Stuck in the Kitchen

January 31, 2007

Wow I swear I have been stuck in my kitchen all day. I made the two cakes, got all the frosting made and even made the hot fudge cake from the recipe I “borrowed” from Stacy, which she put on Kellie’s blog. mmmm it smells so good, and we did snitch a piece awhile ago. All you chocolate lovers out there, best get busy making that. Can’t wait til tv snack time, that yummy cake with the vanilla ice cream, mmmmmmmmmm.
The other two cakes of course not for here but I am glad they are made, came out of the pan all in one piece, and the lil Teddy Bear is nice an plump, just the way I like them to look. Tomorrow is decorating day for those two cakes. So with all the yummy smells in the kitchen, yeah I only wanted sweets for supper, but dang being the adult I am “supposed” to be, had to see they had food. But I cheated, no real food tonight, just pizza, but they were all happy, and hey that’s what counts.
Then the cake pans, dishes etc to get cleaned up,counters to brush crumbs off and clean, oh yeah I am the messiest cook in the world. I feel I have to dirty every bowl, spoon and pan that I have, then dread the clean up. I don’t use the dishwasher for any pots and pans, and cake pans are included in that. So see I was literally a slave to my kitchen for the majority of the day. It did fell good to finally hit the couch and know I don’t have to move for awhile. Awwwwwwwww I could just stay here all night, and you know I think I will!!!
UGh my hubby got the urge to re-arrange, toss and just flat out clean this morning. Now I so don’t mind him doing that but he goes from one room to the next, and tears them all up at once, I so can’t do that. Actually I have been known to call him “flit” haha cause he flits from one thing to the next. Me, well I like doing things in order, neatly and one thing at a time. But who am I to complain right? The rooms are getting a good cleaning and alot of the “stuff” is going. He will have a truck load for the Good Will, I know that much.
All that cleaning started due to the cable guy coming in the moring to re-wire this “old cable” as they put it. Needed to find the cable connections in each room, right. How many of you hide that outlet mm behind a dresses, a stand etc. Yeah they stick out like a sore thumb so you have to hide them, so when they need fixing, it’s nuts trying to get to them. Oh the joys of being pack rats, is all I can say.
Still working on pics will plug away and Kurt thanks for you help, checked and double checked all you said, but it’s still a no go. Kelly M will be here in mmm 19 days, YAHOO so she can work on it for me, right Kelly??? I am so looking forward to your visit Kelly and glad you are coming earlier. You know as well as I do what a wild crazy house this place will be on the following week end. To you that don’t know me, trust me, my house can be a zoo the majority of the time, but the 22nd to the 25th of Feb will be above that. I will be squeezing 16 people in here from 3yrs old up to mmm 89, so it will be more than a zoo that’s for sure.
Well it’s nice just blogging away but it’s Tuesday night and you all know that’s American Idol night, and oh yeah it’s coming on. gotta get out of here now and watch my show!!!



January 30, 2007

Yeah sitting here chatting away on the computer, nope not to Kelly, as “ahem, she went to bed early” haha, and then zip, in the dark. You know that split second you think, “what the h_ _ _??” Then your brain kicks in and your realize oopsie, power outage, then wonder why. No storm, no freeze, I know I paid my bill, besides everyone is in the dark, so even if I hadn’t paid it, nope that wouldn’t be the reason.
So out comes “big bertha” the humungous flashlight that will light up all of Spanaway and neighboring towns, plus the good ol storm station. Now that I like, has a plug in so oh yeah, I can still use my cordless phone, has the radio, flashlight, built in light plus I can charge my cell phone. Yeah I am guilty, one of those that lets my phone die before I realize, oopsie, didn’t charge!!!
Anyway try to keep an 89 yr old woman occupied and re-assured that the lights will come back on, when she has the “sundowning” and once dark, the confusion it a hundred fold. Poor mama, so my only help I could think of was, feed her ice cream.. Oh yeah that made her happy and I just kept explaining or trying to, why it was dark. See yesterday was a bad day for me, darn, Fever, cough, and HELLO barely a voice, once in awhile something would come out, but with mama, mmm I had to shout. OUCH, poor throat. I only wanted to lay down, cover my head and sleep the symptoms away, but couldn’t and didn’t. I was a good girl, kept mama as calm as I could, talked when I could and you know we all made it through. Like 2 1/2 hours later, startled us, but oh yeah the lights back on. Apparently a fire in the sub station down the road from us, and it knocked out power to over twenty thousand people, so you know how many of those twenty thousand people were like “kicked off their computers” too??!! Haha I so need a life don’t I? Mad cause I couldn’t stay on here!!! Sick as a dog, but hey not too sick to be surfing the net!!!!
Well I get all those blinking numbers on the zillions of digital clocks and fix answering machine etc, set the alarm all good. Hit the bed around 11:30 and bam, NO LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on people, don’t they know how many of those clocks I have to go around and re-set??? They have no heart I know they don’t!!! This time lights out only long enough to mess up the clocks and get them all blinking, so up out of bed and off to set them again. Haha darn should have actually stayed in bed, heck I didn’t hear the alarm this morning anyway!!!! Slept right through THREE of them!!!
Getting up at 6am means I have to wait to get mama up for her bathroom run, as the kids are showering etc for school. I am out here having coffee, trying hard not to talk, cause dang it “hurts to talk”, haha never thought I would say that!! Anyway Bryce says “Grandma, Grandma is right here”, Poor kids huh, two grandmas’ but I always know who they are talking about. Sure enough there’s mama, right in the hallway, standing tall, walking good, and she says “I need the door, cause I have to go home.” Well I tell her gently “It’s early mama, you need to use the bathroom, then you can go back to bed until daylight, then you can go home.” She looks right at me and says “Who are you? Whoever you are, I need the door, cause I am going home.” So sad, she really had no idea of where she was, who I was, or even where her home is. I manage to get her to the back bathroom, and she says, “After this, I am leaving to go home” Now I am bad but ohhhhhhhhh talk like that so scares me. I mean what home “heaven”? Does she know something, they say you do, or is she talking Ottawa, Canada where she grew up. I brush that out of my head, and just talk to her, tell her I am her daughter, that she is just visiting me. Tell her it’s early, so she can go back to bed and when it’s daylight, she can go home. She finally agreed to that and now she is all snug in her bed, sound asleep.
What is truly amazing to me is how she got out of bed, opened her bedroom door and walked down the hall, like you or I would. ( I know Kelly, not quite like me, as I am a gimp, but you know what I mean) She did it and was standing so tall, no osteoporosis showing, no weak legs, just her determination to find the door and go home. Normally I have to help her out of bed, the help her walk, and sometimes she totally forgets how and I am almost carrying her until someone brings either the wheelchair, or my computer chair, so we can wheel her where she needs to be. Each and every day is a new experience for me and this awful dementia. I am so sure when I go get her up for the day, she will have no clue what she did this morning, so so sad.
But when I do go in to get her up I lay there beside her and just “treasure” our special tiime. I have pictures plasterd all over her room of all her kids, grandkids, great grandkids, friends and Ottawa, her hometown. We go through them, I name everyone, and every so often have to tell her who I am. The the dog and cat jump up and she giggles like a toddler and I tell you, there is no better time, than that right there. I look forward to that everyday, no matter how many times she aske the same question, heck I so don’t care. I have my mom with me and I am the luckiest person in the world and our time first things is so special, sound funny, but I feel “safe”, it’s hard to explain, but I do.
So today when she gets up, after her shower etc, she will be watching me bake cakes and haha I can hear her now “you don’t do it like I used to” “Who taught you how to cook” “You are doing it wrong” sooooooooo funny, but hey I roll with it and just toss out answers and comments, then we laugh joke and I get my cakes made. Tomorrow when I decorate them it will be the same, and once the cake is completes bless her she will say “You should open your own shop and sell them” or “You should take a picture and put it in the Enterprise”, She is so dang cute and dementia or not, still my praising caring mother deep down inside.
So cakes yeah my darliing hubby volunteerd me to make a cake for a baby shower they are throwing at work. MMM I don’t mind BUT, I am working on pics, centerpieces etc for mama’s party, plus had to do a basket for Ashley band auction, plus make goodies for that, BUT of course I will do the baby shower cake. Then he says it has to feed 35 people!!! Oh so he want a huge cake, haha okay whatever. My game plan here, ( yeah I plan everything, I am bad like that) I will make the stand up teddy bear, blue and white, as “it’s a boy”, then sit the teddy bear on top of a huge sheet cake, and decorate that with rattles, etc with the blue shell edging. I try to pick the easiest fastest ones to do, when I have others to bake also.
Today bake the cakes, tomorrow afternoon decorate, then Thurs bake for Ashley band auction, Fri decorate, my week is shot hahaha. In between that the cable company will be here in the morning to re-wire the house, haha they say our cable is OLD, mmmm my house is only 14 yrs old, is that OLD??? hahaha Then Fri at one the girl will be here for my massage, oh yeah I will need it by then!!!
So that’s my night, my day today and haha all week, have I managed to drive you all away yet, with my dull life??? I tell you, I so need one, but in the meantime I manage to keep occupied.
Now I have been struggling and trying to get a picture on here, dang you Kelly, how can you do it and I can’t? hahahhah You know I need to do everything like you!!!!! Oh well I have the mountain of laundry to deal with right now, so pictures I will try another time.


January 29, 2007

Oh my gosh pictures is an understatement for some of the “old” ones I have here. What with mama’s and mine combined, way before the world of digital, yikes.
We spent the most part of the day looking at each one of the two huge plactic totes full. I laughed so hard at the changes, the clothes, the cars, buildings but the funniest of all well two of the funniest, the change in the glasses and hairstyles. So funny to look back at everyone and just have to stop and think “oh my gosh, that was the syle!!!!” The glasses from the black tear-drop frame, to the Buddy Holly look, to the John Lennon and anything and everything in between. So funny I would love to own one pair of each just to have. yeah, like I need another collection in this house, no way.
The hairstyles just as funny. I saw so many of me in long hair, with the sides “flipped” up haha no wonder I have dubbed myself MS WINGS. I have too, as in mama’s room I have a picture of myself and two of my sisters, and my hair is flipped up. When she asks who I am, I point and tell her “that’s me, MS WINGS all grown up” and funny thing, that she understands and is fine, then knows I am her daughter. I tell you I think my hair was “flipped” from 3rd grade right on through high school, every single picture. Come on, why didn’t I change with the styles I wonder??!!!
My sisters, nieces, cousins etc, well heck they had different hairstyles in every picture I think, but not me.
Mama has the totally cool pictures and cards. My gosh she must have every birthday card my older brother Jimmy and older sister DeeDee ever received. From congratulations on your birth up to you are now 8 yrs old. No biggie you think, it is a biggie as Jimmy would have been 65 and DeeDee is 64, so those cards are OLD!!! I also found a card, well an invite to mama’s wedding shower, and she got married in 1941. So in those plastic totes I have treasures as well as antiques, don’t you think?
There are letters from my father to my mother dated 1945 when he was away in the service, and some when he was in the war. Those are sensored and blacked out like they used to do with all the letters back then.
Pictures of my mama when she was a young girl, wow such a vast difference but still just a beautiful too. She looked so happy, vibrant and full of the devil hahaha, how I wish the dementia hadn’t taken that person away from us. Oh I still have the beautiful, vibrant and “spunky” mama just she doesn’t realize it or even remember it.
Whoever coined the phrase “pictures are worth a thousand words” so nailed it completely. I have an entire history right here at my fingertips and had so much fun going though most of it today.
Kurt you are my “smartie eating” bud from here on out. I so thought I was the only one that ate them 3 at a time, you ROCK!!!!! Gotta love those smarties, huh?
Kellie, so not fair using Morgan as a “weapon” against me to blog, hahaaha. Of course you know I won’t deprive her, as I am so sure she sits and reads every single one of my blogs, so thank you Morgan!!!! 🙂 Are you feeling the “guilt” yet Kellie?? hahahaha
Kelly M had me read a blog tonight and it was sad, so sad I had to stop reading. My goodness makes me realize just how good I do have it, so Kelly M no more, it was too heart wrenching, okay?
So pictures all put away now, alot sent on to Kelly M for the slideshow she is making and now it’s on to watching Grease, You’re The One That I Want, anyone else watch it? Great show, but I am finding that I am a very critical judge!!! So now have to add that to American Idol and Nashville Stars, oh geeze I am a “junkie” for sure!!!!
Time to go watch my show, later all


January 28, 2007

Some title huh?  I say that cause mmmm still not sure about this blogging stuff. But my sweet niece tells me she will read it, haha even though we chat every day.  See you just can’t get enough of me can ya Kelly?? hahhaha 

So what have I been doing since my last blog, mmm same ol thing I guess, nothing exciting.  I did get to go out for a bit as it warmed up to 50 degrees, yeah that I like,  you all can have your sub zero weather, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I had to get out and stock up on my favoite snack of all time, my bags of SMARTIES,  Okay I admit “My name is Sherry D and I am a smarties addict”  I need the smartie anonymous class more than I like to admit.  I have a stash right here by the couch where I plunk my buns and just have to have them.  Now there is a system to eating them too.  It’s eat them three at a time, that way the roll is even, no single smartie left to get lost.  Heck no, can’t lose even one of those buggers.  So I open oh say four or five rolls at a time, stack them nice and neat in stacks of three, then chow down.  Trust me, I know it’s bad, I so shouldn’t do it, but hey it’s not my fault they call my name, is it?  No it’s the company that makes them, they so should be sued!!!!  I will eat so many my mouth actually hurts, trust me it can happen even to the “professional-smartie” eaters like me.  I tell myself I should have stopped at that last roll, but did I??  NOOOOOOOOo not me, just had to have “one more”.  I promise myself each day to stay away from them, don’t even start, then I won’t get hooked.  But nothing has worked so far, I start then go too far.  I am so bad, I find something else for my poor mama to eat, dang can’t give smarties away, right?  Oh once in awhile I will break down and let her have a pack, but she is better off with something healthy.  She needs the crackers or fruit at her age, but haha I don’t think the smarties would hurt her, not her teeth anyway, she can take them out, ewwwwwwwwwwwww.  Now me I know all the dentist are just waiting in line for me.  They can have a nice vacation on the money they would make off my teeth, as smarties are pure sugar, a dentist dream for sure.  But too bad, their vacation is going to have to wait, I still have a long ways to go with my smarties before I go see them.  MMM another tid bit to toss into my law suit against the “smartie company”, think that would work??  They made the candy too good, plus made it with too much sugar, therefore causing me to seek out a dentist.  Yeah it would work.

I know like all addicts it’s never “my fault” and it isn’t.  I see a bag of smarties on the shelf, just have to have them,  I see the smarties here on the table, just have to have them, I see the smarties all lined up nice and neat in rows of three, just have to have them.  See not my fault at all, I am the victim here, a “smartie victim” I have no choice but to eat them when I see them.  Oh yeah sue that company I just have to do that.

But while I am deciding how to go about suing, guess I will line up my smarties, chow down on them, and think.  Don’t know how many packs it will take, but I know one of these days, it will come to me and I will file my law suit, and then kick my addiction to the good ol roll, or bag,( the 5# bag is the best) of smarties.

That’s it for now, the smarties are calling out my name and I need to go have “just a few”, I can stop anytime I want, I know I can, don’t need “smarties anonymous” nope not me, mmmmmmmmmm these things are so good!!

Five Things to Know About Me

January 25, 2007

Gee, thanks for the tag Kelly, haha as I am reading yours and Kellie’s blogs, thinking I am not writing one anymore, cause I so don’t want to bore you two or actually torture you any longer. And see, the nobody that I am, boo hoo I so have NO ONE PERSON TO TAG either
K five things huh?
1; Family
I am stictly a family person, love love having my family around. I used to be materialistic until my disability, then realized there’s more to life than “stuff” it’s family and health.
2;Crafts /creating
I so love to create,no matter what, from desiging our house addition, the deck, to little things, like making the fun fur slippers for the granddaughters, to decorating cakes. I knit ( very very slowly, hahaha one would be 100 before I got the project say for a toddler done) crochet, paint, bake, decrorate, and even try to come up with new fun things that’s haven’t been seen before!!
3; Photography
Absolute must to have my camera handy as I love to take pictures of anything and everything. From a grasshopper on the back of our patio chair to the beautiful Mt Rainier. My dream would be to have my own dark room fully equipped and be able to develop my own pics from my 35mm. A project I am working on is pictures of old barns. I take them everywhere I go, would love to compile a “coffe table” book of all those pics, b”&w as well as color photos.
4; Animals
Love me, love my animals, I would have a farm here, except for the “critter” type that is. Have always wanted to move to Wyoming or Montana, open a Dude Ranch and just watch people fall in love with horses, and of course all the cats and dogs I would have there.
5;To know me is to know am a very plain person. I am me,that’s it really. A better way of putting it is I am the “waldo” you can’t ever find, cause I am content to just hang in the background, with no attention focused on me. I live my life honestly and do try to help anyone, but there really is nothing excitng or spectacular, just “me”
Like I said, no one to tag, haha nope not a soul, not even “waldo”

How Did I Get So Lucky?

January 24, 2007

Well do you ever ask yourself that question? I mean we all have our lives and know we are lucky but me I so believe oh mmm maybe what 5 or 6 yrs ago I got extra lucky. I got to ride from Albany to Saranac Lake with my niece Kelly. I never really “knew” her, oh yeah knew she was my niece, knew her from the short times I saw her on our stops at home, in between our PCS (army base) moves, but really KNOW her, nope and never really thought about it to be honest. But that summer well it all changed. I learned she was fun, kind, considerate and just full of life.
Then she started coming out to visit her grandmother and I got to reap the benefits of that visit. It took mmmm one visit and everyone in the family was so ready to “adopt” her. It’s great.
So needless to say we have grown very close and we have what she calls “not the average aunt/niece” relationship and she is so right. We have a great friendship, can say anything, vent, act crazy, laugh together, cry together, you name it, and no hard feelings or having to watch what we say. I tell you to me that’s so near perfect it’s unreal. But it’s true, if I have something bothering me, it’s Kelly I talk to and vice versa. We just spout off haha and before you know it, the serious conversation turns funny, which is a good thing. We help each other through so much, well for me I know she helps. Especially when it comes to the twins. I mean seriously it’s at times difficult for them and me ( and my hubby 🙂 ), the generation gap is big so alot I so don’t understand. haha I admit I am old and raising two teenagers is like a roller coaster to put it mild. But hey Kelly has been there, for the good, the bad and the ugly and to me it’s lucky for the twins too. Some things they do, I think they are like nuts and trying deliberately to drive me insane, tee hee. But then I talk to Kelly and it’s like “yeah” hahaha to her it’s normal. She has helped in so many ways with the kids. Thanks Kelly you have so been a rock through these teenage years with them!! I know they appreciate it too, look Ashley wants to pick you up at the airport, that’s like having the red carpet treatment, hahaah.
I love the relationship we all have from my 5 yr old granddaughter to my 89 soon to be 90 yr old mom and everyone in between, it’s called FAMILY and me being lucky to have my niece join in!!!
Kelly thanks for being you! yeah you know our crazy chat and my “long winded” typing tonight brought this one on, don’t you??!!!! But hey even before tonight I knew I got lucky on that ride from Albany north, getting to know you!!! Love ya Kelly

How Do The Stores Know?

January 23, 2007

Okay here’s a question for you;  How do the stores know you are coming?  I mean really I swear all the stores I hit today, knew I would be out, so what did they do?  I’ll tell you, they sold out of every single thing I was after!!!!!
I really think they heard me telling Ron that I was heading out to get just about everything for mama’s party, so it would be off my mind and I then I could just sit back and relax for abit.
So I go to Party City first stop, as I know they have all you need plus, for any party, an type , any age. I know this because I go there often and have seen it all. My list for there; pink, silver and purple balloons, small plastic dishes for mints, lt pink, purple and silver tablecloths, disposable tumblers that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and some cute decorations that have 90 on them. Okay NOTHING nope nothing. Oh they had balloons, but not all three colors, they had numbered birthdays, but no 90 , no dishes for the mints and no tablecloths in the colors I needed. I discovered a “make your own banner” so got all excited thinking I could get the letters for Happy 90th Peg. Got all the letters in silver as that’s all they had except for the H’s, haha, now how could I put APPY 90T Peg???? nope no “appy” dang it I wanted HAPPY!!!!! So strike that idea, put them all back and moved on to the next aisle. Nothing nothing. I walked out of there with a lt pink roll of plastic to make my own tablecloths and a few pgs of styrofoam cups that’s it.
But not defeated it was on to the Dollar Tree. See along with party decorations, I also needed supplies to make up a basket for the high school band to raffle off. I decided on a cute ice cream one this year. You know ice cream bowls, the spoons, ice cream scoop, cute basket, then hot fudge, butterscotch, sprinkles anything except the ice cream. Just knew the Dollar Tree had all that so I would get off cheap, NOT!!!! Okay got the bowls and spoons, no baskets the right size, no topping, sprinkles, nadda, no regular scoop, found a tiny one, got it, but need the bigger one too. And no tablecloths in the colors, no nice mint dishes, no 90 decorations, no balloons in the colors I needed.
Again not too discouraged cause Joann’s next on the list of stops. So off we go, also need big round 2″ styrofoam to do my mock-up cake and for the pictures of the 22 great grandkids to go around the separater layer. Okay in Joann’s, nothing for the ice cream basket, no balloons, no cute dishes, did get the wide pink ribbon. Found OBLONG 2 ” styrofoam HELLO the cake is ROUND. But got that anyway cause I know I can make it round, tee hee, at least I hope I can.
Okay so sorta lost on all I went after and I just felt like it was a conspiracy against me!!! But hey I still have like 4 wks and what mmmmm a few days til the party, so it’s all good. Those stores can plot against me all they want but hey I am determined and I will hit them one of these days and score really big, I just know it.
But I also know this is why I started working on mom’s party way in advance, just so I could sneak in on those stores and blind side them. See one of these times they will have no clue I am coming!!!! I won’t tell anyone I am going, but just jump in the car and surprise them. They will have no time to sell out or hide the things I want, nope they sure won’t, cause QUIT isn’t me, I will win just wait and see!!!
Stores dang, can’t live with them or without them!!!