I Need To Check Better

May 31, 2008

Thanks to all for the pointers on the double http:/ I so appreciate it.  I know I need to check better before I hit the publish button on here.  But hey live and learn right?  Now I feel good that I can actually link things, but haha do I have anything to link today?  Hell nooooooooooooooooo hahaha.  Oh well the “knowledge” is now tucked in the corner of this pea brain of mine until needed.  🙂

So my Father’s Day shopping is done.  Check your calendars, I am done TWO WEEKS before the mad dash, yahoo.  I made up my mind to get this neat cooler that hubby had been eyeing.  He kept telling me it would look great out on the deck and no more running in the house for cold water, soda whatever.  Yeah so off mama and I go to get it.  The other day I sent Bryce to one WalMart, they had none.  I go to the newer one, NONE, damn.  I am not the type to run all over town, it’s way too hard for one, and for another reason, mmm can you say LAZY!!!!  So I looked at everything and finally came up with a brain storm.  Yeah really, right there in Wally World me, the light bulb when on and I had his perfect gift.  But I had to call Bryce to meet me cause no way in hell could I lift it, push two carts and the wheelchair!!!!  I got him the small dorm size refrigerator to put out back.  That’s something he doesn’t have and hey it’s better than a cooler, no making sure there’s always ice in there.  Plug that hummer in, filler er up and bring on summer!!!!!  I also got him tons of screwdrivers cause the other day he was bitching that his were no good.  See I listen and aim to please!!   🙂  But I do feel better knowing the shopping is over and one with.  No crowds to deal with and no last minute.

While roaming around waiting for Bryce I found a nice big shiny awesome crock pot and oopsie somehow that sucker just jumped in the cart and said “take me home” so yep it’s now all new on my kitchen counter waiting for me to cook some homemade chicken noodle soup in today.  The one we have been using I swear is the original!!!  A dinasaur I tell you, but it worked.  We have had it forever it’s small and seeing how our family grew, not too many meals made in it.  Now that’s going to be put to rest at some Good Will !!!!!  May it rest in peace or go to a home that only has two people!!!!!  My nice shiny new one is taking it’s place!!!!  I need to stay out of the stores cause things keep jumping in the cart and I have no clue why!!!!  But who am I to tell them not to, right???   🙂




May 30, 2008

Just posted, tried the link and it comes up “can’t find web site”  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I cut and pasted Angie’s address is that wrong???  Here I go again  HELP!!! 

Just Testing

May 30, 2008

Hey Angie thanks it does work.  Well I can get the link to insert so I am assuming it works.  This word press makes me feel so dumb at times.  I see all of you with great headings, you insert stores, people everything and I sit here thinking “how the hell did they do it!”   Now I don’t pretend to be a computer expert, but I have been working with them from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back to the Apple, if any of you remember that honking hummer.  Damn it weighed tons, the printer was bigger than a house and would break the sound barrier when it printed.  Plus you had to buy the paper with the holes on the side, line it up  just right, fight the alignment and pray for good results.  But like I said I have been working with them for a very long time, home computers and work ones.  Haha the funny part for work  I used to travel to Idaho, California and Oregon to train the office crew on the new programs and new computers.  I did all that, have had every name brand computer going in this house, yet get to word press and I am dumber than a box of rocks, go figure.

I do appreciate all the tips and helpful hints you all give though.  I try them all and when I get frustrated I just walk away, shake it off, spout off just a tad, then try again.  The way I see it, no damn machine is going to get the best of me!!!!   ( I hope)    🙂

How Come??

May 29, 2008

Thanks Kelly M for explaining how to put names on here instead of the address.  Now I know why I couldn’t do it!!!  How come the box that has the link on it isn’t highlighted on my site???  Seriously the insert link, and unlink are not working on here.  Damn I always have to have some glitch on here.  It’s so not fair I tell ya, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah  I want it to work.    Isn’t it strange all the different issues, some can’t post pics, I can’t link, some can’t get the comments, and I am sure there’s lots of other issues I don’t know about.  This should all be the same darn it.  I contact word press and they never get back to me so poo on them.  So for me no linking I guess, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Hubby and I are working on another project and yesterday well after an hour or so of wasted work, I finally figured out what I wanted.  Hubby was extremely patient with me and so mellow, I was shocked.  hahaha.  It’s those wonderful lil pills he’s on, I love them, he perfect now. 

We got the fence for the pool cause after we built the deck extension I realized dur, we have the gate locked to go to the pool deck, yet the new deck is wide open and anyone can just jump in.  So I ordered the pool fence and we decided yesterday was the day to put it up.  Drag out the drill, saw, screwdrivers etc and we start.  Hubby drills , needs a bigger bit, drills, fights it and finally the base is on the two  rails that show on the new deck.  The he gets the fence rail up, screwed in nice and secure and me I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!!!!  It’s not centered, it defeats the purpose of that new deck to bring mama closer and it just looks butt ugly.  So oh yeah I voice my opinion and I am all set to return the pool fence and say screw it.  Then I got to analyzing the pool, deck, fencing etc and come up with a brain storm so toss it at hubby.  He is calm, says yeah we can do that and starts right in.  I mean this entailed taking out all the work he put in for the rail and brace, making a mock pool rail, cutting the pool railings, drilling, attaching, etc and he was awesome.  We worked great as a team and finally got one part of the pool done.  Yeah by that time it was close to 6pm and I had to get mama on her potty break and get supper on the table.  So we stopped but felt good about what we did.  Now it’s not even 9am and he is outside working some more on it, and still MELLOW yahoo. 

We figured out how much more fencing we need to order and got that done, so now it’s put up what we have and eventually we will have it all enclosed.  After that we will build a gate to go across the new deck so it can be secured when we are not here.  Always have to keep safety in mind and for insurance purposes keep the pool secure, so we are getting there.  I love projects and love the fact that now hubby is mellow, no arguing, no divorcing a hundred times 🙂 and no wanting to kill each other.  It sure does make it nice to work around the house and yard now, I for one love it.

So here’s what we have done so far;

I’ve Been Tagged

May 29, 2008

Sweet Angie  tagged me for this meme;

Here are the rules: Each player answers the questions about themselves.At the end of the post, the player tags other people and posts their name, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read you. : )

1. What were you doing 10 years ago? –  I was in the process of getting full custody of the twins and drowning in the mountain of paperwork it entails.

2.  What are 5 snacks that you enjoy? –  SMARTIES, cheese & crackers, SMARTIES, ice cream and SMARTIES

3.  What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?   1.  Pay off all debts for us and family 2. move to Idaho 3. donate to St Jude’s 4. fill many food banks 5. help any and all friends with what ever they need

4.  What are 5 fun things you wish you could do today?   1. Have a pool party with all my blogging friends 2. go to Idaho and surprise my daughter 3. take a nice long walk with my mom and just talk and talk and talk 4. master Wii Fit even if the board is backwards, tee hee 5. take a ride and take pictures of every barn from here to where ever the road leads me.

I tag http://icecreammama.wordpress.com/ and http://www.jerseybeachmama.blogspot.com/  Sorry I am not smart enough to put names and have it link directly, any one care to walk me through that process??

Dumb Ass, all of us!!! :)

May 28, 2008

Yeah this is hilarious really and hey I can laugh at myself, then tell everyone how dumb I am, no problem. 

Got the Wii Fit last Wednesday and have only missed one day on it.  Bryce, Ron and Ashley have worked out too.  Well first time out I was having a total fit cause it was opposite.  I would get nailed with the shoe and bear in soccer, couldn’t get the marble, etc.  Still rocked at hula hoop  , yup gotta toss that in.  Anyway today Bryce is doing yoga and discovers all week we have had the damn Wii board backwards!!!  Yeah you heard me right, backwards, hence leaning opposite of whatever is on the screen!!!!  DUR DUMB ASS!!!!! 

Well now I am enjoying the Wii Fit even more cause it’s right.  If the soccer ball is coming at me on the right I lean right!!  Skiing, snow boarding etc wow what a difference tee hee.

But do have to say I rocked even when I was killing myself by playing all the games backwards.  Now my problem is I have to re-train this pea brain to do it correctly.  One solid week of doing the opposite will take some training!!!   So yep we all fall into the dumb ass category tonight!!!!!

Read directions??!!!  Even though each screen shows the Wii board so clearly???  NOT guess we just ignored that lil pointer!!!!  So that’s my laugh at myself for the day, and trust me I laughed and then called my daughter and told her so she could have a good laugh.

Laughter is good for the soul, don’t you agree???

Memorial Day

May 26, 2008

What does this day mean to you personally?  I know it’s a day set aside to honor all the solidiers that have lost thier lives in war, and now days it does hit so many people.  Well see here I go, assuming it’s just now days, but how do I know that.  I am sure in all the wars it has hit many people.  Back in the earlier days we just didn’t have the media to splash it all over the newspapers, tv and magazines.  Reality is; even one loss of life in any war is devastating and by rights those fallen soldiers do deserve a day of rememberance.

Also to me it brings up all the ones I have known in my lifetime that have passed away.  No they weren’t soldiers in a war, but soldiers in everyday life.  My nephew, my brother in law, Grandmother, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, and yeah I guess my brother and father.  I know that sounds bad but the last two, well nope not a tear was shed but that’s just me I guess.

I also remember my mom.  I know we have her here living with us but she’s not my “mom” she is this lost soul in my mom’s body.  Oh the same beautiful blue sparkling Irish eyes, the same smile, looks etc but the mind is gone.  My mom is fighting her own war and I do know that her fight will end someday, but hey not til she’s over 100!!!  Her war is dementia/altzhiemers and I guess you can compare it to the Iraq war.  How do they fight against the unseen IED’s. or even train to fight them right?  Well then how does one fight dementia or even train to fight it?  The answer is they don’t , it happens and you have to carry on, as cruel as it sounds.  Any survivor knows the term “carry on” or “time will heal” knows how cruel that sounds and how hard that is to do.  I find it difficult each day watching mama go down hill.  I will watch her oh say, try to take a drink of her coffee and think  how sad, she is robbed of such a simple task.  I watch her look around with the blank look and sometimes the look of fear on her face and wonder what she is thinking.  I listen to her try to ask me a question and see the frustration when she can’t get the words out.  I see her cry for no reason yet hear the sweet sounds of laughter coming from her too. I see her frustration when she has not idea when I say ” use your hand mama.”  The look on her face tells me she doesn’t even know what hands are, so I will show her.  I will lift her hand off her lap and say “see this is your hand.”  Still the blank look until I put her hand on the handle of her cup and then the smile.  Almost an “ah ha moment” to her.  I have seen the lack of movement take over, seen her independence leave her to the point she can’t even us the bathroom on her own, can’t bathe or dress herself, nothing.  She is just “here” most of the time.  Can’t read cause she actually has no idea what the newspaper is or even a book.  Oh she will pick it up, turn the page but no clue what she is doing.  So much lost to her now that just sitting is about all she can do.  But we don’t let her do that, we still include her in everything around here trying our very best to help her understand what is going on around her. 

So to me yes Memorial Day is to honor all the deceased , but I also honor my mom for her courage, her strength , her love and her guidance to make me the person I am today.  I  mourn the loss of my mom and her memory but still cherish her as she is now.  So this Memorial Day is mainly for my mom. 

Mom I love you and yep I truly do “miss” you, the mom that raised me, but also cherish the mom you are today.  No matter what else the dementia robs you of, you are here, safe, and very much loved!!!