OH CRAP!!!!!!

July 28, 2007

All I can say is it’s a good thing that I am able to “type by touch” cause yeah I am sitting here hanging my head in shame this morning!!! All my bragging about beating the hubby by one lousy pin in bowling so didn’t happen. In fact the snot actually broke the record once again and shit, now I have to top a score of 267!!!! yeah like that will happen any time soon!!!! So you all know he is just strutting around like there’s no tomorrow, and you have to know how this gets my goat!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR is all I can say, but on the flip side, there’s always tonight.

Dang Wii anyway why are we so hooked? hahaha Cause it’s tons of fun and we keep it interesting because we are both so competitive. Now the kids play I think just to keep us happy, we so slaughter them, but they love it when we try to out-do each other. Apparently we are great entertainment for them at 2am!!!!! Right at 2am I finally said, okay, we have to stop, but tomorrow is another day!!!!

Have to head out for groceries today, a chore I just dread all the time. Why do we have to eat anyway???? Just think of the money we would all save if we didn’t have to buy groceries. We have food but no “food” you know? I need to stock up on fast and easy things and snacks of course. The meat, veggies etc we are good to go, but that’s not groceries to me, I need the goodies to be in my cupboard at all times. I am truly a “snack a holic” and I do admit that one, but hey who isn’t right? I like to be able to just grab something to snack on and for me that would be my meal. But with mama here I do have to make sure she at least eats healthy. At her age I also have to be careful of what I fix. A lot of soft food for her or like in the case of meat, tender and cut real small, like you would do for a toddler. My gosh one night she was choking on Jello!!! Yeah something that I thought would be the safest and she choked so much so that I had to literally grab her and do the hymlic. Yep I know the spelling is wrong there, but you all know what I mean, right? Anyway now I shop very carefully in hopes of preventing any more choking cause it scares the crap out of all of us!!!! She is still aok so far with her ice cream, but she has always loved it and would eat that 24/7 if I let her. Apparently as the dementia progresses some patients have trouble swallowing. Great, that’s one thing I so don’t want, but if it happens I will deal with it. The doctor said they do have different things that are in liquid form but still have all the nutrition that she would need. But darn, she loves eating together as a family and I so wouldn’t want her to just be on a liquid diet. Of course if it came down to that for safety sake I would do it in a heartbeat. I watch her very carefully each and every time she eats and try to find different meals to cook that are “safe” for her, if there’s such a thing with dementia. I think that’s why I dread the shopping so much, I have to be choosy and to me that takes time. Hanging in a grocery store is not my idea of a fun Saturday afternoon, hahaha.

So hard to believe yet another week has flown by isn’t it? I go from Saturday to Saturday because that’s when I write my “weekly up-date” on mama. I started this oh not long after she came here to live. I wanted to keep my sisters up-dated on her so I just started writing. Then it was add a current picture of her and of course I print all and have 5 1/2 years worth of updates now. I keep them in a binder by year and if someone wanted to know what mama did oh on July 28, 2005, I could tell them. I like having the updates cause I see all the changes in her. I also like the fact that my readers of the up-date has grown. Word of mouth you know and now I have quite a few that get it each week. It’s nice to know how many people care about mama and want to receive her up-dates. It’s also good therapy for me and even learning. Sometimes as I am writing of a happening or a behavior in her, bling, the light bulb comes on and I learn how to do things differently so it will be much better for her, if it happens again.

So between mama’s weekly up-date and this blog, hell who needs a shrink!!!! NOT ME!!!!!!


Smart Cat

July 27, 2007

So have you all seen on the news that cat in the nursing home that seems to know when a persons time is up?  Oh my gosh, totally amazing cat that’s for sure.  For those of you that haven’t seen it on the news; This cat lives in a nursing home in Rhode Island and  he seems to know when a person is going to pass and will get on the bed, purr and stay right there until the person is gone.  The cat has been in this home for years and they say he has been right every time.  And they say animals are dumb, not!!!!  Animals are smart, caring and so comforting, and I just can’t imagine my house without a cat and dog, or several haha like I have now.

My cats aren’t quite as smart as the one that is plastered all over the news, but mm they have something.  I know my QT is the “revenge” cat!!!  If he wants food and I push him away etc, yeah he will go outside and bring me a nice “live critter”.  He is either saying “there I got my own dinner” or truthfully I think he is saying “there I will fix that bitch, she won’t feed me, I will terrorize her”

So how many animal lovers are there in blog land I wonder!!! I would love to know what pets you have, their names and yeah their “specialties.”  I think each pet you have has one certain thing that sets him or her apart from any other pets.  I know each of my crew are special in their own way.  Quirky lil buggers that’s for sure but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Like humans, each has their own personality from bitchy to just a clown!!!!  Kelly M when I say bitchy I  know you are so thinking of “Fuzzy” cat, aren’t you? tee hee.  My one cat that terrorizes some, but you still have to love her!!!  Fuzzy can be lovable one minute then turn around and try to bite you, she is something else, that’s for sure.

I am so sure you are all thinking I am bored, out of things to blog about etc, but honestly I am not.  I am truly an animal lover and love all sorts of stories about them.  Just plain curious to know about your pets.

I have read about all sorts of things on here and each and everyone of them extremely interesting, but let’s add pets to the blog world.

So an up date to my world way out here in the wild wild west!!!  All four clocks in the kitchen working now, so I am good with that.  Hubby topped my bowling score by ONE stinking point, so oh yeah tonight he is going DOWN cause I plan to bowl until I get top spot back!!!  Wii Wii itis will hit me hard but hey it will be worth it to wipe that smirk off his face!!!!!  Kids still working, which is good!!!!  They need to get their buns in gear and start the college stuff rolling!!!!!!  Mama still going strong, she is a toughie and you gotta love her.  Some strong Irish blood going through her veins.  The other day we had her on the four-wheeler and dang she was loving it!!!!  Kept saying one more time, hahahaha.  Not only tough but a dare devil too.

So things are rocking and rolling right along out here.  Finally got to see the sun once again, so thank goodness no ark needed.   Time to get back in the pool and enjoy the summer weather.

Still making the weekly trips to WalMart, Dollar Tree, grocery store, you know the drill, same ol crap, different day, but nothing out of the ordinary.  Does seem strange this year to not have visitors though.  I miss having company come out, it was so fun, but realize that things change, people change and everyone gets wrapped up in their own lives.   Also the airline tickets are so high, it’s nuts.

But all is good out here, and that’s the way I like it.  I so don’t want any more falls, trips to the er etc. Just like things to go smooth and enjoy each and every day.   I like calm and normal.  Makes for boring blogs to any of you that read them, sorry about that!!!

K enough babbling and rambling on about nothing, so time to WAKE up people, you have reached the end!!!!

Just Stuff

July 25, 2007

Well around here this morning you can literally pick the time of day you want it to be.  I happen to notice two of my clocks, apparently the batteries died, and two of the other clocks, no clue, but they certainly aren’t on the same time zone.  It doesn’t take much to throw me off anyway, so haha these clocks are having tons of fun messing with my mind this morning!!!  My luck of course is they will each take different batteries and I will have all but the ones I need.   All four clocks that I am looking at are in my tiny kitchen too!!  Why do I need four clocks in one room??  Hell if I know, but they all look good, so can’t get rid of them.  My favorite clock of all is my “Whatever” clock.  Yeah I have said “whatever” for the longest time and my sister found the clock for me.  It says “Whatever” on it in big bold letters, and all the numbers are jumbled at the bottom, just love that hummer!!!  That will be the first one to get the battery replaced, I know that much.

I think “whatever” has been my motto for years, maybe it’s all the moving around we did when hubby was in the military, not sure.  No matter what happened or what was discussed, my answer would always lead to whatever!!!  I would go on from there.  I use that because I realize one just can’t change what has all ready happened, so all you can do is accept and carry on, hence the “whatever” attitude!!!  I admit sometimes I use it as a snide remark but not very often.  If hubby and I have a spat, haha that’s when it can be a totally nasty, snide “whatever” but thank goodness that hasn’t happened in a very long time.  I tell him now we are just too dang old to fight!!! hahaha

Finally got my lil smelly dog in for grooming this morning.  Poor Max, you couldn’t even see his eyes anymore, he smelled like a dog, and his tail was just scaring the daylights out of him.  He is a lil “shit”zu, yeah my spelling of that breed, cause trust me he is a lil SHIT-zu!!!  His tail was so thick and long with fur he would try to run from it constantly.  Such a weirdo, but to sit and watch him try to get away from that tail has been hilarious.  Has given us many laughs, that’s for sure.  Once he realized he couldn’t out run it, he would try to chase it.  Made me dizzy when he did that.  First the foolish dog would be running around the house, growling and looking back at this tail, then he would start going in circles trying to catch it.  Oh the antics of animals huh?  They are very entertaining to say the least.  But after his grooming today, there will be no more entertainment from him for awhile.  He is really no bigger than a minute once he is clipped and he doesn’t smell like a dog either, so much nicer that way.

“Wii”haha get it??  Wii are still on our bowling kick each and every night.  In fact when hubby gets home he’s like “Is it 10:20 yet” haha the nut.  We don’t even start the game until I have mama settled in bed for the night, then we turn the thing off oh anywhere between 1:00 and 2:00 am.  Back up by 7am and looking forward to bowling once again.  I am wondering how long we will be fascinated by this game.  I am sure for quite awhile because it’s never ever boring.  Such a challenge to try to out bowl each other, but I still have high score in this house.  Haven’t topped my niece’s hubby yet, but I will one of these times.  Now you would think by now we would be pro bowlers but the game isn’t that easy.  I think it’s all in how you hold the controller but haven’t mastered my “strike” zone yet.  I can bowl five strikes in a row, then just go downhill from there, so see it’s never boring at all.

During the day around here is normally the same, which to me is a good thing.  With two teenagers and a 90 yr old I do like “normal” that means all it well with everyone.

Right now my  granddaughter is deep into the Harry Potter book.  I personally haven’t read any of them.  I did see the first movie and liked it, but haven’t sat to watch the others.  I suppose most of you out there are into the book too, right?  I think it’s great that there are so many that are anxious to read it.  Imagine a writer that has the power of the pen to put the “want to read” into each child and most adults around the world.  Now that’s power and to me that’s great.  Who cares if it’s wizards spells etc, kids are reading and that’s what counts.  I applaud this J.K. Rowling, (right? that’s the author?)  and her power to pull that off.  Kids would normally be in front of the tv or a video game ( oopsie not me!!) so getting them away from that is awesome.

We finally found the sun once again and it’s about time.  I thought for awhile we would have to trade our vehicles in for an ark.  Dang but the rain was just relentless for days.  But hopefully now that’s behind us and we can start enjoying summer once again.  I want to get swimming again and enjoying being outside.  Plus my poor garden is in desperate need of some sun.  I agree rain is good for it but in small doses not the torrential downpours that we have had.  Hurry up and grow garden, I want a  nice fresh tomato sandwich!!!!!  Haha if the family depended on my garden to eat, we would all starve I know that much!!!!

Anyone see the movie Hairspray yet?  I am hoping to go pretty soon, it looks way too good to wait for Net Flix.  My daughter went to see it and absolutely loved it. I am anxious to see it and every time I see the ad for it, I just want to drop what I am doing and head to the theater!!!  One of these days and soon.

Okay speaking of my daughter, what a BRAT!!!!  yeah she is.  Couldn’t wait to call me and tell me her news!!!  Get this, Monday night she will be working at the American Idol concert at the Idaho Center!!!  Can you believe that?  Get to see all those from the show for FREE!!!  Oh that girl, I told her though, she would have much more fun if I was with her!!!!!  She volunteered to work the show to help out a son of one of her co-workers, like they even had to twist her arm to do that one!!!  You know come Monday night the lil green monster called envy will be hanging around me, that’s for sure.  See told you she is a Brat, didn’t I???

Guess it’s time to shut this hummer down and get busy making some donuts.  Kelly M want one????  🙂

This is Tough!!

July 23, 2007

Am I the only on that finds it tough to even think of a title for my blog?  Oh my gosh, my mind just seems to shut down when I see that word TITLE!!  Maybe I am just too serious huh?  Heck if I know, but once I get past the title then yeah I can just ramble on like no one’s business!!!

The ol cleaning bug bit me today and I tell you, I cleaned every nook and corner in this place.  WOW I hope that bug doesn’t come back anytime soon, I am tired!!!

I also decided to make a decent supper too, so got busy made a pot roast, mashed potatoes , gravy, buttered carrots and have my berries ready for a nice strawberry sundae as a snack.  haha yeah we do like our food in this place, I can tell you that much!!!  But mmmm cooking and cleaning in one day, no way too much.  Certainly don’t want that to happen again.  Cooking I just love, baking the best, cleaning, eh, I can take it or leave it.  But there are times when I just have to dig in and get the place shiny again.  I like to have my sinks DRY, the faucets all shiny and no water spots on them, that just drives me nuts.  I guess I am picky in some areas of the house, but other areas, well I can live with!!!  My craft corner is a mess but hey when I want something I can go right to it and find it.

Crafts ummm haven’t done any in a long time and I am itching to do something creative.  What is the big question!!!!  I keep looking and I am sure I will find something to make.  I need my granddaughters closer to me, then I could sew my heart out and make them all sorts of clothes.  It’s difficult making it here and then praying the measurements are correct.  But so far I have been lucky in that area, the outfits normally fit.  Sewing is fun, I am far from a pro,  but hey I muddle my way through most patterns.

Crocheting is another thing I love to do, but oh not in the summer.  Too hot holding that yarn, ugh!!! Knitting I do but don’t really care for it.  I have to be the slowest knitter in the world, bar none!!!!  I have a weird way of holding the needles, even I admit that, but again manage to get a project done.

Decorating cakes, love to do that.  And by the way Kellie love your pool cake, awesome job girl!!!  I don’t care to eat the cake, just like to decorate!!!!

I have done embroidering, cross stitch, plastic canvas, tri chem painting, love paint by numbers too but wow has the price ever shot up on that stuff!!!

I do scrap booking too and totally can get lost doing that.  I make one heck of a mess but hey it’s fun, and I do pick up after myself.

I think in my lifetime I have tried every craft known to mankind!!!  I will try anything once and then if I like it, watch out everyone, gifts for all!!!!!  I get on kicks of doing one thing and then go nuts with it.

When my kids were younger I crocheted every care bear and then embroidered all the bellies.  Crocheted cabbage patch dolls, garfield and odie, ET, you name it I could would crochet it.

After that I got into the cotton thread and crocheted table cloths, doilies, and even a bed spread.  That one took so long but it came out neat.  I had it all lacy white, then put a colored sheet under it.  Where all that stuff went to, no doubt the Good Will.  We moved alot when hubby was in the military, so we couldn’t keep a lot of stuff.

So that’s a few of the things I have done, how about any of you?  I would love to know who does what out there.  And idea for neat new things are always appreciated. HINT HINT


July 20, 2007

I have been sitting here just thinking of things and listening to the rain on the deck. To me it’s such a soothing sound and yeah I get in this calm, relaxed mood and just think.

Mama of course is always on my mind. I keep thinking of her and wondering if she is feeling any of her loss. Her memory is just going so fast, it really does scare me. She can’t even retain anything for any longer than oh a few minutes now. Once in awhile she will surprise me and say “oh I remember this” and that is what keeps me going. It is just sad watching such a wonderful woman go through something like this.

I guess now I could describe this phase of the dementia, )or like my sister insist on me saying; Alzheimer’s ) would be heading toward the infant stage in life. Watching mama these past 5 1/2 years is what I have been calling, watching the circle of life. She is 90 and now she is regressing instead of progressing in life. The stage right now is difficult, I won’t lie about that, but it’s so worth it to me to keep her going. I am having to help her do everything and if she knew, oh she would be just devastated. She has always been one spunky woman, loved yard work, knitting, crossword puzzles, visiting, traveling etc and now she can’t even remember how to use a fork or spoon. Why does this happen to people I wonder???

The other day I was watching her and trying so hard to remember how she was when our roles were reversed and she was taking care of me, raising me. OMG I drew a total blank, seriously remembered  nadda. Oh I remember her from when I was older, married and chatted on the phone with her or visited her on our many transfers of duty stations, but my younger days, absolutely nothing. I could have cried when I realized that but just shrugged my shoulders and decided not to dwell on something I had no control over. Same with mama’s dementia, I don’t dwell on it, I just get to thinking of the saddness of it all.

My childhood wasn’t the greatest and I know everyone has their own stories, I am not alone in the world, but!!! I grew up with an alcoholic father and guess I just blocked out the early days, who know. I know that I have always loved and respected and yes feared my mom, never once had fights or anything with her. I have always felt she was my best friend, and still do, even now. I live for my mom actually and I have never regretted bringing her out her. I feel now I am so fortunate to have her. Even if it’s as I say, just her body and someone else’s mind, she is still my mom and my best friend.

My thinking then jumped to the twins and me wondering if they will continue with their careers they want. I know every kid fresh out of high school has huge dreams and some pursue them others drop them. I won’t push the kids, what they want out of life is really up to them, all we can do is guide at this point in time. I have been giving them more space but the neat part is they still check in and still ask permission before they do anything. Of course I never say no to them, they are 18 and I know they are good kids. They ask permission like “is it okay if I go to “so and so’s” house after work?” or “Is it okay if I go to a movie on Thurs night?” Nothing big, but the idea is they still ask, which to me I really like. Both are working alot of hours and late hours so sleep most of the day. Now that I don’t care for cause they aren’t doing as much as they should around here, but I don’t have melt downs or even say anything anymore. As long as they continue to do their own laundry, clean up the bathroom when they are done and continue to work, I will take it. I realize it could be much worse.

From the kids the ol mind traveled to the hubby and his job. He just got a nice promotion and I keep asking if that means he will retire sooner. His answer is no, three more year then we can surpass the goal we set for ourselves. Okay three more years of his crazy hours at work, can I handle it? Sure, why not, I have been coping aok so far and three years really isn’t that long to wait to have him home all the time. No I am not nuts, didn’t fall off the deep end, nothing like that. I enjoy it when he is home, it’s so nice and so hate to see his days off or vacations come to an end.

Zipping right along the ol brain jumped to our son in Kansas. So glad he has come around in the past few years. We hear from him all the time now via phone calls, and he chats with his kids quite a bit too. Plus the fact that he as been up here twice in one year is a miracle in itself. It’s good to have a close relationship again. We did drift apart for a long time, but that’s the past, now it’s good and I know it will continue to be that way.

From Kansas to Idaho and our daughter, son in law, and two beautiful granddaughters. Oh how I can’t wait until the day we move over there, so we can be at every dance recital, swim meet, birthday, holiday and just everyday visits. Life can’t get much better than that for me. Of course the twins need to be close to us too and are talking of college over there, yeah the perfect life!!!!

Then my sister popped into my head. I still haven’t told her I doubt that the trip I have planned in Oct will happen. I am just winging it right now and do have my ticket but, not sure if it will happen. I so hate to break promises that I make, it upsets me so much, but mama must come first now days. I promised my sister that I would be with her every anniversary of her husbands death and I did make it to the first one. I worried about mama but hubby, the kids and a home health care person eased that for me. But now it’s diapers where as last year mama was able to get to the bathroom on her own, and get ready for bed on her own. That ability left her several months ago and she doesn’t even realize what a bathroom is for anymore, and can’t dress or un dress herself. I don’t have any care givers that are allowed to come and just stay 24/7. With the kids crazy hours and hubby’s, I honestly think my trip back to NY this year will be a no go. But as I said, for now I am winging it.

There is respite care but what would it do to mama? She wouldn’t understand and she would be in a strange place, could she take that at her age? Do I want to attempt it or rather maybe I should say “risk it?” I havem’t decided yet, I am afraid to make that decision actually. The thoughts all jumble in my head when I do think about it.  I only want what is best for mama and I know my sister will understand, but again, I so hate to break promises.  At this phase of mama’s dementia I can go ahead and make lots of plans, but cannot and will not make any more commitments.

My thoughts jumped right to me and my foot, my poor ol “wii wii itis” as I call it and then to our evening of bowling.  Oh what a difference having that silly video game in this house has made.  We actually spend quality time together, even if it is late at night.  We make time for each other and so enjoy it.  Yeah I am a fanatic and have gone off the deep end buying contollers, skins for the controllers, battery chargers etc, but it’s all so worth it.  Before it was almost too dull of a routine for us.  We were tired by 9pm yet had to wait up for the kids to get home.  Normally us sleeping on the couch or hubby in the chair snoring and me watching tv.  Not anymore, haha we do look forward to 10:20 each evening, silly as it sounds.  I get mama all ready and safely tucked into bed and comfy, then it’s ME time, well OUR time I guess I should say.  A very enjoyable time too and next thing we know it’s 2am!!!!!  That’s only because the kids come in from work around mid night to 1am, call next game and we have to play!!!  Silly but hey the Wii has brought quality family time to this house and I am thankful for that.

If my foot gets bad or my back yeah I bowl sitting down, obsession huh?  But it’s something that I can really participate in.  It’s been so hard having to be the one to sit out because of a bum foot, I have hated that part of my RSDS, so now I don’t have to sit out anymore.  I then traveled down the road from the first screwed up surgery until now and do honestly take pride in myself for still being mobile.  My doctor told me within one year I would be wheelchair bound, haha sure fooled him.  It’s going on 8 years now and yep I do everything that I possible can.  What the hell, I pop my pain pills, zap my lil zapper to control the pain and carry on.  That I think is all because of the twins and mama.  They have kept me going, I needed them just as much as they needed me.  Hubby cares for all of us and does whatever he can to make things a comfortable as possible, so yeah my thought this morning have shown me just how lucky I am.  I feel on top of the world and you know I have that calming sound of the rain to thank for taking me on my “thinking journey.”

But now it’s time to snap out of it, get on with the daily routine.  That includes getting of this computer and getting mama into the shower.  My day really starts when I get her up, she needs constant supervision and attention, which I am more than willing to give.  So let the rain fall, let my thought continue, but also let me get up off my butt and get busy!!!!

Shutter Bug

July 20, 2007

I realize today that I do take alot of pictures, but you know I just have to.  I love them and love the “digital” world!!!!  If my cat is sitting and looking adorable, yep, snap!!  If mama has the dog and cat on her lap, yep, snap, snap.  Oh heck if I see a bug, or a flower I like, I just snap away.  Subject doesn’t matter to me it’s just getting the picture that’s important.

The other night we did have a thunder and lightening storm, which is so rare for us.  So it’s like midnight or a little after and the storm rolls in.  I grab my camera and head outside to try to capture the lightening.  My husband thinks I have totally lost my mind, the kids just shake their heads and go back to what they were doing, and me, I snap at every flash.   I stayed outside for quite awhile and got a ton of just “black” pictures.  Haha thank goodness for the delete option, huh?  But to me it was worth it and here’s one of the pictures I got.  No flash, this was just the lightening. If you look close enough you can see the two bolts near the top.


I have 3 digital cameras and a 35mm camera with several zoom attachments, plus a digital video camera and yes I use them all.   Mama is my best subject though, I can’t seem to get enough pictures of her and she is so photogenic too.  I take pictures of her every single day!!!!

I send tons on shutterfly and I know some don’t want to see them or get tired of them but you know, it’s okay.  I figure everyone has a delete key on their computer so I just send away.  Now if they asked me to drop them off my list, of course I would with no hard feelings.

My cameras are always within arms reach and do come with me when I leave the house, so not only am I nuts with my WiiWii itis, dang I am also a fanatic with my cameras, mmmm guess I need a life huh?  I take mirror image pics, pics of still life, anything around me and it’s tons of fun, just like the bowling is, so I figure why stop!!!!

What got me on this subject is I have spent half the day just putting my pictures on a disk so I could get them off my computer.  Darn ran out of disk and still have 29 folders of pictures left to do.  Yep that means a trip to Wal Mart,( sorry Kellie, Target isn’t my bag) to buy some blank ones, then get the rest of my pictures off here.  Of course my camera will be with me and no doubt by the time I get back home I will have taken at least 30 to 40 pictures of everything and anything.  Gotta love the camera, is all I can say!!!

Just a rainy day

July 18, 2007

It’s a rainy day here so I am stuck inside but hey that’s okay.  Maybe I will catch up on sleep, all the shows I dvr’ed or mmm housework!!!  Okay we can strike the housework part, I so am not in the mood for that.  Besides as I sit here enjoying the computer, hubby is hard at work.

The guy has our bedroom totally torn apart.  Seriously I mean bed frame out on the back deck, mattresses leaning on the walls and all drawers open and ready for a good cleaning.  Where on earth does the man get all his energy???  He decided since he can’t be outside, he will find a project inside.  yeah to me a project would be hitting the couch and catching a few zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.  To him it’s get the house weeded out even more.

See in three  years we put up the for sale sign here and pray it sells fast.  Then we head over to Nampa, Idaho and start our life once again.  We want to be close to our daughter, her hubby and the girls.  The only reason we even stayed in Washington state was for the twins.  We just knew that eventually we would have them, and sure enough our instincts proved to be correct.  But dang I still wish we could have gotten them sooner than 10 but I am thankful we did get them, and could give them a much better life than what they had.

So now they are graduated, heading to college in the fall and soon will be on their own.  Both are talking about Idaho also and I have told them, no matter where our home is, they will always have a room.  I don’t want them to feel we are going to abandon them, cause no way, never happen!!!!

Hubby needs to work 3 more years( darn) before he can retire.  We want to make sure we are comfortable and not living from payday to payday.  We want to enjoy our new life in Idaho, and we do have our goals set.

In the meantime we do have to weed this place out.  Oh my gosh, the stuff we have and don’t need, it’s crazy!!!  I guess we both feel we have to have a zillion things or we can’t live, hahaha.  Now we are find out these zillion things are just hanging around and we aren’t using them.  Thank goodness for the Good Will right down the road.  Lately we have taken many trips there.

Should I be in there helping him out??  You bet I should, but I want to bake some banana bread, finish the laundry then it will be time to get mama up and started on her day.  Also  it’s haircut day around here.  Yeah hubby needs a “buzz” so he will stop work for a few minutes for that. Also Bryce needs a trim, cause they did mention his hair was too long at work last night.  I so want to cut his hair real short, but he says no way, darn!!!  Mama also need a trim as her hair grows so fast.  When she wakes up with her “bed head” I know it’s time to get out the scissors.

I did go to beauty school, so yes I do know what I am doing!!!!  I would never even attempt to cut anyone’s hair if I didn’t.  Actually though I didn’t get my license. I was a few hundred hours from going to the state board when hubby got orders for Germany. After spending 3 yrs over there, I would have had to start from the get go, so never did.  My darling daughter and granddaughter have always dedicated the song “Beauty School Drop Out” to me.  Nice kids huh?  But they are always the first to ask for a trim, color, etc tee hee. They love me and I know it!!!

We “bowled” til 2am once again last night.  I tell you we are hooked and do have Wii wii itis real bad.  Haha all our aches and pains we still manage to bowl every night and do look forward to it.  Now you all know we are crazy over here right??  I mean a “grandma and grandpa” hooked on a video game of all things!!  haha I even have to laugh at that one!!!  It’s fun, we don’t have to go out to bowl and what the heck we do enjoy it.  Just slap on a tad more ben-gay, gulp down some extra strenght tylenol and the ol farts are ready to rock and roll!!!  The drugstore loves our Wii addiction hahaha.

I was reading all the blogs this morning and you know I couldn’t help but think of all you young mom’s with your beautiful children.  You all need some kind of award for being so caring, responsible and for the care and upbringing you are giving your children.  Come on you all know I am right.  There are so many parents out there that just have the children for the sake of having them.  All of you that blog on here truly show that you had your children to complete your life.  You are all doing a fantastic job and I know your children are happy and healthy.  You are raising our future generation in the correct way.  No matter how bad things get in the world, you children will now the right from wrong, and your children will truly know what real love is.  It’s so nice to know that too.  Hubby and I often wonder about some people.  I mean the news is full of sad things that happen to the children, the ones that end up in foster homes or worse.  But all of  you in my lil “blogging world” well I just have to give you a HUGE HUGE kudo’s.    I so enjoy reading about the progress of your family and love the pictures you post.   Each and every one of you should pat yourselves on the back for your great parenting skills.

Yeah I rattle on sometimes don’t I?  I just get all these thoughts in my head and have to write about them as they “form.”  Some days I am a jumbled mess, haha but I guess that’s just me.  I could ramble on for days, but won’t.  I will get off here and get busy on my baking.  MMMM I so love banana bread warm with the melted butter.  Come on over and have some with me!!!