A Busy Day

February 21, 2007

Wow today just zipped on by. Started out with Kelly and I off to get groceries and haha ended up with us at Costco for more groceries, dang we all like to eat I guess.
We also decorated for Mardi Gras but spent the later part of the afternoon running the roads, so once home, haha we were too tired to “party”.. But hey it’s fun and things are on a roll.
Weather turned crap that’s for sure. From a nice hot 78 on Sat to a chilly 41 today, and rain too. I tried to put in the order for nice weather, but uh oh, must have got lost in the mail.
K short post tonight, I am tired hahaha. Yeah yeah yeah I am a wimp too I guess.


It’s Late

February 20, 2007

Wow it’s like going on 11:30pm all ready, where did the day go. See what I mean, so need to slow the time down.
I have the last of my 1/2 round cakes in the oven and Kelly is still working on the slide show, so it’s been work work work around here. Oh alot of fooling around too, but shhhh don’t tell anyone, okay?
Before I get rambling on, for those of you that don’t know a breve it’s the very best drink one can get at the zillions of coffee shacks we have out here. I think, now not sure ahha, it’s steamed half and half, coffee and a shot of whatever type flavor you want. Me I love the raspberry, Kelly the caramel and some days you can splurge and get a shot of whipped cream to top it. It’s steaming hot and you drink it with the “two” straws they give you. So much better than a mocha or latte really. I have Kelly so hooked on them hahah. Like tomorrow morning on our way to the commissary oh yeah, we pull right in. Now do I drink alot of them??? MMM the place I go to, the guy looks out sees me and when I get up to the window, there’s my breve!!! haahah so yeah I do go there alot and in different cars at times, but oopsie he knows me hahaha. Out here we have the coffee shacks like every few feet I swear, so many of them, but I have my favorite place of all Cafe Elite, and they open at 5am, perfect way to start the day if I am out, like to the airport etc. StarBucks doesn’t hold a candle to Cafe Elite in my book.
So my cakes, I now have the bottom cake all baked and will freeze it tomorrow. I have the 18″ half round pan so yeah that’s 4 times to bake, and I used 2 cakes mixes per panful. The bottom cake I will add the bavarian cream filling in between the layers then frost.
The next cake will be carrot cake with the cream cheese filling, then a white cake with raspberry filling and top it with a yellow cake with strawberry filling. So Kellie, if you want cake, dang we do have some hahaha. But with between 50 to 60 people at mama’s party, then the twins party afterwards, I bet most of it goes. In between each cake is where I will place all the pictures of the family. The 22 great grandkids, then the next step up the 11 grandkids, then the 6 kids and I will top with a picture of mama with the african violet flower and some tulle, just to decorate, also a 90 if I can find a nice one and in silver.
Hard to believe Kelly has been here two nights and no hot tub for us yet. Last night she was way too tired after flying all day and tonight, darn it’s raining!!!!! I told her tomorrow night rain or not, we are there, hahaha.
We did take time out for our massage today. I so love having the girl coming to the house, makes it very convient. Then I was telling her about the slide show and how we wanted to have it put on dvd. Well yeah, she knew someone, so I called them and tomorrow we will be there to have them make it into a dvd. Kelly has been struggling so with the timing of the songs, this way it will get done and she can then start to relax some more. I hate to see her stressing over it, so it’s best to get it done. There isn’t supposed to be stress out here, just vacation, family and oh yeah LOTS OF CAKE!!!!!!
Okay now it’s going on midnight so I am shutting this puppy down for the night. I am making Kelly step away from hers too, haha.

I Am Normal

February 19, 2007


Oh yeah I am normal now, have a tool bar and can even get a picture on here!!  Wow I didn’t even have to feed this thing any cookies either. 

Kelly arrived finally, an hour and 23 minutes late, but here safe and sound, so she was going to fix this blog of mine.  Hahah didn’t happen but then I got to nosing around and voila, I did it.  Naturally she says it’s her presence, I humor her and let her think it is, but we all know different, don’t we?

Anyway I am so glad she is here and I know it was a long day for her, but oh yeah here it is 10pm she is in mama’s chair with her laptop, and me on the couch with mine, too funny.  She travels clear across country and we sit worrying about our computers hahahahha. We are nuts but hey you gotta love us no matter what it’s the “blog law” right????  Yeah I think it is.

Mama so didn’t know who she was, in fact she called her Sherry, it’s sad isn’t it?  But Kelly is good, she has learned a long time ago to “roll with it”.  Now tomorrow mama will be surprised to see her here and each day after.  Sort of like Ground Hogs Day with anyone that has dementia only it’s not re-living the days, but the seconds actually. 

This will be a fantastic week for me I know that much, and I am so hoping mama won’t get too confused with everyone here, so many new faces in the house.  I will be keeping her on a strict routine so hopefully that will help.

Not fair but Kelly all ready had a breve today, I didn’t get one.  Ashley picked her up at the airport with a nice hot breve in had, now that’s being spoiled don’t you think?  So first thing tomorrow morning, it’s a breve run, me the raspberry, Kelly the caramel.  We drink those every day, sometimes a couple times a day, mmmmm but they are so good.

Okay hope the pic comes through , just practicing here!!!! I do feel better I am a normal blogger now!!!


February 18, 2007

Okay free just for asking. I now have one set of twins to give away. I think maybe I am just too old for the crap I have no clue!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr is about all I can say about raising teenagers, but wow have them turn 18 and YIKES double, quadruple YIKES. Seems they think they can “rule” and now I have to lay the law down and I so hate to. Guidance is what I can call it now I guess, seeing how they are “supposed” to be young adults. The only problem there is they are just acting like they gained freedom from prison or something. So I have to be the toughie here and really don’t want to. So before I do that they are yours for the asking, how’s that?
A georgous day here, mama and I got to spend the afternoon out back on the deck. Temp was like 61 but in the direct sun our thermometer read a nice hot 78 degrees. It felt good to be out there getting fresh air, and to do something different. Will the beautiful weather last?? Of course not, rain in the forecast. No major storm or anything like that, just “showers” but darn the sunshine for next week end would be perfect!!!! Oh well we will all deal with it that’s for sure.
K this is short, gotta get dinner for the hubby then it’s movie time for us. Every Sat night we have a movie from net flix to watch. Tonight is Carolina, no clue what it’s about etc, but hey it’s a movie hahaha.
Yeah Kelly M to arrive tomorrow!!!

The Waiting Begins

February 17, 2007

Oh yeah I still have the rest of today and all day tomorrow to wait. Kelly M will be here Sunday and I for one am getting so antsy for you to get here Kelly. So I know it has to be like this for anyone that is either going away or expecting company, you wait, wait wait and then finally the day for travel arrives, more waiting, then you arrive and BAM next thing you know it’s over! Time so stands still while waiting, then picks up and goes into warp speed while they are here, why is that??? This happens each and every time I have company and I so need to find a way to just get rid of that warp speed and keep things in slow mo, like it is while I am waiting!! I mean we always stay up late, late, and get up early, so hate to waste time sleepiing haha but still zip, the week is gone. So my mission “should I choose to accept it” hahaha is to figure out how to slow the time down.
Monday is our massage, Tues is shopping for groceries, Wed is shopping for mama’s new outfit, Thurs is everyone else’s arrival, Fri is mmm decorating day, Sat is party and dang then Sun am or right after midnight Sat night Kelly will be gone. See what I mean?? Fast fast week!!!! I so need to come up with something and fast. Someone hand me a time machine or something okay?? I so need one right about now.
Okay along with the time machine, grab a weather machine cause I so don’t want any snowstorms delaying flights etc, nope that just can’t happen. That would be wasting precious times if the planes are grounded, so remember, time machine AND weather machine. I don’t ask for much, honest I don’t, but this time I am desparate!!!!

Picky picky

February 16, 2007

Oh my gosh, heard from the insurance company that will be fixing Ashley’s car today. Wow they are fast, very friendly but oh my gosh picky. I did get an estimate for them, and now they are sending out their own ins adjustor to do one. That’s no biggie I understand that. What I don’t understand is they said when we do make the appt to get the car fixed it has to be on a Monday. MMMM so why is that I wonder, what’s wrong with Tue? Wed? or any other week day? Are rental car prices up on weekends and they don’t want to get stuck?? Or are they just a picky insurance company? I have never gone through this before so now I am wondering if all the insurance companies tell you what day to take your car in. A mystery to me and I still say they are picky, no matter how nice they have been. I am so bad aren’t I? Have to find something wrong somewhere I guess.
Didn’t do a whole lot today, but do know lil ol “susie homemaker” so invaded my body. I made homemade split pea soup and if that wasn’t enough even made homemade cake donuts. Yeah crazy huh? That susie homemake invades my body once in awhile and about half way through the cooking and baking, I just want to kick her out, but no I can’t. Once started so have to follow through and finish up. I so hope tomorrow she stays right away from me, one day is plenty.
I so wanted to just hit the couch and veg out all day cause it was a rainy dreary day, but nope thanks to “susie” I couldn’t. Not even a hint of a happy nappie either, and those I so need. I don’t get cranky without one, but wow the ol eyelids just want to shut down around 10:30 or so and that’s a bit too early. I am the type that hates to go to bed at night and hates to get up in the morning. So I stay up til oh midnight or even 1am some nights and when that alarm goes off at 5am I so hate it. Well alarms, as I have three of them set, hahaha, one would never ever get me up. Little sleep and that’s why the happy nappies come in handy each day. So next time lil ms susie homemaker rears her ugly head, trust me I am so kicking her to the curb. Can’t have her buzzing around the kitchen interupting my afternoons, now can I?


February 15, 2007

Oh yeah I was out doing what I do best, shopping yet again today. This tme though not for me, still trying to get everything I need for mama’s party. I am so on a roll, now it’s down to a few more cake mixes, the powedered sugar, chips and pretzels, that’s it, then it’s DONE!!!! Kevin, Ashley’s boss from KFC called me today and oh yeah gave me a fantastic deal on the catering, half price!! See it’s not what you know in this world, but who you know. I am so thankful for that deal, less work for us that’s for sure.
Now for all you NEW YORKERS get rid of that snow that keeps piling up. I so don’t want Kelly M’s flight cancelled, nor her brother, parents or my sisters. I don’t mind telling you I am getting a tad nervous about this snow you all are getting. Bad timing that’s for sure, especially for Kelly, Sunday isn’t all that far away!!!! Come on make sure all is good for take off PLEASE??!?!?!?!?!!?
I was thinking I so wish I would have picked the profession of a “wedding” or “party” planner, I so love doing things like that. Sitting down and just getting it all out on paper, then having a go at it. Watching it all come together is so much fun and satisfying. I know with mama’s party I started oh I think back in August. Seemed like it was so far away and now one week wow!!! I did set timelines for all that I needed to do and found that really helped alot.
So once the company has come and gone, and the party over with , what next you ask?? Simple, we have St Pat’s day, Easter,then it will be graduation, my daughter’s b’day, granddaughter’s b’day, then bang summer. Kelly M will be back, granddaughters will be here, and hopefully my other sisters will be back to visit too.
Graduation weekend will be insane, haha like normal for me I guess. Graduation for the twins the 9th, my daughters b’day the 10th and my granddaughter’s b’day the 11th!!! MMM ONe huge party with 3 diff cakes I guess. Lots of food, fun, swimming, and by gosh I have ordered nice weather for it all. Need this one to be outside that’s for sure.
I know I can’t be a computer expert cause this thing is still wanting some cookie, and tonight it just decided to stop!!! UH OH my computer is going on hiatis or something I think. MMMMM that’s not good. It’s so my lifeline I need it. I don’t believe I could ever just sit on the couch and not have this thing on, hahaha, I admit I am an addict.
Not alot to ramble on about tonight. Did have a good Valentine’s Day around here and we got lucky Ashley even cooked supper for us, so both hubby and I got a break. Now that kind of treatment I could so get used to,haha but know it won’t happen all that often.
K enough rambling, gotta shut this baby down and get my trust notebook ready to write down the American Idol finalist!!!!!
Hope all had a wonderful day.