It Figures

April 30, 2008

Yeah this week is shaping up to be absolutely beautiful and the 7 day forecast only getting warmer and warmer.  Where was the sun last week when you were here Kelly??!!  I guess that’s just Murphy’s Law or something like that.

So with the warm weather mama can come right outside with us while we do our staining, painting, and general cleaning up of the back yard.  We do keep her entertained and I don’t feel so guilty working outside while Bryce is watching her inside.  I know she doesn’t even realize the difference, but heck I do!!!

Today I know the deck flooring will be done, yahoo!!!!  After that it’s 2nd coat the railings on the inside, as hubby is doing the outside, then just get the yard cleaned up and looking nice again.  I so hate looking out my kitchen window and feeling like I am living in a flippin jungle or dump, ugh.  It just takes so much work, but well worth it when it’s done. 

I mentioned yesterday to hubby that I will need some more black dirt for my garden this year.  Holy crapola I have to be careful what I ask for, cause um yeah, I have black dirt now.  SEVEN YARDS of it!!!!  He told me I ask for dirt, he will get it for me, hahaha.  The huge truck pulls up and my gosh it was full all for here!!! We now have a mountain of dirt in the back yard.  We have enough for a zillion gardens I think, but I know he will find a use for every last bit of it.  My garden will be first of course, I want him to build it up real good cause I want to plant carrots.  I want nice straight ones, not the squiggly wiggly ones I have been getting!!!  Haha they are so funny looking and some even cute, but I want nice straight ones that Bug Bunny would love!!!

A bummer though, my eye appt is at 2:30 this afternoon, dang it.  So that means work outside til it’s time to get mama up.  Get her going and outside with us, work some more then have to quit.  Come in clean up, change and head out.  Get back home , change again, and back outside to  work.  Once finished, back in to shower which means changing again, dang it!!!!  But the I will keep the appointment, gotta take care of the ol eyes, that’s for sure. 

I so need a haircut too but keep putting it off.  Maybe if I get the ambition, I will get out earlier enough tomorrow morning to get it done, who knows.  I just wing it as far as that’s concerned!!!  Well hell I wing everything I guess, but eventually I get it all done.  I just have to stay off the computer and I know a whole lot more would get done, but then heck, I would be lost!!  I need my computer to “connect” with friends, so yeah computer first, work second, that works for me!!!



A Busy Day

April 29, 2008

Yesterday ,dang I have no clue what hit me, but yeah I managed to get a few things accomplished.  I got one deck totally stained, so the rest will be a snap.  I cussed because that one deck was so huge, but tee hee we are the ones that built it.  With the table, chairs, and two swings on it, hell it looks small.  Empty that hummer and it is huge, especially on your hands and knees with a brush.  I so don’t like rolling the stain on, can’t get it even or get the sides of the deck boards.  Yeah I am anal like that, I  don’t want to miss a spot!!!

I got under my kitchen sink cleaned out.  Why do I have 20 cans of furniture polish, when I hate to dust???  Tons of partial dishwasher soap, etc.  I condensed, cleaned and tossed and now actually have room for new stuff.  Have a little bit of room, so yeah have to go buy more to junk it up again.  Guess that’s my way!!! 

I touched up that one part on the ceiling and now the kitchen is complete!!  Did 4 loads of laundry, got mama showered, dressed, fed, etc and got my fridge cleaned out.  So yeah I was like nuts yesterday!!!!  But I feel good I did get a few things accomplished.

I also broke down and made an appointment to get my eyes examined.  I figure with all the squinting while I Wii bowl, yeah that’s a sign I needed too!!!   🙂  It’s been over 2 yrs so it’s time I guess.  I can see pretty good with the glasses I have now, so hopefully my prescription hasn’t changed.  I suppose if I wore them I wouldn’t be squinting all the time huh?  Wow what a concept, put the glasses on instead of letting them sit on the counter in the case.  I won’t get contacts, ewwwwwwwww I don’t know how you all manage to put them in your eyes.  That just freaks me out.  I don’t do that, nor can I use any of the nasal sprays etc, nope have never been able to do that.  I am a wimp through and through I guess.

Poor Ashley after her high the other night with the first night of her play, she gets home and dang has a rejection letter from Eastern, the college she wants to go to.  She was devastated but Kelly and Steve calmed her down!!  So yesterday she called the college to find out what she has to do to get accepted.  They said she is on the “line” in math, whatever that means.  Her SAT score was good, but hey they know more than me.  Anyway she has to get three letters of recomendation and fax them in by Thursday.  They said her application is up for review and they need the letters.  She e-mailed her teachers and today will go around in person to ask them to write the letter for her.  I am hoping that’s all it will take.  She is working so hard and really wants this college.  Time will tell and I am sure she will get in, but why does it have to have complications along the way!!!!

Anyone get their stimulous check yet?  I was wrong Kelly, apparently today isn’t the day for us.  I was just going off the chart King 5 news had on line.  I know we are supposed to spend spend spend, but nope, mine is going into savings.  I will spend some in July when we go to the ocean, but that’s about it.  I like knowing I have a savings and the helps my “economy”, bad aren’t I?

Well a bunch of babbling on here isn’t going to get the deck finished.  So while that sun is shining, I am going to head out and stain some more.  I swear though, I think I get more stain on me than I do the deck.  Haha no wonder we needed to buy so much!!!!  Needed that extra to coat me too!!!


Life In General

April 28, 2008

I swear thinking of titles suck on here!!  I will get one and never ever stick to it, so I really should find one and use it from here on out.  Right I will do that then come up will all sorts of catchy ones, so okay each day I will sit here and think and think and think.  I spend more time thinking of a title than I do writing anything.

Dang the rain, it so needs to stop, I have to get the deck stained and the railings painted.  I started staining Saturday as it was beautiful out.  Yesterday I got outside late due to playing catch up on my sleep!!!  Got going pretty good and sure enough felt a raindrop.  Well the first raindrop I feel I have to stop, get mama in, then go pick up brushes etc.  Yeah with a 91 yr old to care for “hurry” just doesn’t fit in the vocabulary any more. 

Speaking of mama, yikes, I almost had one mama on the floor the other day.  From my counter to her recliner is oh about 5 steps for you and I, but for mama it must seem like a mile.  I have a good hold on her on one side, and she hangs onto the recliner with her other hand.  I count and have her take steps to get to the chair.  It’s an ordeal but she does pretty good most of the time.  Well the other day I was counting, she was moving her feet, got beside the chair and decided it was time to sit down.  Yeah ever try to hold someone when they want to sit???  I mean it’s like dead weight when she stops moving.  I think she was merely inches from the floor and I hollered to Bryce.  He was there so fast it would make your head spin.  He had ahold of mama under her arms and lifted her up and over the arm of the chair and got her in it.  Whew!!!!  I can’t lift her like that, so if she had gone down, well I would have sat on the floor with her until Bryce came to help.  I swear she gravitates to the floor, no kidding. 

So now I am very nervous about moving her from the counter to her recliner, and when I am alone, I think I will put her in the wheelchair.  Seems like alot of work, get her in the chair, take 5 steps and get her out of the chair, but it will be much safer for her. 

Our bathroom is small but handy.  I get the wheelchair in as far as it will go, help mama stand up, then move the chair out, while holding mama with one hand.  Yesterday she was standing and I opened the door to grab the chair, and she starts leaning the opposite way, knees buckled and she is swaying.  Yikes again.  I grabbed her around the waist to hold her up, and hubby heard me holler and he was there in a flash, helped me get her in the chair and he brought her out here while I caught my breath.  The fear of her falling is getting worse everyday for me.  I thought I was strong but when I jerk or try to lift, it causes tons of pain in my foot and leg, and I guess I weaken too.  Damn it’s like the blind leading the blind huh?

We do have a hoyer lift in the garage and I think soon it will be in the house.  Mama so hates it, and also is afraid of it, but for her safety I think I will have to start using it.   I have to make sure I don’t hurt myself cause I need to care for her.  She has “chicken legs” and a big torso so she is like top heavy.  No I am not making fun of her, it’s her build and that build makes her heavy.  Then there’s the fact I believe she actually forgets how to walk, hence the counting when I do have her walk.  Her mind, poor baby, it’s just gone.  That dementia has robbed her of it and it’s just not right.  But we deal with it, roll with it and do all we can to see that she is healthy and happy in her world. 

Sad but she didn’t even know Kelly was gone.  Actually did she even know Kelly is her granddaughter?  Yeah that’s the question of the day, I don’t think so.  But Kelly was great and she too “rolled” with it.  Haha except a few things.  I told Kelly she will need “Peggy 101” next time, hahaha.  Some things  are set in stone!!!  Like turning on mama’s tv, the light in her room, and getting her nightgown and supplies in the bathroom at 9:30pm SHARP, tee hee.  Or how to have mama put her legs down flat when we stop at McDonald’s so her food doesn’t slide all over the place.  Showing mama how to hold the cup from McDonald’s with the hot fudge sundae.  Lots of little things so yeah I will give out lessons!!   🙂

Seriously Kelly, to you a huge THANK YOU!!!  Your help with mama was totally awesome and your help around here the same.  You gave me a little vacation by doing so much, and there’s not enough thanks in the world for you. The two of us made it easy to get mama in and out of the car too, and you lifting that wheelchair in and out, a huge break for me.  Can you come back and just stay forever???  PLEASE!!!!  🙂

Life in general around here is caring for mama and making sure she is safe.  Then you know the same ol crap.  The mountain range of laundry, the floors, counters, cooking etc.  I can’t remember ever having to say I am bored!!!!  Nope never, not around this crazy house.  Heck just keeping track of who works when will keep boredom at bay.  Ron with his schedule, Bryce with his and Ashley.  Oh geeze she is the worst to keep track of.  Band, flute lessons, classes, rehearsals, shows, work yeah I never know what is up with that one. 

But from 10:15pm on it’s FUN TIME  BOWLING!!!!  That truly is my salvation from the everyday care I give mama.  I love bowling and it takes all the tension away.  I mean I can be falling asleep on the couch but come bowling time, wide awake, same with hubby. 

I love my life though and I thank God everyday for the opportunity to care for mama and the rest of the family.  Although hubby and the twins care alot for me, help me when they are here.  I am thankful we can put gas in the vehicles and food on the table.  I know some can’t do that with the price of gas now.  I am thankful for the internet and still able to afford it, as it’s my lifeline to the world, and it’s helped me make alot of friends in the blogging world.   I am thankful hubby has a good job and steady pay check with no fear of lay offs.  So much I am thankful for and it sums up to life in general.  I have no complaints and if I did what kind of person would I be???  There are so many struggling just to eat or put gas in their cars, I have no right to complain about anything.  Well except this damn rain we are going to have all week.  Come on summer, I need sunshine and hot temperatures!!!  Where is that dang switch to turn the rain off and turn the sunshine on???  Anyone have any idea????

A Fast Week

April 27, 2008

Well damn people, Kelly is all ready back in New York, how did that happen?  Where did the week go?  I know the time goes fast, but geeze, her visit was like a blink of an eye, so fast.  But a truly enjoyable visit for all of us here and we look forward to your next  visit Kelly, AUGUST??!!!!   🙂  I will be checking flights constantly you can bet on that one!!!!

Naturally as things go our weather was crappy last week, so Kelly leaves yesterday and didn’t we have on hell of a hot beautiful day.  So nice mama and I were outside all afternoon.  Mama soaking up the sun , napping and watching the airplanes, me staining the deck.  It was short sleeved weather finally.  I mean last Saturday crap we had a snow storm!!!!  But Kelly and I don’t need the good weather to have a good time, to me it’s the company not how nice the day is. 

So now I settle back into my routine, get over missing my favorite niece being here and plug on.  It’s so hard living far away but only for a few reasons.  Being close to your favorite niece is well the only one for me!!! Yeah I so wouldn’t move back to that area for nothing.  Our next move is going to be Idaho and that’s it.   But for now it’s stay here, enjoy the family, our home and visitors. 

We went to Ashley’s play the other night and let me tell you, I personally was blown away.  I had absolutely no idea that Ashley could act!!!  Yeah I know , I am the “grandma” and I am supposed to like whatever she does.  This, well really goes above and beyond the normal grandma pride.  She was a total natural up there.  I mean it was like her sitting around the table at home, chatting away and cutting up.  That girl so surprised me and it’s like okay, music, acting, singing, what next?  And where on earth did she get all her talent from?  Like I told Ron, ME!!! haha well in my mind I would love to be that talented, but in real life, hahahahha nope not a lick of talent in this gene pool.  I hope she pursue’s all her talent too.  She is the one that will go far but I do know with her it’s music first and nothing will stand in the way of it.  She has goals and the drive to reach them so that is a huge plus.  Funny how twins can be total opposite isn’t it?  Bryce is just plugging away still trying to find out what he wants to do in life.  But at least now he is working, that alone is a huge plus.  I did tell him ” you quit this job, you are out of the house.”  He assured me he wouldn’t quit unless he has another job lined up, yeah uh I believe I have heard that line before.  Time will tell I guess.

Okay another reality show I am hooked on!!!!!!  How many can I watch anyway???  This one is “Can you Duet” I love it and it’s only at the audition stages, hahahaha.  It’s official I am a reality show junkie!!!!  One right after another and I am there either in front of the show, or it’s on dvr and I play catch up.  Dang can’t miss any of them or the world falls apart!!!  Think I need a life or what???   🙂  I  still have my lil score sheet for American Idol, and yep think I am the real judge, like Simon, Paula and Randy, well they don’t know squat!!!  Listen to me people not them!!!!!!! 

My daughter sent me the Amish Friendship bread starter and today is the 10th day, so it’s time to bake up the bread.  I have had this before, but never gone the 10 days.  I got tired of mushing the bag, adding too and yeah the smell of it, hahaha. But this time I did it.  Now it’s add more to it, break it down to the 4 bags to give away, and finsih up, bake and eat.  We know what we will be snacking on later today!!!!  Time to shut this down, get the bread baking, get mama up and head outside.  More staining to get done while the weather is good!!!


Our Massage

April 23, 2008

Haha oh yeah yesterday my massage girl came over and Kelly and I got all our knots etc knocked out of us.  That’s not all, I swear De wasn’t even down the driveway and Kelly was OUT like a light on the couch.  I got all comfy and figured I would make it at least til Oprah.  So didn’t happen, I too was out like a light, and slept for an hour and a half.  Woke up and said “shit, supper will be late” hahaha.  We both felt like jello when De got done with us, plus the late night bowling and hot tub, yep we caved!!!!  But hey at least now we have the stamina to continue on and bowl, paint, shop, take mama to the doctors, hit Ikea, guitar hero, Ashley’s play and anything else we can squeeze in !!!  The time is going so fast I really hate to sleep.  I figure I can sleep when she is back in NY, right now I just want to enjoy her company!!!!

We haven’t done anything special but to me everything we do is special.  Does that make sense???  I mean just having Kelly here is good enough for me.  We have enough entertainment in this crazy house to keep us going.  But mmm my cat seems to have taken a liking to Kelly this trip and at times even ignores me!!!!  Soooooooooooo not right!!!!  But it’s good cause I remember Kelly’s very first visit here.  She was afraid of cats and I felt so bad having 4 at that time.  Now all is good, she knows my cats are “people” and they love her!!!  Yeah I knew I would convert her!!!  🙂

The sun is out today so hopefully on the way to mama’s doctors appointment Mt Rainier will poke her head out of the clouds, we’ll see.  I will have my camera with me just in case!!!


April 22, 2008

Okay I am just going to post a few pics to show Kelly M that is does work.  She can’t get pics posted on her site even after downloading Fire Fox, hopefully between the two of us, we can figure it out.

 She got busy painting my kitchen for me




All done and I love it!!!

Crazy Weather

April 21, 2008

Oh wow poor Kelly, she keeps checking the weather in NY.  MMM you New Yorkers are having summer and we are having winter.  Yeah it snowed alot here Saturday, but it was gone by the afternoon, but brr.  Yesterday a good ol hail storm and still brrrr.  Today a hint of blue sky , but brrr.  I told her on Saturday our heatwave will start ( that’s the day she leaves) and by the time she gets back to NY, well the snow will be there.  Remember all the weather starts in the west and heads east!!!!  I don’t think I had best put on here exactly what her reaction to that was, so I will let you all figure that one out.  Just start with #$#@$@#$ then continue!!!!

We have kept busy lousy weather or not.  Kelly painted my kitchen, ( I helped a “little”)  and it came out great.  We also went to Ashley’s performance at the high school, and Friday night we will go to her play at the college.  Have to hit Ikea one day I think that will be Thursday, it’s like our only free day.  Today it’s head to Ft Lewis, then Fred Meyer’s super store. She likes that one so we will cruise and see what they have on sale.  Tomorrow is our massage day, awwwwwwwwwww!!!  Wednesday is mama’s doctors appointment so that leaves Thursday for Ikea.  Dang time doesn’t seem to be on our side it’s going way too fast!!! 

We have been busy ,on the go but of course every night Wii bowling!!!  We have also tried to hit the hottub but so far only made it there one night.  Tonight we will get there!!!  🙂  Funny she isn’t interested in the pool at all this time.  What is she a wimp??  Is it too cold for her??  Geeze!!!

This morning I am making donuts for her, I promised and I so need to keep that promise.  Hey what ever she wants, I will do, if it’s “doable” that is.  So yeah Kelly if you are reading this, ummmm go easy on this rickety ol aunt of yours!!!! 

K will get off here and start frying up some donuts, anyone want one????