Just Hanging Out!!

August 9, 2007

Yeah I am hanging out at the counter waiting for mama to finish her supper, such as it is, pizza.  Guess it was just a lazy day around here.  My granddaughter asked if we could have pizza for supper and oh heck she didn’t get any argument out of me!!!!  Then I find out my grandson gets a 50% discount, that’s not a typo either, it’s 50% off any pizza cause he works there at Fred Meyer’s and that’s what Papa John’s Pizza offers the employees.  YAHOO !!  I told my hubby be prepared for pizza every night for supper!!  Hey it’s cheap, we can switch up the toppings, and no dishes, my kind of cooking!!!!  He so didn’t go for that one!!!!  Darn!!!  😦

Went in for a haircut this morning and at the spur of the moment got my hair shampooed, cut, colored, highlighted and styled!!  Crazy whims huh?  But it was fun and it was three solid hours of being pampered.  How could I deny myself something like that?  Hubby was home with mama so I was totally relaxed and enjoying every second of it.  Well enjoyed it until they totaled it up that is, but oh well, guess I am worth it!!  Too late now if I’m not!!!  I actually like it too and so does the family, so all is good.

I really  haven’t done much today except clean the bathrooms.  Mama and I have just been hanging out, listening to the old music hubby is putting on his i-pod and me having her “get down!!!”  I tell her to shake her booteeeeee and sure enough she does, so darn cute.  We have so much fun and then hubby joins in and gets her going.  She loves it!!!  Just a fun day with good company and good music.  I am sure I will pay dearly for slacking off today, but who cares, things will get done!!!!

Well mama finally finished so it’s off here and get her taken care of.  A trip to the restroom, settle her in her recliner, get her blanket, elevate her feet, fix her hot tea, get her pills then sit with her and watch tv until her bedtime.  Same routine but you know I wouldn’t change it for the world.  She took care of me when I was little and now well the circle of life I guess, it’s my turn to take care of her.

Tonights snack once again blueberry cobbler, per hubby’s request!!  🙂 glad he likes it, always aim to please.

Time to shut down and get myself busy, then it’s a must I watch So You Think You Can Dance and Don’t Forget The Lyrics.  After that, get mama ready for bed, tucked into bed and yep you guessed it!!  BOWLING!!!!!!  🙂



August 8, 2007

Okay this morning we had to head over to Ft Lewis to pick up hubby’s prescription.  While there we decided to check out the PX and get a few things.  I mainly needed some shock for the pool, so we immediately headed back to the garden center.  WHAT??? IT’S GONE!!! Yeah imagine our surprise when we get back there and what do we see?  Decorated CHRISTMAS TREES and most of the summer items gone, they are changing it to toyland and the Christmas section.  Come on it’s only August, what are they thinking??  Who’s brilliant idea was it to pull out all the  decorations, they have to be smoking dope or something.  It’s nuts I tell you, it’s way too early.  I went shopping for pool supplies and ended up looking at DECEMBER!!!!  Dang huh?   So much for our “summer shopping trip.”

Had my massage this afternoon  and she fixed my “wii wii itits,” so now I am more than ready to kick butt and bowl a perfect score in Wii bowling!!!  Yeah hubby makes me ill, he has bowled not one but two perfect games, dang him!!!! My turn will come I know it will.  If you believe it, it will happen, right??? YEP that’s right!!!

I haven’t done a lick of housework today!!  Well made the bed, mm does that count?  I need to get busy cause I can hear it crying for some help.  It doesn’t like the dust but hey if I don’t disturb it, no one will know it’s there!!!  One lil touch and that will blow it, and I will have to grab the ol pledge and get busy   Oh well tomorrow is another day.  I don’t know about anyone else, but if I start the day by shopping or having appts etc, mmm I am done for the day.  I am the type that needs to get at the housework early in the morning while the energy level is at it’s peak.  Throughout the day the energy just dwindles and housework get put on the back burner, like it did today.  I am sure it will wait for me though, so why worry, right?

So I won’t worry!!  I will just sit here,  watch the news and by then supper will be ready and I will just sit and fill my face!!!  Do have to get the energy to make some shortcake.  Anyone want some fresh blueberry shortcake with us???  I make the shortcake from scratch, make a warm blueberry sauce and top it with whipped cream.  There will be plenty to go around, so come on over!!!

It’s Been Awhile

August 7, 2007

Yep it’s been awhile since I sat here and just wrote randomly, or even on here to discuss anything.  I read all your blogs daily, and try to comment on them also.  I just feel I don’t have a lot to say most days.

My days are so routine and “live by the clock” that I know I have bored my faithful FEW readers to tears and for that I apologize!!!  I basically do the same thing each day and at the same time.

Caring for someone with dementia/alzheimers ( oh I so hate to admit it’s alzheimers, but I know deep down it is), anyway it’s routine.  I have found with mama I must do the same things at the same time etc in order to keep her fears at bay, in order to not mess her up.  I know when to get her up, when she needs to use the bathroom, when she needs to eat, I mean like clockwork.  Literally I look at the clock and know it’s potty time or time for her to get to her recliner so she can take a little cat nap, etc.  It’s like every two hours I get her in the bathroom, so believe it or not, the day just flies by.

Right now I have her back from the bathroom and sitting in her recliner, her dog Max on her lap, which she just loves.  Supper is cooking ( spaghetti, tossed salad and Italian bread) all are welcome to join us!!!  I have a few minutes to just “play” on my computer before I have to get mama to the counter to eat.

Eating, yeah that has totally slowed down for mama, poor baby.  She does eventually clean her plate, but goodness almost an hour or more to eat!!!  Of course I sit right there at the counter with her, otherwise she wouldn’t eat.   Sometimes I just grab the deck of cards I have handy and play solitaire and other times I will grab my computer and see who’s on, or catch up on emails.  I manage to keep busy in between mama’s needs so it all works quite well, except for my blogging.

When it’s nice enough outside I do get her out for some fresh air, she loves being out on the back deck and especially having lunch and supper out there.  If it’s extremely hot out I have her lay down in her room and watch tv, as her room is cool and I know she won’t get heat stroke.  That’s when I get a chance to go jump in the pool and just spend a little “me” time, either swimming or just floating and thinking.

I don’t leave her in her room for any more than two hours though.  I never ever want her to feel that she is confined in there, no way.

After supper it’s back to the bathroom, get her settled in her chair, and get her some hot tea.  She has certain tv shows that she does remember, well somewhat.  She coudl watch repeats 24/7 and not know it, so sad.  Anyway we have our evening of tv and also a snack.  At 10pm I get her to the bathroom, get her ready for bed and into bed, which isn’t all that easy, trust me on that one  We both manage to though and then I get her all tucked in and put her mind at ease that “Yes, she is supposed to be here, and it’s okay she can sleep in the bed.”  It’s the same conversation every night, but that’s okay, I always make sure she is okay before I leave the room.

Then I play, hahahaha.  Hubby has the Wii all set and the bowling game ready.  Our kitchen stools in the livingroom, hot tea for me, and we are set to bowl til the “wii” hours of the morning!!!  After 10pm is my free time and I take full advantage of it.

You know, I wouldn’t change my life for anything though, I am so darn lucky to have mama living here with us.  I only wish she didn’t have that horrible disease at times it just makes me want to cry  Well sometimes I actually do cry to be honest.  I cry because I miss my mom something terrible and know she is gone, per say.  I have her body here but not her mind.  BUT I have her and her sweet, kind ways that she has.  Every day or now every second is brand new to her.  She can look at my chair and see it for the first time, every time.  I so can’t even begin to imagine what that feels like you know??  I just roll with the flow and enjoy the time I have with her.

But it’s now time to finish up supper, routine, I try to have her eat at the same time every day!!!   It works out quiet well for mama and hey that’s what counts.