their Halloween costumes again, I so enjoy that.  Guess I am just in a “crafty” mood lately.  I have to get to JoAnn’s again and get some ideas I guess. 

I am still Christmas shopping and have a good start on it.  Have alot of the relatives done all ready and it’s a good feeling.  Each time I go out I try to find something for someone and pick it up.  Hey the way time is going Christmas will be here before we even realize.

We did re-do our main bathroom last week.  I was planning on deep cleaning, washing the walls etc the said oh screw that let’s paint, put in a new floor and just do it all nice and new.  We got that done in two days and I love it.  Have to think of another project like that, haha well actually a challenge cause that’s what it was. 

So that’s the gist of my summer and now it’s time to flip the calendar to September and face another month.  A good month cause yep Kelly M’s birthday is Sept 11th,  Everyone mark that on your calendar and make sue you give her a shout out on that day!!!  My daughters anniversay is the 3rd and my long time friend’s birthday is the 2nd.  Any of you have birthday’s, anniversaries in Sept?  Let us all know so we can pop in an wish you a great day, okay???


Just a quick Hi

August 20, 2008

 I have been so lax at blogging lately but with summer, exercising and swimming, well honestly I am not on the computer all that much.  I check out my email, balance my checkbook, read my hometown newspaper and the blogs then I am off.  Seems like the days just fly by and there’s not enough time to get everything done.  Housework well mmm, I have been lax at that too, but it’s clean, not shiny clean like in the winter, but not filth either.  A lot of dust sits longer than normal, but hey if you don’t touch it and leave a fingerprint, no one notices!!   🙂 

I have a 1000 pices jigsaw puzzle in the works.  I walk by, look for a few pieces and then bounce to something else.  It will get done and then I have  4 more puzzles lined up to do.  I love them and do take my time with them. 

I got some yarn, well if you want to call it that, to me it’s like thin ribbon but it’s so neat had to have it, haha like I HAVE to have everything else I see!!  Going to knit a few scarves for the girls, can’t wait to start that.   Of course I still have an afghan I am crocheting but that’s more winter fun, as the afghan covers me while I am working on it. 

Also have to get busy on making the Christmas gift I have planned for a few, but have to go find the supplies I need first.  Today I will hit Michaels and JoAnn’s, seeing how I will be out and about anyway.

Each time I am out now I pick up at last one thing for someone for Christmas.  I have been doing this since the first of July and yeah the list is getting shorter now.  I have quite a few people “done.”  That makes me feel good  cause I know in the blink of an eye December will be here. 

Things rolling right along out here in Washington.  Everyone is good, healthy and doing their own thing.  The twins don’t start college til the end of Sept so no rush there.  My granddaughters in Idaho started today and both so excited.  They also got a new kitten last night and their crazy dogs seem to think it’s another type of food, trying to eat that poor kitty.  Which upsets the girls, gets everyone yelling, dog scrambling and poor kitty shaking.  Oh the picture in my mind when all that is going on!!!!  🙂

Well it’s time for my wii fit, that is 40 mins to an hour out of my morning but oh so worth it to me.  See time flies and bam the days just zip on by.

Trouble Blogging

August 16, 2008

Yeah I have had trouble blogging lately and I so can’t blame it on word press, it’s me.  I feel I don’t really have much to say that I haven’t all ready said, and then some things I just can’t open up with, so I stopped.  I haven’t missed a day reading all the blogs though, thats for sure.

It’s been a quieter than normal summer around here, not as much company as usual and I didn’t get to keep my daughters girls like I normally do.  Her oldest made cheerleading so dang that put a halt to the 2 or  3 week stay at Grandma’s.  Her youngest wasn’t happy and trust me neither was I, but I do understand.  We did get to see them for 5 days.  HUH??!!  Five days is not enough time at all for me, grrrrrr.  I was hoping we would get over to Idaho this month but doesn’t look like that will happen, hubby didn’t put in for any time off and now it’s too late, darn.  So it’s wait til Thanksgiving before I see them again.

My one sister was out in mmm April, and Kelly for you it was what late April, May?  So early visits from both of you huh?  No pool time at all.  My other sister ( Kelly’s mom) came out last week, for 3 days.  I don’t count the day she got here as it was late at night, and she left early on her departure day.  But we did have a great visit this time.  We didn’t get all “touristy” and run the roads, or walk the malls endlessly, we just enjoyed hanging out.  Oh her and I shopped in the morning before I got mama up, so that was fun but not exhausting.  We took advantage of the pool and just gabbed for 3 days and I thoroughly enjoyed her visit, hated to see her go. 

My son says he is coming up for a few days this month, but him, well haha I will believe it when I see him here!!!  Not counting on him coming up, but if he does it will be great. 

And that’s it for our company and know what?  I miss the long visits from everyone but do understand how it’s not possible too.  The price of the airlines etc, totally gone over the top these days. It is a hardship now more than a pleasure to book a flight and come way out here, I know that, but still I miss everyone.

My garden is thriving but it has to do more than that.  I have tons of nice big tomatoes and I am just “willing” them to turn red.  I know a few I could pick and they would ripen inside, but nope!!  I want to pick a nice red juicy one straight off the vine for my first sandwich!!  I know I am nuts, but I will hang in and wait, it will be worth it.  Have been eating strawberries daily, and thanks to Angie I can core them now and not waste any of the berry!!!!!  YAHOO!!!!  I have picked alot of beans, yellow and green ones and have started freezing them, they will taste good this winter.  Peppers are almost ready as are the onions and carrots.  My corn stalks are so high and soon I will see the corn yummy.  Hubby planted all the “viney” ones, cucumbers, squash , pumpkin etc along with the normal and his garden is also thriving, so we won’t want for any fresh veggies this year.

I am getting alot of use out of the pool as the weather has been decent.  This past week it’s been actually record breaking temps and today is no exception.  HOT HOT HOT!!! Yesterday it hit over the 100 degree mark on the deck.  I keep mama in cause the heat is not good for her.  I get her all comfy in her room in the late afternoon, raise her bed to the sitting position and turn her tv on.  Her room is nice and cool and I know she is comfy and safe. That’s when I hit the pool, and love every minute of it.  I go in after supper too when it’s safe enough to bring mama out with me.  The last 3 days nope haven’t been able to cause it’s been too hot for her.  Dang last night at 11pm it was still 82 degrees out!!!   The heat wave is ending though but while it’s here trust me I take full advantage and to hell with housework, that can wait, the warm weather won’t.  I can’t see having a pool and not using it. 

I am still faithful to the wii fit daily and feel good.  I even have hubby getting on and doing his routine every morning.  He started out exercising at night but hell that cut into our bowling time!!  Can’t have that, and he says it’s much better in the mornings as he feels good all day long.   I have a routine and I do the same exercises every day, rarely do I even do the balance games.  I did have to get on and kick some butt though.  Had to top all hubby’s scores, and yep did in all but one, but that will happen!!!   🙂   Now he is trying to be #1 again, so we do challenge each other and that keeps us motivated.  I am steadily losing and yeah an excuse to get some new clothes.  Wii fit works for me I have dropped a lot in my sizes.  I started out well Wii bowling first wearing size 12/13’s and my last pair of jean shorts I got, a size 6 with room in them to move, so it is helping me tons.  I can also see a difference in hubby’s budda belly now too, so it does work. 

The twins are doing good this summer and knock on wood even Bryce is shaping up some.  Hey he is still working so that right there is a plus in itself.  He is starting his first year of college in Sept and he just got hired on to be junior editor of the college newspaper, so he will have 2 jobs.  Ashley is working 2 jobs, still at KFC and working for her band director at college.  She will be starting her second year of college.  She also just did another play , or show as the kids call it, and did very well.  My sister got to see it when she was here which made Ashley happy. 

Mama is doing good healthwise but oh that dementia it’s such a horrible disease and it’s stealing her from me!!  I am doing everything I can to make sure mama is happy, content, and has a quality of life even with the disease.  I have to admit though lifting her well whew getting harder and harder but it’s okay, she is worth it.   I think it’s almost time to use the hoyer lift, but it scares her so and that’s why I am stalling using it.  It’s nice to know I have it though.  She is such a sweetie and I love doing for her and getting her gigling etc.  She keeps me focused that’s for sure.  She is my rock and still my mother even though she doesn’t realize it. 

So see not a whole lot going on can’t be if I can get almost the entire summer in on blog huh?  But like I said I still read and comment cause I so enjoy this blogging world.  It connects me to the outside world and alot of fantastic people, yeah I mean everyone of you!!!   🙂

Cleaning Time

August 2, 2008

Yeah that’s what I have been doing a little at a time.  Taking a drawer here and there and pitching all the “stuff” we thought we couldn’t live without.  Plus shampooing all the carpets.  Oh that is a trip in itself.

In Oct 06 we spent a little over $200 on a nice Bissel Steam Cleaner and used it, well not often hahaha.  So about a month or so ago I decided it’s time we dug it out and cleaned carpets after the winter.  Yeah not going to happen. The dang brush won’t budge.  No spinning, scrubbing brushes, so how is that going to clean a carpet.  I checked of course warranty off!!  Called and they suggested we clean them.  DUR people, we are adults, we know to clean it after each use. Hubby took it all apart, no luck.  I have tried in vain to find a repair shop that won’t charge over the price we paid, no luck.  Finally last week I said “screw it” Loaded mama in the car and off to the Oreck dealer we went.  I have the Oreck vacuum and mixer and LOVE them, so decided why not.  I lucked out and got the floor model 1/2 off so only $249, but yeah after buying all the shampoo, upholstery cleaner and pet stain remover mmmm try $350 or there about by the time I left the store. 

Got home and started in our bedroom, did that , the spare room and only like 1/2 mama’s room and I had gone through TWO bottles of shampoo.  Uh oh, was it a mistake to get that one cause of how fast the shampoo goes?  So next day go back for more shampoo and I told them , “It’s going to be very pricey to clean the carpet”  Haha not, I was doing it all wrong and one bottle of shampoo would do my entire house.  OOPSIE hahaha but like I told the guy “MY house smells awesome” 

So hubby starts livingroom carpet and NADDA.  Damn thing wouldn’t suck up the water.  GREAT!!!!  So next day I take it back, that would be Thurs.  Mind you my 3rd trip down which is a long ways and tons of traffic.  They inform me the repair guy is off til MONDAY  WHAT??!!!!  I have my house tore up, company flying in and no cleaner.  I was po’ed to say the least.  Okay then come home, grab the bissel and at least put stuff down and sucked up the muddy water, no scrubbing but cleaner looking .  Only yeah my carpet looked two toned, from where the Oreck cleaned and the Bissel. 

Get a call yesterday, the repair guy came in for “me” and put all new something on it haha and it works.  No way in hell was I making a fourth trip so I sent Bryce after it.  Last night got the living room carpet done, that hummer is clean now trust me.  This am hubby is doing hallway and that just leaves one bedroom left and it’s all done.  What a fiasco just to want clean carpets, but what the hell, that’s the way everything goes for me anyway.  But now I am happy, the house is smelling fresh and it’s looking better.

But the kicker!!  Thurs after using the Bissel for a few hours, then vacuuming the carpet, I was in the process of putting the furniture back and I hear Ashley saying “Oh Cassie”  Damn dog went smack dab in the middle of the clean carpet and puked two HUGE piles of crap.  The biggest piles I have ever seen.  Damn I nearly cried, but Ash and I got it cleaned up and I sprayed it and dabbed what I could.  The Oreck did take the stain out. 

Last night go to bed, nice clean carpet again, get up this am and what do I see?  A runny pile of SHIT on the clean carpet!!!  OMG what the hell??!!!  I so can’t remember when the animals have done that!  Do they think I cleaned the capet so they would have a nice clean soft spot to puke and shit???  NO WAY.  So yep grabbed the Oreck and once again did the carpet.  So trust me it’s clean now.  It had best stay that way for awhile too!!! 

Any normal person would have just grabbed their shampooer , done the carpets, put things back and done.  Oh hell not me, one entire week with tons of problems, go figure!!!!  It it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all!!!!!    🙂  Keeps me on my toes though what else can I say??!!!

Today I will attempt mopping the floors, I wonder what can go wrong there!!!  Time will tell!!!