An Extra Day

February 29, 2008

Yeah Feb 29th our extra day this year.  I am wondering if this will give me a jump start on all the projects I have lined up!!!!  Hey, I can hope right?  I mean we didn’t get this day last year, so see maybe I will be able to get alot done.  I know I am just dreaming here but  it’s worth a shot right?

Oh poor hubby and why I should feel sorry for him is beyond me!!!!  First poor hubby because this morning a piece of “something” broke off the tooth the dentist worked on the other day for his crown.  So yeah he is now getting ready to head back to the dentist.  They are so good, the piece fell out, I called about 8:10am and they said have him come in for 9am.  That’s the ONLY thing I like about them, tee hee, cause ewwwwwwwwwww dentist, OUCH!!!

Why I shouldn’t feel sorry for him?  MMM I am thinking he has just gotten way too good at Wii bowling.  Night before last TWO perfect games in a row, last night Two more perfect games, not in a row but still.  This gives him a total of 15 perfect games to my lousy nine.  His skill level up to 2058, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  I swear I will get right up there with him, and soon.  He is totally showing me up and uh yeah , I don’t like it!!  Mr Perfect Perfect is “going down”

I am on a roll with my paper mache baskets.  I have the shoe, musical note and Shirley Temple baskets drying.  I still have to build them up some more, but they are close to being done.  Next will be mama’s , her giant McDonald french fry box, then Andy’s his sno cone stand basket.  After that I am in trouble unless this brain of my kicks into gear.  Oh Bryce, easy, a giant X to coincide with the x-box accessories he will get in it.  But it’s hubby’s a gadget  one and Ashley and Steve, Broadway musical baskets.  I just can’t seem to get a picture in my head of what I want to do or what shape.  Let me tell you that is driving me absolutely nuts too.  I like to have it all planned out so I can just keep on shaping, molding etc and see them start to look like something.   Tick tock we head for Idaho in 20 days so I have to think soon.  It takes days for that crap to dry and I still have to paint them, so yeah they should have been done like “yesterday.”

Mama is still getting packages and cards in the mail.  I am sure her birthday will stretch out for awhile.  Yesterday she got the beautiful sweatshirt, cute pink teddy bear and musical card from Kelly!!   Plus she received a card with $25 from a daughter of a long time friend of hers.  It’s amazing the beautiful cards, flowers and gifts she has received but hey she is so worth it!!!  The dining room table and cabinet is chuck full of many beautiful thoughtful gifts for her.

Tee hee I just noticed I am sitting here with my bathrobe on INSIDE OUT!!! hahaha You think I was a tad tired when I got up this morning?  I was, in fact I turned all the alarm clocks off and slept a bit longer.  So when I finally rolled out of bed didn’t have time for my shower before Ashley’s.  Whew she isn’t going to be late for class at least, she actually got up on the SECOND call.  But yeah a few months ago hubby bought an intercom system ( see gadget man) and trust me I use it to get Ashley up.  Her room is too far to walk every two minutes to get her lil ass out of bed.  This intercom system haha I sit here sucking down coffee, and just hit the button and remind her of the time.  Oh yeah I love that bugger now.  Like any other gadget he gets, I bitch at first then end up loving it.

Anyway I am going to take me and my inside out bathrobe and go hit the shower now.

Everyone make good use of this “extra day” 🙂 and you all have a great day!!!


Great Day

February 28, 2008

Mama had a wonderful day yesterday.  She was so cute.  I went in singing Happy Birthday to her ( I know it’s a wonder I didn’t scare her to death w/ my lousy singing) . She told me it wasn’t her birthday.  All day long, flowers arrived, packages arrived, people called etc but it wasn’t her birthday.   Finally when I was tucking her into bed and I said for the last time til next year, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  She says “thank you.”  So for a few moments she accepted and that made it all worth it.

So cute on the phone, someone would say Happy Birthday and her response “And a Happy Birthday to you too”  hahaha Gotta love her, I know that much.

My mouth is feeling much better today, no vicadin will be needed.  I tried to OD yesterday hahaha, wow I took that with my other handful of drugs and oopsie, shouldn’t have.  Ended up having to hit the couch until the room stopped spinning around, but hell the mouth felt good at least.  Today it’s good.  Just feels like some was tugging, stabbing, digging and pulling on that one tooth for 2 1/2 hours straight, so yeah I am healing quite nicely!!!!!  🙂  I keep telling myself it was worth having all the work done at once, mmmm yep it was!!!!  I don’t like to have one thing done, go back another thing etc, just do what you gotta do and bye see ya next year for a cleaning, that’s it!!!!  The dentist and I mmmm not best of friends, I don’t like them!!!!!

Today I am dedicating to Easter baskets… It will be March 1st Sat and we leave for Idaho March 20th YIKES.  NINE baskets to complete, get them dry then paint before that, so I need to kick into “creative” gear and get busy!!!!  My poor  hands are cut up from shaping that wire but they will heal.  I can’t work with gloves on so scratch away wire I will still bend you, cut you up and twist you until you co-operate with me.  I will have my way then I will slap all that gooey paper on you. Yeah that will teach you for cutting the hell out of my hands!!!!

Not sure if I put it out there or not but Bryce did get a job.  Yeah I am bad, I can bitch up a storm then just drop the subject and never follow through.  He works at the same company, Fred Meyer’s, that he did before.  This time he is with LP ( loss prevention). For now he will be “guarding” keeping an eye on workers, trailers, tools, equipment etc while the store in getting re-modeled.  I am so sure he will get tons of graveyard shifts, but hell it’s work, that’s all I care about.  They told him if he works out good with that, hopefully he can get a permanent job with LP catching the tons of shop lifters.  That would be good.

Also he filled out the application for financial aide and is planning on attending Pierce College in the fall, not heading over to Central.  He will take up drama and newspaper again, so who know what his goal is.  Whatever it is, get working on it.  School and work, yeah that’s what he should be doing!!!!!  Anything to show he can grow up and eventually take care of himself.  So mmm I am still not accepting his getting out of the service, but that’s history, now I have to push that to the back of this pea brain, and move on.

Hubby finished painting, cleaning the baseboards and even shampooed the carpet in the spare room.  He said before he heads for work today he will put the bed back in and voila, done.  Oh he wants to put a few shelves back up to display some of his zillion Elvis items, but that’s it for in there.  I did put the kitchen painting on hold until April.  Too much to do right now.

I am so dumb and so hooked on the apple/cinnamon pop tarts.  But I am not quite smart enough on how to eat them yet.  Did you know those hummer get super hot and can actually burn your mouth on the first bite???  I eat them almost daily and still haven’t learned to let them cool a bit.  It,s  nuts, toast them then they have to cool??!!!!  NOT , toast them, then take a bite and dance the dance while your mouth is burning.  Aw the challenges of eating huh?  Will I ever learn? I doubt it very much!!!

I Missed a day!!

February 27, 2008

Yesterday, yeah quite a day and I didn’t even get to read anyone’s post, and I didn’t write any email.  I read my messages and got rid of all the junk, 70 emails and I believe 65 JUNK!!!!! Chatted on im for a few and then shut this down.

I went to the dentist for my 8:30am appointment.  They took me in at 8:20 and I left there at 10:40am, yeah crazy huh?  But I had one tooth pulled, a root canal and 3 other fillings, all in one shot, YIKES  I was drained to say the least for most of the day.  Well okay for all day!!!  Got home and got mama up and going.  Poor thing, couldn’t understand why I wasn’t talking to her.  I tried to explain but she didn’t quite understand.   It actually hurt to talk!!!!  The tooth he did the root canal on, yeah that’s the bugger.  I have a temporary filling til Mon, then he will put in the permanent one.

Food??  Okay I ate applesauce, a hot boiled egg, and thinly sliced cheese, that was it for yesterday.  I did manage to get mama’s cake decorated, knew that was a must, but that was about all I did.

This morning up before 5am, my jaw just so painful.  Took a vicaden ( sp I know ) and wow I was so spacey for about an hour.  Hubby says I am spacey all the time, mmm, okay I am, but this was a different kind of spacey.  I finally had to hit the couch.  I closed my eyes and the room was spinning, ugh couldn’t handle it.  Stayed on the couch for about 10 min and that was all I could take.  Spinning rooms I so don’t like.   But the jaw bone feels better!!!!  Dur, of course it would on drugs anything would feel better!!!!

This pop tart I am eating taste GREAT, I so need to eat something.  Normally I don’t eat in the morning but mm this morning I could eat everything and anything in this house!!  I am starving!!!  Have to make up for lost eating time. 🙂

This morning I have to wrap mama’s gifts, get the table all set up pretty for her special day, then get her up, showered and looking beautiful.  I plan on snapping pics of her ALL DAY LONG!!!  It’s hard to believe a year has all ready gone by since her huge party.  All the preparation I worked on, all the family here wow, it’s been a year!!!!

A very low key b’day for her this year.  We just want her to know how special she is and hey she might retain it for a few minutes, but even if she doesn’t , she deserve a “special” pampering day.  I feel bad I didn’t get her alot of gifts but it’s a struggle to get her anything.  I ended up getting her a sweatshirt, a home perm kit ( standard gift for her) socks, a new bath scrungy thingy and a small stuffed animal.  It’s something for her and things she can use.  We will give her tons of TLC naturally and sing to her all day long!!!  Wait maybe that’s another gift for her, me NOT singing to her all day long!!!! 🙂   Yeah she may like that alot better!!!!

Here’s the cake I made her so if anyone wants to come over for cake and ice cream, our door is open, come on in!!!!


91 Years Old

February 24, 2008

Imagine that, mama is going to be 91 years old on Wednesday the 27th!!! Oh the things she has seen and experienced over the years must be just incredible. The sad part, it’s all locked up inside her now, no way to convey it to the world. I often sit and wonder just how, when, and most importantly why did the dementia/altzheimer have to invade such a wonderful woman. I do get angry and then realize all the anger in the world is not going to take it away. Aricept isn’t even touching it, yet I see the ads on tv about how great it is. Well mmm, maybe it is, maybe without it she would be in a zoned state and not be able to speak, or anything ,heck I am no doctor, so I have no clue. Her doctor and I both agree though to keep her on the Aricept just in case it’s slowing the deterioration of the brain. I will do anything in the world to help her stabilize you know? She is worth the effort.

My mom when I was growing up was hard working, had a great sense of humor, which she still does, and to me was very fair. Oh we all knew when we pushed too far. She would always say “damn damn double damn” and for her that was horrible cause she never cussed unless pushed too far. So we would hear that and scatter like water bugs when a light is flipped on. She never really had to punish us etc cause she was the type mom we all respected. She did all she could to bring us up to be considerate loving people, and you know , she accomplished that. Oh now that she can’t guide us, yeah I have a sister that has STRAYED from the family by her own choosing, but hey that’s her loss, not ours. Mom would be devastated if she know how this sister is right now, so dementia is preventing that and hey at least that’s a plus.

Now mama is at the point of almost total dependency and that would really get to her if she knew. She needs assistance in everything, dressing, bathing, bathroom, moving from chair to chair, and sometimes eating. I know the time is close that I will have to feed her but hey she fed me when I was little, so it’s the least I can do for her.

She is a sweetheart though, still giggles from her toes up!!! We “play” alot during the day and she loves it. The silly children’s songs are awesome but hey I am having trouble remembering the words, it’s been a long time, so yeah I make them up. I will add her name and she just lights up. Her beautiful blue Irish eyes just sparkle and to me, it’s like magic, seeing her like that.

When hubby comes home from work he heads right to mama gives her a huge hug and kiss and oh my, to her it’s the world. She just sparkles if that’s possible. Tells him she has been waiting for that all day and then he gives her another one. To watch that between the two of them, well really there’s no words to describe. It is the highlight of mama’s day I know that much.

She is still my “mama” but in reality she is my child now. Her wheelchair is like well you all hauling a stroller. Her naps are important, her routine important, and teaching her how to sit, eat, walk is very important. So see I do have my baby and I thrive, just like you young mom’s do, on her antics, accomplishments etc through the day. An accomplishment for mama is remembering my name, or where she is, or even that she has her food in front of her. Any little twinge of remembering something thrills me. I grasp that and run with it, telling myself, YEAH she does remember. Am I kidding myself?? Well mmm I so don’t want to answer that one. I just want to relish in the idea that she knew my name.

She tells everyone that I am her friend. Darn right I am, her friend, her daughter, or just a lady that runs “this place”, her words not mine. I will go along with what ever she wants on any given day. I devote my life to her right now and I have never regretted this one second. She is worth my all and whatever I can do to make her smile and enjoy even for a second, well I will do it.

All of you right now, call your mom, chat with her, enjoy her because let me tell you something. Life is strange, it takes the very best person in the entire world and it robs her of her life. I know my mom is in there somewhere among all the scrambled thoughts she has, and for that reason alone , oh I am so darn lucky to know Wednesday she will have her birthday, a great one, and yep I am proud to say my mom is 91!!!!!

In case you didn’t realize, I love my mom so much it makes my head spin and I appreciate the fact that I still have her. She is the best, as I know you all feel yours is too. So go ahead give your mom a call just to say “I love you mom” you so won’t regret it.

A early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom!!!  Yeah go mama!!!!

Anyone Want to Prime and Paint?

February 21, 2008

If interested come on over, I have yet another room to “make over.” Dang I must be out of my mind or just plain tired of my boring looking house!! No doubt a little of both but this morning I will start the priming in our spare room. It’s totally cleaned out now and ready, thanks to hubby’s hard work yesterday. Once that room is done, mmm yeah it’s onto the kitchen. My kitchen is in dire need of a fresh paint job, then from there hey who knows. Just like up the rooms, grab a paint brush and have at it.

I think this all stems from living the military life and moving all the time. I swear it make you part gypsy, moving all the time that setting in one spot is just like wrong. I loved the moving and meeting different people, living in different houses but that ended and I have been here in this house for 15 years!!!! Wow, guess that’s why I keep changing things around here.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a new reality show on Lifetime is coming on Friday night, mmmm gotta watch it. It’s called “Your Mama Don’t Dance” oh yeah I am up to just one more reality show, I can handle it and keep them all straight I am sure I can.

I got a brainstorm yesterday and now I am anxious to see if I can follow through. I decided to literally make my own Easter baskets this year out of paper mache, to coincide with the theme. Example, Brandi ( oh yeah I changed my mind w/ her AGAIN) anyway making her a running basket. You know running shorts, matching top and warm up jacket, water bottle, the thingy that measures the miles etc. I want her basket in the shape of a tennis shoe. Bryce is having the X box accessorie basket, so his will be shaped like an X, I have ideas for all of them and I hope I can pull it off. I only have one month to get 8 baskets done, but yeah I can do this!!! I hope to start tomorrow when I get the chicken wire to shape them. Wish me luck!!!!

K gotta run and grab a paint brush and get my rear in gear!!  Have to get as much done as I can before it’s time to get mama up and started on her day!!

Feel free to stop by and help!!!

Is It Spring????

February 20, 2008


Do I dare say maybe spring has sprung finally???  I mean the beautiful blue sky, the majestic Mt Rainier out in all her glory and the 57 degree temperatures sure do feel good.

The weather is so nice that we spent all of yesterday outside.  I wish I could say just basking in the sun, but heck no.  Hubby and I got one shed totally cleaned out, weeded out and condensed down.  We also found our garage YAHOO.  So we worked our buns off I can tell you that much.  I wheeled mama right on out there with us so she could watch, plus enjoy the nice day.

I can’t even count how many boxes I went through, and all the unnecessary junk we have been keeping.  Then there’s all of mama’s endless boxes of mmm “stuff.”  I do have to admit it was fun going through some of her stuff.  It’s so old and dang she even has all of our report cards from 1st grade up.  Baby pictures galore and old pictures.  I spent a lot of time looking at those.  But to be honest it would take months to look at each and every pic and read all the newspaper articles she has kept throughout the years.  Plenty of history in those boxes I know that much.

One of the guys hubby works with has a huge family and they are in need of alot of things.  Well he came out yesterday and got our old refrigerator, then ended up with a truck load.  Stands we didn’t want, tables, tons of clothes for all his kids, my old pots and pans, lamps.  It was great, cause he made a dent in our good will pile, and great knowing they really need the stuff.

The garage, yeah I can walk in there, find things easy and actually see the floor.  Now that is almost like a miracle in itself!!!  A great accomplishment having this “spring fever” but ohhhhhhhhh I am getting old.  Creaky bones, sore back, you name it.  Maybe I should have used some 3 in 1 oil to loosen up the ol joints before I started.  I moaned and groaned all through supper and an evening of tv but come bowling time, yeah we bowled.  Moaning and groaning but still had a good time!!   🙂

Now it’s time to start the spare room.  Correction finish.  Hubby has a great start in there and it’s almost ready to be primed.  We are paining it the antique white and keeping it real simple in there.  Makes the room look bigger and of course much cleaner.  Seems like there are never ending projects to do, but we are making headway.

Naturally the world stops during American Idol, haha.  Oh yeah can’t do anything but sit in front of the tv for that.  I personally like Michael Johns for the guys.  I think and hope he goes all the way.  I know I should wait until the girls sing tonight, but mmm my impression of them from the auditions etc isn’t that great.  The motorcycle nurse drives me NUTS.  You can tell I am old, I just want to get ahold of her black and white skunky hair and do something with it.  Yeah I am terrible, I don’t like her cause of her hair.  Whew bet she is glad I am not a judge!!!  🙂


February 18, 2008

Is there a rule in this blogging land that I don’t know about?  I have come to the conclusion that people don’t blog on week-ends!!!!  Yeah I check daily and haha it finally hit me, maybe there are rules and if there are uh oh I am so sure I broke a few.   Or is it that everyone has a “life” and it’s just me that really doesn’t so that’s why I can blog on week-ends ( when I do write) and why I check 7 days a week/ sometimes 10 times a day to read others blogs.  I am telling you, I still don’t have the hang of all of this, and well have to face the fact, I probably never will!!!

Week-ends to me are basically the same as week-days, no difference at all.  In fact sometimes I don’t even realize what day it is.  Thank goodness for calendars, 🙂  I look at mine each day to see which ol fart has a drs appt and to see what else is going on.  Yeah three old folks in one house, the doctors office seems to become your highlight of a day out!!!  Just wait, you all will be there one day, it’s coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s official, we are going to Idaho for Easter!!!!  YAHOO!!  It has been over a year since we have been over to my daughters and I am so excited to know we will actually get to go.  They have been coming here for most holidays, in the summer etc and I finally decided heck mama can make the car ride okay.  She loves to ride and I will have a pillow and blanket for her if she does goes to sleep.  We stop for a break half way in between so it will be good. It’s about an 8 hour car ride over but we leave early in the morning and the scenery is awesome, something that mama loves to look at.  Haha we used to leave at night but mmmm old age caught up to us and night driving is not for us anymore.  Dang I can’t stay awake past midnight ( unless I am bowling of course) and the oncoming car lights just blind the both of us, so yeah day driving is much better.

Now I am on a mission to get all Easter baskets decided and ready.  I started many years ago doing theme baskets for each person and oh dang I absolutely love doing them.  This year they are finally figured out thanks to suggestions from Brandi and Kelly M.  Hubby a gadget basket, Brandi garden ( yes Kelly M I switched it back to that) Andy  sno- cone , Bryce x-box accessories, Ashley Broadway Musicals, Steve ( yep he’s coming with us) Broadway musical, Mikayla music eg for her flute and sax she plays, and Miranda a Shirley Temple basket.  I get things that go with that theme, them fix them all up and wrap in cellophane and top with huge bows.  Example for Brandi’s I plan on filling the bottom of the basket with dirt and burying a gift card so she can buy more , then add a small replica of a tree and some plants, each holding gift certificates so she can get her garden started.  I ordered hubby a HUGE remote for the tv, a HUGE caller id box and a weird coin sorter and wrapper.  Dvd’s for Steve and Ashley and they will get a gift certificate for the5th Ave Theater in Seattle.  Got the idea?  It’s so much fun and I love doing them up.  Why I started all this is way beyond me, but can’t stop now!!!!!  Haha I start thinking of Easter in December so normally I clearance shop for alot of the items.  I just love doing something different, making things for people and trying to come up with different things.  It keeps the ol mind churning away and keeps me busy.  So now I am on a “mission” to get all the supplies, hide them and be all set.  I mean check it out we are half way through February all ready, can you believe that???

Today have to head off in search of a car top carrier now.  Gotta have room for everything and everyone .  Think while I am out I will find a nice new outfit for mama for her birthday and get that knocked out too.  See I do think ahead don’t I?  She will be with me, but mmm the one thing about dementia, it will still be a surprise to her when she opens it.  So shopping it is at the mall on a holiday, OMG I must be out of my feakin mind!!!!  🙂