Good Bye 2007

December 31, 2007

Well technically we still have one more day but I doubt I will be on here except to check the bank acct to see just how much I can spend..  Yeah, have to shop a little before the new year starts, right??  I mean isn’t that a given in this day and age???

No have to check cause in the morning I have to take Max to the vets.  Damn my animals they always get some weird thing that keep me running and keeps the vet quite happy.  He has some gross bump, growth or whatever on his eyeball so have to get it checked.

From the vet’s I need to hit JC Penney’s to try to find a pair of black dress slacks to wear to the show on Wed night and to Bryce’s graduation ceremony.

Once home it’s pop a cake in the oven , cause Bryce asked me to make him a chocolate cake, plus I need to dice, chop, fry, and whatever else you do to get all the pizza toppings made up ahead of time, plus get the crust going.  The party is tomorrow night starting at 8pm and I will be like a wild woman decorating, fixing the table, decorating the cake, chopping , dicing etc plus getting mama up, showered and ready for the day.  A busy day but I am sure all well worth it , lots of fun in the evening .

Today hubby and I finally finished up the de-decorating, damn but I have been washing windows for three days now, enough is enough!!  They are shiny, clean and the house looks soooooooooooooooooo bare now.  It’s amazing at how much of a difference all the deocrations make.  I mean prior to them going up, the house looked cluttered to me, now, nope bare.  I am sure in a few days it will be back to it’s cluttered look and I will be back to whining about having to clean it up.  So for now guess I will just enjoy it as it is.

2007 has been an up and down year over this way, as I am sure the same for everyone.  To me I have watched mama’s dementia take over her brain more and more and the difference a year makes is un=real.  Such a horrible disease and absolutely nothing I can do to stop it or help her.  I am very thankful she is healthy though so I keep focusing on that aspect of her life.  Told you before that I always try to find the bright spot in everything, the silver lining so to speak.  She is truly my bright spot each and every day.

The year also brought amazing changes in Bryce.  From the rebellious know it all kid to the young man about to head off to the Air Force day after tomorrow.  He has put us through the worst kind of hell and then turned it around to put so much pride in us it’s crazy when I think about it.

Ashley has turned into quite a young woman also.  What with college, her job and her music she is amazing.  Can you tell we are proud of those two kids?? Yup we are!!!

The Wii, amazing lil piece of machinery if I do say so myself.  It has given hubby and I some sort of life together and we still love it and mmm have gotten extremely competitive at it too.  An amazing family game but an amazing game for us. We so look forward to our evenings of bowling.

Friends, yeah this blog, another amazing invention and I am so glad I am a part of the blogging world.  I look forward to reading everyone’s blog.  I feel your pain, joy and everything in between.  I enjoy all the pictures you all post and love watching the little ones grow up via the computer.

I pray 2008 will be just as good to me.  I really can’t complain about anything. Oh I try but mmm I am very fortunate and I just have to look around to know that.

So to all my blogging friends out there have a very HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEARS!!!  I will catch you all in 2008!!!!


De-decorating only to decorate some more!!!

December 29, 2007

So yeah I have been busy de-decorating and have been cussing myself out something fierce.  Why do I spray every single window in this place with that #@#@# canned snow???  Why do I want every friggin picture hanging on the walls wrapped so pretty, and why of all things to I insist on those lil tiny decorations tied in a zillion knots around the tiny lights?????  Talk about frustration, scrubbing and sweeping, vacuuming and mopping OMG!!!!  Haha but I guess it’s because I love the holiday season so much I just get carried away each year, forgetting it all has to come down, get packed and the house and windows cleaned!!!!

I got the kitchen completed yesterday afternoon in between a fast trip to Seattle, and a mountain of laundry and caring for mama, but oh its so shiny now and yeah I can actually see out my windows!!!!  Today I will tackle the dining room and hopefully one living room.  Tomorrow the other “Christmas room.”  After that is all said and done I will start hanging the decorations for the New Years Eve/Bryce’s going away party.

I must admit in between I do sit down and play on this new computer and I am learning my way around Vista.  I got all my programs on here even my banking, so I am getting there.  I learn something new about it each time I mess around and it’s really not all that bad.  Pictures, printing, my favorites, navigating and even my Outlook mail.  Yeah found out it’s an up graded version to outlook, called Window’s Mail but it’s the same thing.  I still have to master the fingerprint scan but know I will get there eventually.    I am just not the person that loves changes of any kind.  I balk at them, make them harder than they are, finally master them and I am happy for awhile.  That is until new changes come along and send me into yet another tailspin!!!!!

Bryce is on his countdown now he leaves January 1st!!!!!!!  GULP how the hell did that creep up so fast huh?  He is getting excited though and that is a good thing for him.  He told me at first it was fear but now he can’t wait to get started on this new life he chose for himself.  I am glad he is feeling the excitement too, it will make it easier on all of us.  Sure will be hard to see him go but I know it’s for the best.

Okay now the dining room is calling out my name, actually screaming “clean me, clean me, clean me”  so yeah I must obey, hahahaha.  Have a great week end everyone.

Practicing pics on this vista program

December 28, 2007

My new laptop

Ron’s Jukebox


I am lost

December 28, 2007

yeah I am, I am on my new laptop hubby got me for Christmas and it’s VISTA!!!!  I know nothing about vista, can’t seem to navigate, can’t find squat and can’t get the stuff I normally do on here!!!!!  OMG it’s so frustrating I could scream at times.  I did get the  blog going and connected this to my printer so I can print.  Got my msn and aim so I can chat but that’s about it.  The rest I am so lost.  There’s no Outlook Express anywhere on here, and aol mmm can’t get that either.  So in the meantime I am using ol faithful “lappy” plus learning this one.  It’s crazy but I need my favorites in aol as we do all our banking on line, plus I have so much more saved.    The old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” so fits me right now, I just don’t understand this program at all.  And it’s supposed to be easy????  MMMm I have to argue that one!!!    I want Bill Gates to jump in his car , make the hour drive here and teach me this supposedly fabulous new way to navigate.  Think he will???

We had a fantastic Christmas around here.  The kids shocked me that’s for sure.   They put so much thought into the gift they gave us and they were more excited to see our reaction to it, than they were to see what they got.  Finally it all sunk in with them, it’s better to give than recieve!!!!!

They got us a $50 american express card with a note that said “dinner just the two of you and a night out on the town”  The night out on the town is the two tickets they got us to go see The Jersey Boys.  I was like screaming from excitment so darn excited as I have been wanting to see them forever!!!!  So yup Jan 2nd hubby and I will be in Seattle at the 5th Ave listening to The Jersey Boys!!!!!!  Bryce will be gone, they got the tickets before he knew he was shipping out so soon, but Ashley all ready got the time off from work to watch mama.  Awesome gift don’t you think???

Hubby loves his jukebox and I love my laptop, just have vista hahaha.  This thing has the thumb print sign on and built in web cam which I love!!!  I will master it.

Received way too many gifts all fantastic , well we all did, spoiled is the new word around here!!!!  A great day for everyone and I hope you all had a great one too!!!


December 23, 2007

Just pictures to share , feel free to come on over for cookies and good fun!!  🙂





Cookie Day

December 22, 2007

Yeah today I decided to get my cookies done, well more cookies that is.  And actually yesterday I was going to do them.  I have cookie dough make for sugar cookies, snow balls, ginger cookies and jam prints.  The I thought nope, no way can’t do them today.  I wrapped the dough and in the refrigerator it went for today.

I couldn’t do them cause my mouth is horrid!!  I was fine Mon and Tues after my tooth was pulled but the Wed oh my gosh it started hurting  and each day has been worse instead of better.  I have been popping Advil like I do when I eat smarties!!!  Then sent Bryce down for the strongest Tylenol he could find, and now am popping those hummers.  It’s not working!!!!  I guess Monday I have to break down and go back to the dentist.  Everyone is saying it’s dry socket , whatever that is.  I don’t know just know I am so sorry I went.  Yeah I went to prevent problems over the holidays and ahem look at me now!!!!  I should have stayed home Monday!!!!!

So is everyone ready for the big day?????  Are you all excited?  OH I am bouncing with excitement!!!  I love watching the looks on the kids and Ron’s face when they open their gifts!!!!  Love helping mama with hers I get such enjoyment out of it.  Ron has absolutely NO CLUE what he is getting this year cause haha they are like “off the wall gifts”  things he wouldn’t even think of hinting about!!!!  The kids well I think we managed to get everything on their list and then  some, so there will be smiles I know that much.  HO HO HO I LOVE IT !!!!!!!  Giving is the best feeling in the world!!!!!  It’s great to give don’t you think???

K everyone try to slow down, enjoy this time of year and have a very Merry Christmas just in case I don’t post before then!!!! Will be thinking of all of you and know I am thankful for this opportunity to meet you all and get to know you!!!


December 21, 2007

Okay so my sister calls me yesterday and says “What to you mean all is taken care of, what’ going on?”  So I told her Brandi is going to take care of mama so she doesn’t need to worry about it.  She says ” well you totally blew my mind ”  my reply “no, you blew my mind by telling me you have to check with your daughter, you don’t know if you can get the time off and all the hesitation, so hey I just handled it.”  Her reply ” well let me see what I can co and maybe I can go out for a day or two and help Brat Sue( our pet name we call Brandi) ”  I just said “yeah spend all that money for a day or two get real, it’s handled don’t worry about it.”
She is offering again cause it’s all handled and now she can say she didn’t offer, but you know it’s okay.  I will get past it, let her think she is doing the right thing and just move on.  People are funny, when the time comes to actually do something it’s all hesitation and drama, but when things are settled they are back to offering their services!!!  Um yeah I so know better and the sad part to me is, in the long run it’s her loss.  She is missing out on some quality time with her mom.  Brandi is now going to have quality time with her grandmother and she will be the fortunate one.

Thank you all for letting me vent all this out and writing “downers” on here and for your nice comments to me, I so appreciate it. Now mmm yeah I am going to let it go,  change a few things in my life as far as my sister goes, and carry on!!!!

I am still disappointed in her and I think even a bit more after our conversation last night.  Hubby said she will now tell everyone I jumped the gun and didn’t give her a chance, so the tables will be turned on me.  You know what I think of that??  I DON’T CARE!!!  I know and so does my daughter, that’s what counts here.  She can still remain the “hero” in her mind but we know the truth.  Sure our close relationship has shifted in my eyes now but I still don’t want to cut her out of my life.  No life is too short for that nonsense, but I will be more considerate to myself.  I won’t get caught up in listening to all the drama and I won’t be running to help like before.  I will of course still be here and not turn my back but just be a bit firmer and not let it be “all about her” anymore.  Our conversations will be a two way street or haha very short ones, that will be decided with each phone call, but change is there on my part!!!

Thanks to all of you for listening to my “drama” now it’s get busy, finish up last minute Christmas preparations and you all have a wonderful weekend and a Merry Christmas!!