It’s Not Monday

May 29, 2007

Are all of you just as confused as I am?  Yeah with the holiday yesterday, it has messed up my poor lil pea brain.  This morning I kept thinking it’s Monday, so now have to keep telling myself it isn’t.   Guess it doesn’t take much to mess me up any more.

A different Memorial Day for us but it was a nice relaxing one.  I did some deep cleaning and actually enjoyed it.  Am I crazy or what?  I surface clean of course but do tend to get lax when it comes to a good ol fashioned deep cleaning.  So decided one room a day and that way I won’t get tired of it.

Yesterday was mama’s room from cleaning the windows down to shampooing the carpet.  Once it was completed not only did it smell and look good, but it made me feel good.  An accomplishment for me, I can tell you that much.

With my foot it makes it hard to keep going some days, so on the days I manage to do something “big”, oh I feel good.  I know once again I have beaten the RSDS and that I like.

Many years ago I had a doctor tell me there wasn’t enough time in the day to help me, that I would be wheelchair bound within the year.  You know I think his attitude helped me, even though at the time I was so ready to deck the sucker.  He was very rude, told me to just go home, I was wasting my time trying to get help for something that was hopeless.  Yeah he had me in tears, the anger flaring, the whole nine yards of emotions, but now days I actually thank him.  I made up my mind that I will so prove him wrong.  Well in most ways that is.  Yes, he was correct in saying there was no cure, but wrong to tell me I would be wheelchair bound.  I refused to believe that and here I am, still mobile!!!!  Some days not too steady and so wanting to just give up, but that’s so not me.  I feel this RSDS is mind over matter.  Anything actually is mind over matter and you have to really work at it, which I feel I do.  I figure hey I hurt no matter what, so why not get the most out of life, instead of just giving into the hurt.  I do take longer than the average person to do anything, but that’s okay, it does get done.  I am capable of doing alot , know my limitations, but sometimes, okay, alot of times I tend to over do. That will put me down for a few days, to just doing what has to be done.  Then I re-coup and carry on.

I am so not bragging here, well maybe a tad, because I some times find it hard to believe I am mobile!!! I do have my “pity parties” but mostly when I am alone and I cuss and ask “why, did this happen to me?” , but then I so know the answer.

You know when they say everything happens for a reason??  Well I think my RSDS happened to one slow me down, as I used to work tons of hours.  My job was so important to me and I would travel, train, and just practically live at my job, but loved it so much.  When we got the twins I slowed down some, but not like I should have.

Once my foot got to the worst stage possible yes, I had to stop working all together.  I wasn’t giving my 110% plus at home I was giving nothing.  I would get home and just  be in agony, be miserable, and yeah I was a class A bitch.  Ashamed to admit, but I was.  I couldn’t handle the pain so took it out on everyone around here.

By not working I could pace myself, sit and “elevate” ( oh how I despise that word) when needed and also I was here for the kids.   Many times the kids have told me how glad they are that I am home when they get home from school, and hubby has told me numerous times that he loves having me home.  So reason #1 for my foot problem, I slowed down and I became an important part of the family.

Reason #2 mama.  I was working when she first came to live with us and it was hard, but her dementia wasn’t as bad.  I can’t imaging trying to work now and making sure she was well cared for.  I enjoy being here for her also, as she needs so much.  So see there is a reason for everything.

On the flip side I attribute my being “mobile” to the twins and mama.  If they weren’t here I am so sure I would have given in and not tried so hard to keep going.  They have given me a reason to keep going so we all have helped each other so much.  Life is funny but if you approach it in a positive way, it’s great.  Our lil house of mis-fits works so why rock the boat, huh?  We all need help to keep plugging on and we have that help in each other!!  So see I am lucky aren’t I?

Now how did I get rambling on that subject, well I have no idea.  Must be trying to sort out in my mind why it’s so scrambled some days!!  Like today being Tuesday, not Monday!!!  Hey see I do have some sort of excuse, don’t you agree??  Please tell me you do!!!


I Broke the Record!!

May 28, 2007

I broke the record but do I get a trophy?? a ribbon? a certificate? or even a mention in the Guinness Book? NOOOOOOOOOO, and that’s so not fair, I should get something. I guess just the satisfaction is enough award so will accept it.

What record did I break, yeah I know you are wondering so here goes. I had the most dust bunnies that one house could ever hold. I mean they weren’t just laying there in a thin film on everything, nope, not here. I know if you put my dust bunnies next to the Jolly Green Giant, he would look like a midget!!!! Wow some of the bunnies un-real, but now they are gone!!! I armed myself with a dust rag and pledge and started “shooting” those hummers down. Oh there were some that didn’t go down without a fight, but yeah I got them, I won. They were pretty sneaky, I have to give them that much. I swear a few times they would go away and when I turned my back, they would scoot right back to where they were. They couldn’t out smart me though, I was determined to win and I did.  I was the fastest “spray” in the west and those bunnies dropped fast!! I am so sure they have relatives all ready settling in but they will soon find out that they can only camp for a day, and not stay forever!!  I am a mean “pledger” now that I am back into the swing of housework.  Doing all the outside work gave those dust bunnies a nice break but no more!!!

So I am sure you are all cooking out and kicking off the summer today.  I will kick off the summer and cook out, but only for the family and yeah in stages.  Hubby works so he won’t be home til 8, his burger will be the last one grilled.  Ashley has to go to work at 4pm, so hers the first burger grilled, which leaves Bryce, mama and myself to eat in between the other two.  Yeah just call this place “Sherry’s” restaurant. Don’t get me mixed up with “Shari’s” now, my restaurant is all home cooked!!!!   Also my kitchen closes around 9pm, it’s not a 24 hour one, although some days I think it is.  The different work schedules have the kitchen hopping all the time.

An update on the APB I put out, my cousin found the doll I needed.  No wings, but I did find some in WalMart, or WalHell  as some of you refer it to :).  Anyway found these wings that might work. If they don’t I know I can make a pair out of tulle, floral wire and beads, so I am not worried.  So happy the doll was found, whew!!!!  So, see APB’s do work!!!

Everyone have a great Memorial Day and remember to take even a few minutes to thank all our military and a prayer to keep them safe, plus a prayer for their families.

yep I do like vanilla

May 27, 2007

You Are Vanilla Ice Cream

Your personality is anything but “vanilla”
You’re a risk taker, who’s up for anything new.
You go well with anyone and fit into any situation.

You are most compatible with rocky road ice cream.

What Flavor Ice Cream Are You?

A Break

May 27, 2007

Today there is a welcome break in our beautiful weather.  It’s only supposed to be in the high 60’s and overcast, to me that’s good. I so hate to stay inside when it’s hot outside, so therefore the house gets totally neglected.  Today, a day to stay in and start organizing, dusting, etc, which I desperately need to do.  I am really ashamed that I let this place get the way it is, but will remedy that during this “cold” spell.

I have been running to the store on and off, but coming home and just plunking stuff anywhere it lands.  So not like me, but seems I am a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde when summer arrives.  Me, the one that will re-fold my towels so they are just right, yep I change during the hot summer days.  In the cooler months, or on rainy days, I shop, come home and put things where they belong.  If  they are gifts, I try to get them wrapped right away and put in the closet until the occasion.  Ha, now my dining room table is loaded as is the floor space in the corner of the dining room.  Birthday gifts, cake supplies,  and I still have a few Mother’s Day thing out, so not right.  I am a bad bad housekeeper!!!  I think I need to re-train myself for the summer months cause I so don’t like the mess laying around.  Sure I get onto the kids when they leave things in the living room.  Ashley is a good one for that.  She comes in, drops whatever she has in her hands and lets it land where it may. Then she runs around like crazy trying to find things, so I need to get back to setting a good example here. Today is the day I get back to being “picky.”

No Memorial Day cook outs planned here and it’s so strange to me.  We normally have a houseful but this year I didn’t invite anyone or plan anything. I think the weekend of the 9th will more than  make up for it.  Must be I am saving all my strength for then, who knows.  All I know is this year I will take the time to honor and thank all the service people for their strength, courage and efforts for what they are doing for this country.  I will take time to pray for all the lost soldiers and their families, and for all the loved ones we have lost.

Everyday when I pick up the paper my heart breaks from all the casualties overseas.  To me it just has to end.  These are “kids” fighting over there, a lot my grandson’s age and it’s  so sad.  I know we all feel this way and about all we can do is honor and pray for them.  To me it just doesn’t seem enough though.

Seems like each time we are on Ft Lewis and go by the main chapel, there is a memorial going on.  Hearing the taps just sends chills straight through me and I think of the families and their loss.  That’s when I realize how lucky I am.  My hubby and son, both served in the military and I still have them, so many can’t say that these days.  I thank God everyday for keeping my family in-tact.

So during your cook outs or whatever you may be doing this Memorial Day week-end, please take a moment and think of all the men and women in uniform, thank them, and also say a pray for those that we have lost.

Have a safe week end!!

Hey!! Where Did The Week Go??

May 25, 2007

Friday all ready?? Oh my gosh, did I sleep through the week?  Did I miss a few days somewhere?  Dang I must have cause I still can’t believe it’s Friday!!!!!

It has been busy and believe it or not there were a few days I was only on here  long enough to check emails and ship off a few pictures, then shut “lappie” down, too tired to do anything.  Hubby had Mon, Tues and Wed off this week and oh my gosh, we worked and tried to get alot accomplished, but funny didn’t even complete ONE thing!!  That’s so frustrating to me because I know how tired and worn out I was.

We started in the front, staining some more, finally fixed all the railings and cleaned up the porch.  Not complete though as we can only stain certain parts by the door so we can get in and out.  So blocked off an area and STILL have to put another coat on, and then start on the last little bit of the gray part.  I cuss for sure wondering why the builders even used PAINT on that nice wood.  I swear the year they built this place, there must have been a great sale on gray paint!!!  Those guys painted everything in sight gray, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Tired sanding it but ha that stuff is stubborn and not wanting to come off.

So from the front went to the back to put up the new awning, it’s up but completed?  Noooooooooo, it still needs to be anchored down to the deck, which hubby says “on my next day off” haha sure!!!!  Bet that doesn’t happen!!!  From the canapy to the pool to clean and vacuum and get it set.  It that complete??  Another no!!!  Discovered yeah we have a slight algie problem, and so had to get down and get that bottle of “gold” as I call it, due to the price, to toss in there. In the meantime hubby vacuumed and yep clogged the hose, basket and filter so much, the pump shut off.  Alot of crap from the winter in there, even with the winter cover on.  Pool cleaning STILL in progress. I guarantee it will be clear blue water though, I so don’t like even a tinge of green showing!!!
From there is was over to the far deck to start the staining.  Not completed, we ran out of stain!!!!!!  Have more now, but have to just get the energy and the “want” to get started on that job again.  Yeah I know I will start it, but guarantee hubby will be finishing it.

Garden ,  mmm all right that is the one and only thing that did get completed.  Yep my lil ol garden is in and I am watching it and telling it to grow every day!!!!  I will baby it and talk to the plants, weed it, you know make sure it does grow.  But ewwwwwwwwww did see not one but TWO slimy fat ol worms when I was tilling it.  I was very good though didn’t run, but did what I was supposed to do.  SCREAMED for hubby to come and get rid of those suckers.  He told me they are good for the garden. That’s fine, but they don’t need to come to the surface just to torment me!!!!  I don’t like any critters or weeds in my garden!!! And everyone wondered why I put those bricks between the rows.  Yeah, that would be for me to step on and not get near the “critters.”

Lawn, front mowed, not edged.  Back oh my it’s a jungle out there!!!!  So busy busy busy for three solid days, exhausting to me and yet disappointing because we still have so much to do, to complete it all.

You all know if you work outside, the inside of your house just goes to hell!!  How does that even happen??  No one is inside, so it has to be lil  gremlins that love to make messes all over.  I come inside , look around and tell myself “tomorrow is another day!”

Mama has been a sweetie during all the projects going on.  I haven’t ignored her and did get her up at her regular time, made sure she was showered, her hair done and she was well fed.  But then poor baby could just watch hubby and I.  I had her hold a pole, or a brush just something to keep her involved and not feel ignored, but I am afraid I haven’t given her the 100% attention that I normally do.  She seems fine though thank goodness.

So today promises to be another beautiful day, so I will put on my ol grubby clothes and start staining some more, after I check the pool and make sure that is looking better.

Hopefully one night hubby will shampoo the carpets for me, as they need it soooooooo bad.  I have a zoo of animals don’t forget and the carpets get “ugh!”  With people coming for graduation week- end I want the inside nice and clean too, so it looks like the work is just on going.  And believe it or not, I haven’t had even one HAPPY NAPPIE in ohhhhhhhhhh forever!!!

So we plug along trying to get things done inside and out, plus I still found time to shop yesterday.  Did get my granddaughter’s birthday gifts finally.  Hard figuring out what to get her, so decided to make her a birthday box.  I will wrap a big box in birthday paper and just add stuff to it.  I found a bucket of birthday play dough, haha cause after cruising Toys R Us, that’s all she said she wanted!!!!  Tough turning 6 huh?  Got her some of the pets for her little pet shops, a beach towel, outside toys, a pet shop stuffed dog that whines, haha yeah it’s annoying, but what’s a birthday without a noisy toy??  Got her a doll, a horse with the brushes and beads etc, a sketch pad with pencils, and a bunch of little toys to wrap up for the box.  That should keep her busy the 3 weeks she will be staying here.

Have to brag on her older sister Mikayla for a minute.  They had the 5th grade “celebration” yesterday and Mikayla received top student award for the quarter, and also awarded the Presidential Academic Achievement Award.  Complete with a letter from the president and a nice pin to wear.  Go Mikayla!!!!  She had also tried out for the “Willow Creek” ( name of her school) Idol contest and won in the dance category, so got to perform in front of all the kids and parents.  Then she had joined a book club after school.  They had to write a story and the school put that in the hardcover, which Mikayla drew herself, so she also had a “book signing” after the assembly.  It was a Mikayla day for sure and when she called me, oh the excitement in her voice!!!  She made this grandma very proud of her, that’s for sure!!!

Okay enough of my ramblings huh?  I think I will get off here and finish up my mountain of laundry, then head outside to do something.  Maybe I will put on paper all that needs to be done, draw one and tackle it, hahaha.  One way to get it done, huh?

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Busy Day

May 23, 2007

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH does this couch ever feel good!!  So good I don’t plan on moving until around 11 pm when I have to get mama ready for bed.

Hubby and I worked extra hard today but you know we still didn’t get things completed.  We did get a second coat of stain on the steps and part of the front porch.  Fixed the crooked railings and re painted all the white trim in front.

Then I got mama up and ready for her day. Fed her then out back we went to start staining the back decks.   Darn we ran out of stain, so tomorrow will have to make a fast trip to the store.  Geeze we have all ready gone through 4 gallons and still have a few more decks, plus all the railings out back to do.  Oh well it needs to be done, so no matter how much stain we need, we have to get it.

Then it was tackling the new awning I bought last week. YEAH, it’s finally out of my car!!!  That took longer than we planned so supper wasn’t until 6:30 and we were all starving.

But I do feel good with what we accomplished today, and tomorrow promises to be just a busy.  I finally have all the dirt I need in my garden, so planting is first on my list.  Then once I get mama up and fed, I will have to take the plunge, literally.  Have no choice but to get in the pool and vacuum. Our lil bug we had broke when hubby dropped him, so it’s in the water and vacuum myself.  I just hope I don’t get hypothermia  hahha.

I will feel good once we are done with most of the “manual labor” that has to be done outside, then it’s onto the inside.  Funny how you work outside all day and the inside goes to hell, isn’t it?  How can that be I wonder.  I mean we are outside, no one in the house to mess it up, yet it does get messy.  If I ever find that lil “dirty bug” that is doing damage in here and messing things up, I will squash him like a bug!! SPLAT, SQUISH he will be history.  I want my house clean and I want it to stay that way.

Of course in between everything it was get a potato salad made for supper and make sure mama was not being ignored.

I am so loving Amercan Idol and Dancing With the Stars, crap can’t believe they are nearly over!!!  This season seemed to have gone so darn fast, don’t you think??   I am so hooked on these type shows, love them!!  Was glad to see the advertisement for “So You Think You Can Dance” yeah I will have my reality fix for awhile longer!!!

K gotta go focus on my show!!!  Don’t care who wins as they are all awesome!!


May 22, 2007

Seems like everything I attempt to make, create, or whatever, there is always one thing I can’t find.  The Ikea cake I am going to make for my daughter, yeah need to find Ingemire the bobble head doll.  Haven’t found him yet, but I still have time.

Then thanks to Kelly M, I wanted to crochet again, so found a cute tooth fairy bed doll pattern.  Seeing how my lil granddaughter Miranda ( 5 yrs old) just lost her first tooth, thought the pillow would be a little something extra for her birthday.  I head out to get the yarn, the doll and the wings so I can get going on it.  Oh yeah I should have known, the typical “can’t find one thing” occurs, only this time it’s two things.  No  doll or set of wings to be found!!!  I check Wal Mart, Jo Ann’s and Michaels.  Called the Ben Franklin craft store and spent hours on the internet, no luck.  That’s when I got the idea for the APB  :), smart huh?  I have people in New York, North Dakota and Alabama looking for me, so yup it will work.  Soon I will have the doll and wings, and Miranda will have a pillow doll, all in pink for her bed.

I know I am not the only one this happens to, but dang it, it’s so frustrating.  When I do a project, big or small, I want all the supplies before I start.  I so hate to run for this that and the other thing.  I like everything right here at my finger tips, but most of the time that doesn’t happen.

So enough of that.  Didn’t get much accomplished today outside, it was too dreary and sprinkles on and off.  Still have decks to stain, garden to put in and the pool to vacuum and clean, but in due time I guess.  Did get through my mountain”range” of laundry which I didn’t think I would.  Dang have no clue where all the clothes come from, I always hear “I have nothing to wear” yeah right, then what was I washing today??!!!  I played nice grandma once again and grabbed the kids laundry along with ours.  MISTAKE, that’s why I had that mountain range instead of the normal mountain.

Got mama up and started on her day.  She is so sweet, the questions she comes up with are something else.  Seriously it’s “why is the sky blue” type questions but I just answer the best I can and she is happy.  Watching her and this damn disease is heart breaking yet at the same time it’s amazing to me too.  She is childlike right down to eating with a spoon now.  I help her with everything and she is so sweet and always tells me “thank you.”  The other day she even asked me if I got paid for taking care of her.  That one blew my mind but I just told her that my pay was her great company.  She giggles and in the next instant, asks the same question again.  Her attitude is awesome though, so sweet and innocent.  Never angry and never throws a tantrum, now how lucky am I?  I have read that sometimes people with alzheimers get violent and mean, but not mama.  She just babbles, giggles and compliments.  CUTE is her favorite word.  Everything to her is “cute” from the bathroom sink to a shirt.   All of us now have come to expect that word every time she looks at something.  We just “roll with the flow” you know, what else can you do??!!!

Haven’t seen much of the kids today.  They did stop in after school, for a half hour or so.  Ashley was off to a concert in Seattle and Bryce was off to work.  Both will be dragging when they get home tonight.

Our house is always active and busy it seems, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  From my APB down to keeping track of the twins and answering all mama’s questions.  The day flies by and I often wonder what I missed!!!!  Have you ever felt that way??  I live by the clock because I have to keep mama in routine, the kids have to be at school, work etc and Ron needs to be at work, sometimes a drs appt.  Always living by the clock and that makes the day zip away.  I am very blessed, I have my family and I have a network of friends that I can put out an APB to.  Life is good you know???  Ailments, diseases and age differences all seem to blend around here, so what more could I possibly want???  Now I even have readers of my blog and the communication with everyone, well it’s just  you all are a wonderful “bunch” and I consider each and everyone of you my friends.  See life is good!!!!  I have no clue how I got so lucky but I am not knocking it, I am basking in my good fortune.

Again I check the clock and it’s mama’s bedtime.  See I had no clue it was that late, so I am out of here.  Need to get her ready and all tucked in for the night!!!  She is alway more than ready for bed, I am again lucky there and I know it!!!