Running the roads

March 31, 2007

Yeah seems like that’s what I did yesterday. Run the roads, whew, but it was different and mama did enjoy her ride.
When I have a lot to do, I try to just stop in order so when the last task is done, I can just shoot on home. So first stop the post office to get my Easter pkg off to my babies in Idaho, can’t forget my granddaughters now that’s for sure.
Next of course a stop at McDonald’s for mama as she so loves that place. The little lap tray I now keep in the car is so awesome. Works perfectly and I don’t have stray french fries all over the place!!! She was happy as could be with her “fish” ( chicken nuggets) and fries. My goodness one would think you bought her the world, and hey I so love seeing her enjoying things.
Our next stop was the Pool & Spa place for sand. Yeah I had checked out the price at Ace Hardware the other day. $8.99 for a 25# bag and we need 200#’s of sand, mmm. So get to the place and they have the sand in 50# bags and it’s only $9.99 per bag, whew so it cost less than I thought.
Little stops done so hit the freeway and head south to Nisqually Indian Reservation. Yep I am the “outcast” and I smoke, so had to visit my Indian Friends to get my smokes. It’s a nice ride, it was a georgous day, mama happy and me too once I got my smokes.
Headed home which takes about a half hour to an hour, depending on traffic, and then the job to get mama in the house. But she did pretty good and I finally got her all settled, snug in her chair, a hot cup of tea and her dog on her lap. I knew she ate good and next thing her lil ol head just a bobbin, yep cat napping.
Got supper, got her all settled again and waited for hubby to get home. My couch was finally in, so at 8pm when he got home, we took off once again. Thank goodness Ashley was here to watch mama, all was good.
By the time we got the couch, got home, brought it in etc, it was after 9pm. I got to sit with mama for a little bit then had to get her up and ready for bed.
Seems like I was on the go from the time I got up. I do have a few days like that each week, but mostly I try to stay close to home so I don’t tire mama out. Have to stick to her routine as much as possible, it’s so much easier on her and all of us.
Spring vacation has started for our school kids over this way. Nice break for me cause now I am so not going to get up at 5am each day, 7 is the latest I want to sleep. But it will be a nice change to sleep in, so yeah to no school!!!
So okay to give you an idea about dementia and honestly I am not making fun of my mom, it’s just if you don’t “roll” with it and have fun, it can drive you nuts. But nope I just roll with the flow and answer whatever satisfies her.
Hubby stuck the pool filter on the coffee table in front of the window. Why, you ask?? Yeah good question, I have no clue, but it was sitting there since it arrived via Fed Ex. Each and every night for oh all evening long I hear from my mom “who is that man sitting over there?” Yeah she thinks it’s a man!!!!! Nope sure doesn’t look like one, but to her I guess it does. I do have lights on in here too, so it’s not just seeing a shadow, she actually sees a man. I tell her “It’s a filter mama”. Two minutes later “who is that man sitting over there”. Yeah this has been going on constantly. Each time I tell her the same thing. I should have said “Bob” or “Phil” and I am sure that would have made her happy.
Last night she of course asked about her “man” in front of the window!! 🙂 Then after we get the couch in and plastic etc cleaned out she was so amazed. She kept saying “Where did you buy such a big room?” HUH??!?!?!?! Then I realized the room did look bigger so she actually thought we bought it. Yeah I did try to explain but nope it did no good,so finally just said “at the store” and that satisfied her for the next few minutes, before she asked again.
Like I said I am not laughing at her expense, but tee hee it’s funny what she can come up with. Yes her mind is going, but then on the flip side of that, she realized the room was bigger, right??? Just didn’t get that we didn’t buy a new room. Oh she is so darn cute, and I just have to laugh at the things she can come up with. She does keep me going that’s for sure.
But to be honest by the time I get her ready for bed and all tucked in, I do value “my” time for a bit. That’s why I stay up so darn late. It’s nice to sit and not have to answer the constant questions, or have to make sure she is okay, no more bathroom breaks to get her too, it’s my quiet time actually. I so don’t mind doing everything for her but I am human and need the down time so to speak. It’s how all you young mom’s feel when you finally get your child settled for the night. It’s a sigh of relief and the satisfaction of knowing another good day was had, but it was also a trying day.
So in a few I need to go in and get her started on yet another day. We do have to go out later so there goes the routine once again. It’s all good, I can settle her easy enough and by the time she is in bed tonight, I will know she had a fun day and at least I didn’t have her sitting in a chair in front of the tv. But I am a tad curious, wondering if she will miss the “man” on the coffee table, or does she even remember!!! Tme will tell, but I am sure she won’t even remember him. She keeps me on my toes yet keeps me lauging so it’s all a plus.
I don’t lead the exciting life all you bloggers do, but it’s a good comfortable life, and that’s why some days I don’t blog, nothing to actually write about.
But mornings are working out better for me, mmm clear head must be, who knows. Maybe my next post should be “saga of twin grandkids” YIKES not enough time to write all that hahahha. Just have to wait and see what pops into my head tomorrow moring, but for now it’s time to get the day rolling!!!


Try the morning post

March 30, 2007

Yeah maybe I will post more in the mornings, I will see how it works out. The past two nights well mmm too dang tired I guess. Well Wednesday night I was, last night was a band concert at school so got home late. By the time I get mama in the house, over her fear of not knowing where she is, sit with her and chat, then get her ready for bed and tucked in, well just too pooped out to get on here.
Wednesday was crazy. Up early to get the lil dog to the vet for his grooming. On the way home well yeah, couldn’t just drive on by WalMart, it was so calling my name. Stopped in mmm before 8am and shopped around. Got home answered the phone the rest of the morning it seemed like, then it was time to get mama up and in the shower. Got her all set, her coffee, breakfast, and some chit chat time, or rather “answering her questions” time. She is always asking “where am I? how did I get here? are you my friend?” Oh the dementia is such an awful disease it robbed me of my mom, my sisters and brother too, plus Kelly M and all the grandkids and great grandkids got robbed of having a wonderful Grandma, Great Grandma, so wish there was a cure, or heck even a reason for the disease. But there isn’t, she has it and I intend to do everything I can to give her a quality of life that she can enjoy even for the moment.
So around 2pm headed out to pick up Bryce at school to take him to work. Dropped him off, went and picked up the dog at the vet, haha he was shaved and looks like a lil hairless pooch now. Dropped the dog off at home and picked up the hubby. Grabbed the dip and chips to drop off at school for Ashley’s pot luck, then mama, Ron and I headed for Ft Lewis. Had to pick up a prescription and then headed for the PX as hubby insisted he wanted to get fertilizer THAT day, hahaha. He gets something in his head that he wants, well yeah it’s go for it or hear about it for weeks. hahaha. After shopping around, had our supper at the food cout then headed home. Getting mama in, potty break and settled is a job, as she doesn’t know where she is and her walking is getting quite bad now. But it’s all good, once she was in her chair, her blanket on her, tea beside her and doggie on her lap, she was a happy camper. Once she is settled then I literally plunk on the couch and breath a sigh of relief. I so hate to see her so confused and have the fear on her face, it’s sad. I normally just sit and watch her and my heart breaks. Then she will look over at me, say something funny and in her own way, she can cheer me in an instant. See once a mother, always a mother there to help you out, dementia or no dementia!!!! Gotta love her for that instinct she still has!!!
Yesteday was well just sort of laid back as mama’s caregive was here. She gets mama dressed and her breakfast etc. I still “despise” having someone else do that, but know that Lois (caregiver) has to learn the routine. It’s so hard for me to have someone else take care of mama, I just want to jump in and do it myself. But now I am doing pretty good, I stay in the other room and pace, hahaha. Letting go I guess would be my issue here, cause you know I feel I am the only one that can care for mama, and I know it’s not true, but for now, that’s what’s in my head. I guess it’s because I know her fears, her questions, her habits etc and I try to be one step ahead of her with it all. I feel that way she can just get through the day and have some laughs and good times througout. Someone that doesn’t know her well it’s hard for them too, but in time Lois will have the routine all down pat, then I can breath a sigh of relief, knowing mama is in good hands.
Last night as I said the band concert at school. Ashley played in the quartet and oh yes did great!!! Of course I would say that right? Mama had no clue where she was at first, but once the kids started playing she so enjoyed it. I treated her to a hot fudge sundae after the concert and she was happy.
Getting home in the dark though, well it’s different. She is so afraid to get out of the car, says she doesn’t know who’s house she is at, can’t go in, and once in, has no idea why she is here. It took extra TLC last night to settle her but I did it and by the time I got her tucked into bed, I did get some giggles out of her and she was fine.
I don’t feel I do a whole lot around here but it’s still draining at times. By the time I settle on the couch I feel my head is just a jumbled mess, so no way do I write emails, blogs, nothing. So like I said maybe mornings are better for me to blog. I have my “me” time a few hours each moring so it’s nice spending it on the computer. Sometimes I chat or just surf the net, other times I catch up on emails, anything to just sit and play for awhile, I like it and it all works out quite good.
Of course sitting here I listen to the hum of the washer and dryer most days, so it’s not completely sitting. I suppose I have to have that hum going so I feel like I am actually doing something, who knows.
What I do know it now the washer has stopped so it’s time to get busy and switch out and see if I can get the mountain “range” of laundry knocked out before I get mama up.
Have a good day all.

Honey Didn’t Do

March 28, 2007

Yep you guessed it, the honey do list turned into “honey didn’t do” but hey he did go to the store for me and cooked supper and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards, so I won’t complain.
He didn’t get outside to work cause dang rain returned, then it got chilly. Dang ol weatherman so can’t trust him anymore. But he was glad I got the cement so now it’s here and mabye tomorrow it will get done. Depends on the weather of course and around here one never knows.
I did get ambitious this morning and made eclairs for our snack tonight. I love to bake and try to a couple time a week at least. Eclairs just sounded good for a change and they are way too easy to make, so yeah figured I could handle that much today.
Also did my mountain, nope mountain range of laundry this morning. Dang I tell you according to the news it’s a good way to shed pounds, so I should now be down to ohhhhhhhhh 45 lbs at least!!! It’s so not working, don’t ever believe what you hear on tv, it’s not true.
I really can’t say I did a whole lot today, just the normal every day routine is all. I normally get as much work done in the morning as I can. Once I get mama up and ready for her day, she requires my full attention. She is so cute at times. If I don’t talk to her constantly while she is at the counter having her coffee, she will literally pout. This morning I was chatting with her and Ron, but apparently more to Ron, without realizing it. She went into her pout mode, haha. When she would talk it would be low and barely audible. I then would tell her to clear her throat and speak up, knowing full well why she was doing that. She kept saying “I can’t” , so finally I told her to stop acting like a lil ol lady. That did it, perked her right up, see the attention was focused on her, and then she was fine. She is my toddler actually. If she isn’t watching tv, I have to entertain her. MMM sound familiar to all you young mothers??? See now she is in her recliner, dog on her lap, watching tv and content, so haha I am the one that is chopped liver here. She is fun and I know alot of her lil pouty tantrums and why she has them now, so I can keep up with her and bring her around. So basically from the time I get mama up, it’s constant attention to her and I let other things go. Oh if I need to sew, or do some other crafts, I make sure she is right there where she can see me and it works, but to try and read a book, bake, anything out of her sight,no that doesn’t work out too well, so that’s why I do all that in the early part of the day.
Can you believe still NO COUCH???? Oh geeze, I will be calling again tomorrow and think I will call them every single day. That way they will get so sick of me, they will get me a couch fast. I tell ya, I don’t want my furniture to wear out before I see what it looks like as a complete set!!!
No start date for the wheel chair ramp either. What the heck??!!! Is this “hurry up and wait” month for me?? Oh they should all know just how impatience I am and when I get antsy from waiting too long, yeah I can get bitchy. That’s a side of me well, let’s just say “ain’t too pretty”!!!!!
And you know I may just have to “blow” if that Sanjaya on American Idol doesn’t get tossed off this week. OMG is this show rigged or what? See get me riled on one thing, it will lead to two, three and on and on and on, so maybe this will be a good stopping point. Haha don’t want to scare my few readers off now do I? I will be good and just shut this down, and settle in to watch American Idol and pray it’s the last week for Sanjaya!!!!

The Honey Do List Begins

March 27, 2007

Oh yeah you know I so have to keep hubbie’s “honey-do” list going, because no way do I want him to ever think he gets them completed, so he can loaf around all day. Oh no, that so isn’t going to happen as long as I can keep coming up with things to do.
Today I decided to take mama out for a ride and to her beloved McDonald’s seeing how it was so nice out. But to just drive to the golden arches and back seemed nuts, seeing how it’s a major production to get mama to the car anyway, figured I had best make it all worth it. So on the way home I stopped and got the cement needed for hubby to pour the slab for the pool motor and filter. He will be surprised don’t you think? See tomorrow and Wednesday are his days off so perfect time and weather to get the slab done, then hook up the new filter, fill it with sand, hook up the hoses, then fire up the pool to make sure no other damage was done by our freezing cold winter we had. Yes people 30 is freezing and you know it!!!!
Of course after that he does have the yard to mow, and hopefully he will get my lil garden spot tilled for me. I don’t think that’s too much to ask of him, and I know he likes being outside, I am just doing my part to keep him there!!!!! Isn’t that what wives are supposed to do? Yeah, I thought so.
Other than heading out for a bit this afternoon really didn’t do anything exciting today, unless you call laundry exciting. haha speaking of laundry on the news tonight I watched the story on how a housewife can lose weight without going to the gym to work out. The guy in the story, supposedly a doctor, said normal housework is just as good as the gym. He said vacuuming, of course, but then went on to washing dishes and doing laundry. Oh come on, now if that was the case I would be down to like 50 lbs with the amount of laundry I do around here. I don’t go to the gym, but I guess now I can tell you that yes, I do work out, hahaha. Hey if it works for tv, then it’s sure going to work for me!!
I did get a nice surprise package today. My cousins husband made me the cutest bunny for Easter. You can hang them either inside or out, and the bunny is outlined in the pastel Easter lights. It is adorable and I know he will be staying right in the house as decoration. It’s always so neat getting unexpected gifts in the mail isn’t it? Of course I am very grateful for the lil bunhy light and did call them right away to thank them. Haha actually had to call them to ask how to open it. He had it packed so darn good it was unreal. Wood, nails, cardboard and more tape than you can imagine. So for you New Yorkers if you are looking for packing tape and can’t find it, well it’s all over here on the package I received today!!! But it was all so worth it when I found out what it was. He does awesome and I have told him I want the heart for Valentine’s day, the Shamrock for St Pat’s and the bunny for Easter. Of course all to be made when they are out here in August on vacation, so I never expected to get the bunny in time for this Easter, a double surprise right there!!!
45 minutes of trying to unpack it with the help of Bryce, and then the phone call for more help and yeah all so worth it. I love it, and yes pictures on shutterfly in the morning hahaha.
Well people guess what’s on now??? You got it Dancing With the Stars, so this tv reality junkie must shut down the computer and give my full attention to the tv.
And Morgan sleep tight little one your “adopted grandma” waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in Wa loves you.

My E-Mail

March 26, 2007

Oh geeze, now how can I not get on here tonight after my pleading email from Morgan!!! Oh Kellie how low can you go using that sweet little girl like that?? hahahhaha You know I have a soft spot for her and have to oblige her, smart girl you are.
Okay let’s see what is going on waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in Wasington. MMM not a whole lot, just staying busy each day doing all the things one is supposed to do.
Oh they did come and take measurement to build the wheel chair ramp, which trust me I can hardly wait for it to get done. Lately is just getting harder and harder to get mama from the house to the car. It’s like once she steps out of the house, she just freezes. No kidding, her feet will not move and it’s a challenge. I think it’s because she left the safety zone of the house and has no clue where she is, poor thing. So yeah, the ramp will be awesome for both of us.
We have been out to Wally World and Fred Meyer’s hunting for Easter goodies and I have been busy working on baskets so I can get them mailed. Hard to believe Easter is in two weeks.
K so now my cranky story hahaha. Fred Meyer had a great sale on furniture and I whined enough and yep got my way. So last week off we go to get some furniture. Sure got two of the three piece set and a rain check for the couch. One full week has passed, no word. I did call and sure she says oh yeah you are next, is you name, and she says some off the wall name, even after I spelled mine out for her!! Then she says you got your raincheck on the 21st right? WRONG lady, listen once again, so I spell out my name and tell her I got my raincheck on the 18th. Well she sticks me on ignore, I mean hold, then comes back and starts in. Well I was off and these people don’t know how to file rainchecks, blah blah blah, like I really care. Once again she tells me I am next, then in the next breath says alot of people got rainchecks on the 18th. Well I so don’t care about alot of people, I care about me, so what, am I next or not???? Apparently not, cause here I am still not sitting on a new couch!!!!!! It so irks me that companies can advertise then not even have the merchandise, then have fools that are in charge of it. I now figure by the time I do get the couch, the other two pieces will be old and wore out, so nope it won’t be a set!!!
See not very interesting waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out here is it? Haha that’s why I really haven’t posted anything.
So now Morgan you can have your “bedtime” blog read to you and soon you will be sound asleep from boredom and sleep good all night long!!! Yawn, geeze I even made myself tired !!!!!

Afraid to go look

March 13, 2007

Oh yeah that’s me, I am so afraid to go look cause no matter what we ( the hubbie and I) “look” at we always end up buying!!!! Does anyone else have that problem or is it just us? It’s like, yeah let’s just go “look” at new cars for something to do. Right, we end up driving a brand new one home, always. Let’s just go “look” are refrigerators to have for a spare. Again come home with a new one. Let’s just go “look” and get ideas for a new deck, you guessed it, we have all our decks built now out back. Still have the front one to finish but haven’t “looked” lately hahaha.
What brought this on, I am so sure you are all wondering, or not, hahaha. But I was “looking” on line for motor homes. I so want one, and have wanted one for YEARS!!! A Bounder would be nice ahhhhhhhhh travel in comfort right? Well I saw one I thought was really nice, so just casually e-mailed them and asked the price. And why is it they don’t put the price on the net?? Suckers like me is why. I get an email back saying they would be glad to set up an appt for us to go tour the motor home, and they would even give us a $20 gas card for going. Hahah now here’s the thing, hubbie is off tomorrow and Wednesday and the weather is perfect for “viewing the motor home” BUT!!! haha yeah that’s it, I am sooooooo trying to ignore that they have the exact one I want, ignore that we could go for a nice ride to Poulsboro and look at it, and ignore the will even pay our gas up there and back hahahaha. MMMMMM how do I do that?? You so won’t believe how. I also saw the most awesome livingroom set the other day and so want it, hahaha I know I am a terrible person, aren’t I? So if I could get hubbie to go “look” at the livingroom set, it would be a whole lot cheaper than the motor home, hahaha. I am now coniving in my lil ol head, just how to get hubbie to Fred Meyer’s to check out the livingroom set!!! And to also put that motor home out of my head and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s so hard!!!! I mean I can just see us tooling down the interstate all comy, feet kicked up, coffee hot and most of all a “potty” right there when I need it!!!! Dang but I want one!!!! Aren’t all retired people supposed to have one? Isn’t that the American way??? Yeah I so think it is!!!!
But I am trying to be good, keep busy these next two days then I will be safe, so wish me lots of luck!!! I so know I need it. I don’t “need” a motor home and so don’t “need” a new livingroom set, I just have the case of the “wants”. I am better off just going to Wally- World and “looking” around there, a whole lot cheaper that’s for sure.
I feel so greedy with all my wants, but hey it makes life interesting that’s for sure. I know I won’t have a motor home soon, but do know one of these days I will have one. The livingroom set, well if it’s meant for me to have, then I will, if not, I still love my comfy couch with my butt print on the one cushion hahaha. So on that note, I will just have to wait and see what the next two days bring. YIKES hahahahha


March 12, 2007

yeah goofy topic you are thinking right? haha I suppose to “normal” people it is, but to me it’s a “yahoo”. I used to live in blue jeans, come home from work and put the jeans on, days off jeans, I mean seriously that was my style for years and years. But oh like 6 or 7 yrs ago that all changed and I couldnt’ wear them anymore. I have a problem and then I had a stimulator implanted in my thigh to help me, and that hummer is just horrible. It’s bad enough I can’t have anything touching my shin, foot, toes etc, but the stimulator now makes it where nothing can be rubbing or touching that either,which made it extremely difficult to find slacks that I could wear. So for years I have been wearing what I call the “old lady slacks” hahaha but it’s all I could find that wouldn’t literally send me into a fit of pain when they touched my shin, foot and thigh.
Saturday I was wandering Wal-Mart and just wanted a pr of jeans for some reason. I mean it just hit me, I am so sick of these old lady pants!! Haha it’s been years ok, the jeans are so expensive even in WalMart!! But I decided to get a pair anyway and at least try them, afterall Wal-Mart takes anything back, hahaha. But then I spotted my favorite sign “clearance”, oh yeah I am so not ashamed to admit it. I am the “clearance queen” love that sign hahaha. I just happened to get lucky and found Lee jeans for $5 per pair, yeah you read that right just five dollars a pair. So heck for that price get 2 pair if I can’t wear them no biggite. Then got smart and decided to get one size larger than what I normally wear, figure that way the denim wouldn’t just sit and rub against the stimulator. The shin etc I can handle cause I roll them up half way when I am just hanging out around the house, like I do with my old lady pants. Anyway put the jeans on today for the “test” , mmm yep they hurt but I can tolerate it. Haha just pop another pain pill, zap my stimulator to help dull the pain and I did it, wore them til right after supper, when I couldn’t take it anymore. I now have my pj bottoms on, but hey I wore the jeans and that my friends is what I am “yahooing” about!!!! See it so doesn’t take much to make me happy does it? A pair of jeans and I am smiling and if I could, I would be dancing too. I keep telling everyone I can do the one step, just not the two step, so maybe I should dance huh?
So went back to WalMart today and boo hoo only found one more pair of clearance jeans, got them so I am set, I have 3 pair, haha start out slow I guess. I do have to cut the left leg to fit over my boot, but it’s all good, and doesn’t look too bad. I know some pants I have cut and sewn velcro on, just so they don’t “flap’ ahaha so I will be putting velcor on the jeans too. In this life I always remember the saying “where’s there’s a will, there’s a way” I have the will to wear jeans, and by gosh I believe I found the way to do it too, YAHOO