Silly Me

January 31, 2008

Sometimes I do dumb things!!  Yeah I know you all were thinking I was perfect right??!!  Well right???  Okay stop shaking your head at that one, I do dumb things alot of times.

I have the “new car” bug and oh let me tell you, I have it bad for some reason and don’t know why.  My car is perfect, low miles, has all I need and the best part it’s paid for!!!!  So what is wrong with me???  Well we had best not get into that, there’s tons wrong!!!!

The other morning I was sitting here sucking down my morning coffee and I built a nice beautiful blue Dodge Caravan. Yes I know a mini van, but I do need one with mama and her wheelchair.  So mmm not a “soccer mom” anymore but a “goldie oldie mobile.”  Anyway it had everything in it from air control seats, swivel stow and go seating, gps, double dvd system, multi cd system all power just top notch.  I put in my colors, interior and exterior just built in all that I wanted and  I actually hit the submit tab!!  Yep I did!!!  Then I went to Kelly Blue Book and got the trade in value of my car, not bad I guess $10,800.  So my figuring years, finance etc I came up with a pay’t of like $300 per month for a beautiful 2008 Goldie Oldie Mobile!!!  Not bad, we can do that.

I tell you within 15 minutes my phone rang, yeah the local Dodge dealer all pumped just knowing he has a sale and his commission is there, no doubt even called his wife telling here “We are going to Disneyland”  Yeah but little did he know it was me he was  dealing with.  I for one don’t NEED a new car, mine is paid for, and most of all I don’t play their games of “let me check with my manager” routine etc.  So I told him what I want my pay’t to be yadda yadda.  He calls me back and tells me a; because I want the blue one, I have to add this feature which is another few thousand, b; I want the double dvd’s so have to have this also and c; say we will give you $8000 for your van because Chevy no longer makes them.  YEAH and that would make you give me less than blue book, just so you can triple the price when you sell it and make a total killing off me.  Then he drops the bomb and your pay’t is ONLY $424 per month !!!!  WTF  mister did you not hear me tell you, $300???  So I said to him, um no thanks, don’t want that high pay’t and I want more for my van.  Then I get the ol song and dance, well let me do some figuring, get with my boss ( ugh see he totally blew that sale) and get back to you.  Also think of dropping a few of the luxuries you wanted in the van.  Are you nuts mister??  I want what I want and ALL of what I want.  He calls back, yeah with no dvd and a black van, no dual temp control guess what your pay’t is not going to be $397!!!!  I not so politely told him what he could do with that deal in a hurry.

I get home yesterday to a message from him on my machine telling me he “talked to his boss” and they so want to get me into the vehicle I want,  Oh damn those words must be part of their schooling, I swear they all say that.  But I never returned his call.

In the meantime I didn’t know but hubby applied for a personal loan through our bank only did it for the shortest amt of time possibe.  Haha they call and say “your twenty thousand dollar loans has been approved, just come down and we will get your check etc”  WHAT???!!!  I was like um, well let me talk this over with my husband and I will call you back.  Uh yeah thanks but no thanks, and hubby you are not forever banned from your computer!!!!!  The shortest amount of time to re-pay equals tons of cash each month, no thanks!!

So all this crap has so cured me of my new car fever!!!  I so don’t want to go from no car pay’t to one over $400 per month.  No thank you.  It was fun while it lasted but I look out at my lil Goldie Oldie Mobile and yep I am content to keep her going as long as I can.  It’s okay it’s a 2004 with 39 thousand miles on it, so she can outlast me and yep the price is right!!!!

That was my entertainment for the last few days.  See anything to stop from thinking about Bryce and is “wrong decision” hahaha



January 30, 2008

Bryce called yesterday and he put in to get out of the Air Force.  His reason for this ” can’t adapt to the military lifestyle”  WTF  he never even gave it a chance, geeze.  I was so angry with his stupidity I couldn’t even talk, told him what I thought of it all and passed the phone on.  I was done talking to him, dealing with him etc, ENOUGH!!!!  I didn’t even write to him yesterday.  I was so mad that if I did start to write the paper would have gone up in smoke.  Support him?  Hell no I don’t!!

Now he waits two week to see if the Air Force buys this farce of an excuse so it’s wait again .  Oh well it’s his life he is trying to ruin and some day he will regret it..

Now I have to figure out how I will deal with him when he is back here.  No coddling that’s for sure, it will be interesting to see just how I handle it, cause right now I have no clue.

Too bad he is ruining a good thing but it’s his choice to mess up and I can’t do anything about it.


January 29, 2008

Can you believe it no call from Bryce yesterday.  Here I sat on pins and needles all damn day and nadda, nothing, no ring of the phone, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  So of course my mind kicked into over drive.  Thinking it can be A: he was busy , B: he was really pissed off cause he didn’t have any choice in the matter C: he made his choice and was afraid to come out and tell me or D: the meeting didn’t even happen.  Of course I am opting, hoping, praying, BEGGING for B but still waiting.  Maybe today I hope.  If not I will strangle me one grandson!!!  I am so not a patience person and he knows that.  He had best not be playing me cause that would really get my ol dander up.  Trust me Granny’s dander flying isn’t very pretty!!!!  🙂

I will keep you all posted and see I have one more day to pray he has to stay in!!!  It’s for his own good, really it is, I know it and he has to know it, I am hoping.  So here I go, one more day of waiting, but hell it’s one more day he’s in the Air Force too!!!!

Waiting Almost Over

January 28, 2008

Okay so today is supposedly the day that Bryce finds out just what is going on with the Air Force.  Me I am hanging onto the last thread of hope, that they do not give him a choice.  Instead they tell him he will finish physical therapy then get re-cycled back through basic training.  Prayers people, lots of prayers that’s the case.

If Bryce does have a choice he told me he coming home.  WTF is wrong with that kid anyway?  Oh trust me I so let him know my true feelings in a letter and over the phone.  I mean like I told him, I refuse to lie, coddle him and I have always told it like it is.  No sugar coating for me, nope. It may take awhile but eventually I do let it all out.  ( and no Kelly M, didn’t pop my eye ball just yet !!  That in itself is another blog all together.  Trust me people, it’s possible to blow every vein in your eye ball due to stress, I am living proof!)

Anyway I told him how very disappointed I was and as long as I live, will never understand why he had the brass ring and threw it away.  I told him there really is nothing here for him and we are not going to carry him through life.  He has this job now, a six year commitment and all the advantages he could possible ask for, yet he is willing to throw it away, how dumb can one get anyway?  But he knows how I feel and you know I may as well have said that to a brick wall cause truthfully I am sure he was holding his phone away from his ear, thinking bla bla bla the bitch!!!!

So if he is dumb enough to toss it all away then he boy is in for one hell of a hard climb to adulthood.  I may be jumping the gun here, like I said maybe he won’t even have a choice but!!!!  I don’t mind telling you each time I think of him coming home I get sick to my stomach!!  Seriously I do.  Someone asked me if I was mad for him or for me.  My honest to goodness gut feeling????  I am mad for him!!!!!  He had a rough childhood and now he has this golden opportunity and is willing to throw it all away why?  I am not mad for me, hell I am set. I have my security, medical coverage, a car with car insurance I can pay.  I have a pay check coming in, I have a home so no, not made for me.  So it’s for him.  He is looking at “today” and I am looking at his “future”  But whatever happens I have to accept it and move on.  That right there will be a huge challenge for me.  I just hope I can and not be a bitch to him all the time.  I tend to let my true feelings show alot and if I am put on the spot, watch out world.

In the meantime I keep praying they will re-cycle him and then I can breath a sigh of relief.  I should know something late this afternoon when he calls.  I am dreading that phone call cause deep down I kind of know the outcome.  I pray I am wrong!!!  UGH kids when do they grow up anyway???

Extreme Make-Over

January 25, 2008


bedroom.jpg After

Okay so now the Target red bedroom is now a re-done guest room.  I just added the beige sheers and have a few pictures to hang but other than that, complete!!!!  The pictures I chose are one wall will be three 8 X 10 sunset pictures with alot of brown tones to them and the other wall three 8 X 10 sunrise pictures.  As soon as I go pick up some picture hangers, hubby will put them up for me. The frames are the same color as the headboard.

So now the room is finished um yeah, I so want to do ours.  I was getting into bed the other night and told hubby, so not fair, that re-done room next to us, so comfy looking, and ours UGH!!!!  His words to me were “Well this room is next”  YAHOO!!  So yep now I am on a mission to find exactly what I want, cause I know I will only get one shot at it.  First thing is our carpet OUT and a new one coming in.  Ours is so old and it just needs to go.  But I want to find the perfect comforter set first, then I can pick out the contrasting colors to go with it.  You can bet I have been on tons of websites just looking.  Nothing has hit me yet, but it will.  I have no clue when we will do our room, but you can bet it won’t be long once I do find the comforter set.  🙂  It’s hard work, the house looks so messy for days, but the end results very well worth it!!!

Only one thing saddens me about the re-modeled room.  That is Ashley.  She hasn’t even been in that room since Bryce left and even when I tell her it’s complete, no way, she hasn’t seen it.  Is she stubborn?  Does his leaving really have that much of an effect on her?  Is she just being a snot about it all?  I have no clue, but do know it’s her choice.  If she has no interest in seeing it, fine by me.  And if Bryce comes home I have all ready told him his room is now sissified, and he will have to deal with it.  Maybe that will help him make up his mind to stay.

And on the subject of Bryce, yeah we are still in limbo.  I am also wondering if after all this he will have a choice.  I mean he signed for 6 years, a legal binding contract, and once he is back to his own self, will they just go ahead and re-cycle him, no choice about it.  No idea what so ever.  He calls every day and is still telling me he hasn’t decided.  I am being good and not saying anything about it one way or the other.  I told him, he knows my opinion and no sense re-hashing each time he calls.  If you all only knew just how hard it is to keep my mouth shut, haha, wow I bite my tongue many many times during our conversatations!!!!   Oh well all I can do right now it wait!!!!  Whatever happens, happens and there’s not one thing I can do to change it. Plenty of prayers that he stays in and then go from there.

Too Cute & Too Pricey

January 23, 2008

dsc00003.jpgMax Before

max.jpg Max after

There you go before and after pictures of Max.  It’s so funny to actually see his eyes and nose, normally he’s just one shaggy pup!!!!  I so can’t believe that crazy dog had to be put under just so they could groom him, well his face, such a hyper, sensitive thing that he is.  Yeah $178.00 yikes, but it had to be done so that spot on his eye would heal.

On the good side though, his groomer Nina, told me to bring him in once a month and she would clip around his eyes and face, and it would only cost me $10, oh yeah I like that price so much better.  She said when she saw Dr Webster prepping Max to put him out she about freaked out.  She told the vet that she could clip him no problem, until of course he explained that it had to be a super close shave, due to his eye.  She is so good and told me that eventually Max would get over his fear and let her clip around his eyes and face with no problem.  Hahahah yeah I told her she was dreaming, but nope she insist that if I bring him in once a month, she will win him over.  So yeah “bring it on Nina, the challenge has started.”  🙂

Poor lil pup though, dang I think it was the coldest day we have had in years and yep he loses all his fur.  I thought of buying him a sweater, but brought a blanket to wrap him in instead.  All evening he slept on the couch under the blanket!!!!

Yeah the bedroom is all painted, whew, ceiling too.  As soon as it dries it’s go in and clean up any drips, put the baseboards back on, mop the floor the go for it.  Yup I am continuing to turn Bryce’s bedroom into a guest room, as if he isn’t coming back.  I mean I still have no clue if he is or isn’t.  He calls and I don’t ask, he doesn’t tell!!!  🙂  DANG IT!!!  I want to know his decision like “yesterday,” but I am being good.  He knows my opinion and that’s it, no matter how much it kills me to keep my mouth shut.  If you all knew me, well then you would have an idea just how hard it is for me to be quiet, right Kelly M?

Cheeze-it’s and coffee for mid morning snack anyone want some???  Painting made me hungry and hey junk food to me is healthy, it’s cheese!!!!!!

So sad about Heath Ledger isn’t it?  Wow these people dying so young, makes you stop and think just how precious life is.  You just never know so alway live your life to the fullest!!!!

Okay break time over, time to go get mama up and started on her day, then do some cleaning , dang I am wonder how on earth I will fit in a nice cozy happy nappy, mmmmm I bet I come up with some plan!!!!

Still Waiting

January 22, 2008

Yeah still waiting on Bryce’s decision but I am not alot calmer.  I told him exactly how I feel about his mess and bottom line, only he will make the decision.  I just pray it’s the right one and he stays in.  I was so upset, angry, disappointed and every other emotion know to man kind then had to make myself shape up.  Dang I was a wreck going somewhere to happen and why??!!!  Can’t change his decision what ever it may be and I figure hell I am just going to carry on.  Life goes on right??  I have heard that so much and am now applying that to ME!!!!

I thank each and everyone of you for your support you have given me, it’s meant so much to me.  More than words can say.  See that’s why I love this blogging bit, it’s GREAT!!!

It’s damn freakin cold over here, mid 20’s and that’s so rare for us.  I want to just stay in the house but boo hoo can’t.  Max goes for grooming tomorrow, but yeah they have to put him out!!!  He so lives up to his name  SHIT -zu 🙂  He has this spot on his eye and I have been running him to the vet for follow ups on it.  Today the vet said he is 100% positive it’s when Max rubs his face on the floor, the gunky hair in his eyes hits his eyeball.  So sort of like rug burn on the eyeball, OUCH!!  So tomorrow they are knocking him out and shaving the heck out of his face.  The vet told me I will be shocked cause he won’t look like Max but a skinned dog!!!! Oh well huh? If it helps him so be it.  Then he said NOT to feed “mama” after 8pm.  He told me Max can’t eat after 8pm tonight so I told him how mama loves to share her snack with Max.  One bite for mama one for Max ewwwwwwwwww but what the hell, she is 91 and no doubt has eaten worse than that right?  So when I was leaving the office in front of everyone haha Dr Websters yells, remember don’t feed mama after 8pm.

Colder than crap and yeah I have to have the dog at the vet between 8 and 9am.  You can bet it will be closer to 9!!!!!  Maybe it will warm up by then!!!!  I can hope can’t I?

OH MY GOSH how could I not tell you!!!!  I did it, yep got the PERFECT score in Wii bowling YAHOO.  Oh I know I didn’t tell you cause I was assuming you all heard me yelling and screeching when I finally got perfect!!  You did hear me right???  Yeah I thought so. I try every night to get that 300 and well last night I was horrible!!!  So tonight is another night, come on 10:15 I am ready to bowl!!!!

dsc00011.jpgI’m   not blonde it’s just my fantasy to be blonde and beautiful!!!!

dsc00014.jpg Ron 299   Sherry 300  Yeah I ROCK!!!!